Miso at Gorker

Gorker Gallery in Melbourne presents one of Melbourne’s finest…Miso.

‘Tchusse’ sees Miso re-create & condense her home city into a gallery. Kharkov {Ukraine} becomes a floor to ceiling installation – portraits of strangers in the street, of friends, folk stories and things otherwise forgotten, turned into a city built from paper, material and decaying wood, as Miso replicates buildings, street signs and notices, ladders, empty bottles, criminal tattoos and clothesline and clothesline from memory. In this way, Tchusse becomes an extension if Miso’s widely renowned work as a street artist, as well as being her most ambitious installation & gallery project yet.”



Studio visit: Ben Frost

A few days away the opening of his much anticipated solo show “Lost in the Supermarket” at Boutwell Draper Gallery, we were lucky enough to take a look inside Ben Frosts’ Surry Hills studio where he creates his work. Click below for more photos.

Ben Frost “Lost in the Supermarket”

Ben Frost

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Welcome to the family: Roach

Rather than just listen to us ramble on, we thought it’d be a good idea to let some of the hardworking creatives out there share some blog-worthy stuff from their worlds.

The first guest blogger for The Opening Hours is Australian based graffiti artist Roach. You can find the guest blog links on the right hand side menu, or click Roach for The Opening Hours

Roach for The Opening Hours