Opening: Spice, Teazer, Dream & Water

Spice Teazer Dream Water
MAY’S is excited to present SPICE, TEAZER, DREAM and WATER this Friday, 29th JANUARY 2010.

Welcoming back four of Sydney’s foremost graffiti artists for a collaboration that is set to be one of the freshest works you’ve seen in a long time. Each of the artists brings with them their own experience and style to the collaboration.

Spice has been recognised as a notable presence in Australian hip hop culture since the early 1980s. ‘Most of my work expresses my feelings, whether it’s via my colour coordination, or a few simple words, usually a line of lyrics from a song, written next to my piece.’ – Spice, 2009

Teazer is one of Sydney’s most prolific graffiti artists, known for his large murals which incorporate Manga characters and pop imagery.

Dream One is an infamous writer who, over the past two and a half decades, has provided a visual kaleidoscope on trains and walls throughout Sydney.

Water is back from Berlin and brings his style reminiscent of classic New York graffiti, with fresh colour schemes, to the streets of Sydney.

An exhibition of graffiti by SPICE, TEAZER, DREAM and WATER


Banksy: Exit through the gift shop

Banksy is premiering his documentary “Exit through the gift shop” at the Sundance Film Festival, which will include (from what we can see in the trailer) Shephard Fairey, Andre, Mr Brainwash, Sweettoof, others and most probably himself. Check the trailer below:

Darlinghurst Car Wash

Alot of art in Darlinghurst is hidden away in the back alleys and streets, which often makes it enjoyable to walk around and discover.

One spot which stands out for us is the Darlinghurst car wash on Victoria st/Darlinghurst rd. Now also the home of a massive JumboZap text poster.

The wall was painted in 2004 by Numskull, Teazer, Minigraff, Vexta, Zap, Delpar and Imago.


Numskull, Teazer









Teazer, Numskull


Delpar (dog stencil), Numskull, Zap, JUMBOZAP

Openings: James Jirat Patradoon. Yours the Demon

What better way to start the year than tonights opening of James Jirat Patradoon’s latest solo show “Yours the Demon”. Full details (and images) below:


YOURS THE DEMON is an exhibition of experimental work by screenprinter/illustrator James Jirat Patradoon. Taking a departure from his usual hypercoloured palette and superhero subject matter, this series of large scale black and white drawings take inspiration from the gothic sublime of secret societies and the occult.

James’ intense comic book noir-style images have appeared in magazines such as Nylon, Complex, Acclaim, and Empty. As well as in collaborations with Adidas, Diesel, MTV, Pepsi, Mambo and The Deftones. See more of James’ work at

Opening Night Thursday 7th of January
Running till 19th of January

Kinokuniya Gallery
Books Kinokuniya
Level 2, The Galleries Victoria
500 George St, Sydney

Opening night drinks provided by Cascade Green.