A short interview with Nicole Reed

One of the greatest things about having this website is that I get introduced to alot of amazing artists that i’ve never come across before. Nicole is just that. I knew nothing about her apart from a brief introduction, so I thought we’d ask her a bunch of quick questions to find out more.


First of all, can you tell us where you live? Have you always lived there?
I live in Fitzroy, Victoria. I’ve lived here for nearly 15 years and I can’t see myself living anywhere else in Australia. I am constantly inspired by the mixture of people and street art here. I grew up in the country in not a very creatively inspiring small town.

How long have you been taking photos for?
I’ve always taken photos, but that small town wasn’t a good environment to foster the passion. I started my career as a Graphic Reproducer and then a high end drum scanner operator. That lead on to retouching and finished art. Then about 7 years ago I started working for a magazine called Tattoos Downunder and the publisher asked if I was interested in taking photos for the magazine. That was it for me, I knew definitely that taking photos is what I wanted to do. I’ve been freelancing now for almost 3 years and share an awesome photography studio in Collingwood (http://www.rokebystudios.com.au/) with some very inspiring photographers.


You’ve managed to snap a lot of quite famous creative people. How do you manage to get these people in front of your camera?
It wasn’t until you mentioned it that I looked through my website and released that 80% of my portraits are of artists of one sort or another! A lot of the portraits are commissioned and I think I have a certain empathy towards how artists feel in front of the camera as I hate getting my photo taken!! A lot of people always comment on how “painless” my shoots are, and I guess word gets around! I do a lot of work for a journal called T-world where I get to photograph a lot of street-wear heavy weights.

How does the environment of these photographs differ to your commercial work?
Oh, a lot of my commercial work is pretty “environment-less”!! I still shoot interiors, product and furniture which is great and sometimes therapeutic, but I’d really like to concentrate on portraits, and specifically environmental portraits. Most of my work is done on location and I prefer not to do know where I am doing a portrait until I turn up, it keeps it spontaneous and I love thinking on the fly.


What can we expect to see from this show?
I have over 20 prints of all different tattooers, mainly from Australia that I have shot in the past and specifically for the exhibition. It’s a good mix of group shots and individuals.


“These Artists”, Nicole Reed’s first exhibition in Brisbane captures in perpetuity a group of artists whose work stands the test of time.  Nicole has travelled the world collecting the souls of her favourite Tattoo Artists.  This in itself is a rarity as the most often
photographed aspect of this industry is the end result, not the artists themselves.

“These Artists” Opens Wednesday 6th October at 7pm.
Seventh Circle Studios. 890 Stanley St East, East Brisbane


‘Emerging From Crystal Mountain’ by Beastman

The master of symmetry has been all over the place recently. Shows in Melbourne, massive walls in Brisbane and speaking at the Semi-Permanent conference across Australia. It’s no suprise that he somehow also has the time to release a brand new print. It is called “Emerging from Crystal Mounatin” and is a Beasty classic. Limited to a short run of 25, get in there quick. CLICK HERE.


Wooden Toy Quarterly’s Music Edition launch

Wooden Toy Quarterly would have to be one our favourite independent magazines out. The content is awesome, the design is on-point and the packaging is an artwork in itself. This FRIDAY 1st OCTOBER is the launch of the Music Edition at Mag Nation in Newtown, Sydney. Get down.

WHERE ? Magnation Third Floor, 155 King St, New Town
WHEN ? Friday 1st October from 630pm – 10pm
WHAT? Live music, magazine signing, artwork plus more!!!

Simply turn up for your chance to meet the creators and get
your own copy signed. Plus, everyone that purchases a copy of the Music Edition at each launch
will automatically go into the draw to win an original Timba painting or a number of smaller prizes
including artist prints and sunglasses from Colab


Opening: Creatures at The National Grid

This Friday is the opening of “Creatures”. A group show at The National Grid. If you’re around, get over to sunny Brookvale and check out works from Bigfoot, Jason Maloney, Ape Seven, Tez, Luke Morrell, Caspian De Looze, Sam Clark, Camilla Zavattaro and Claire Reed. More info below and over at the National Grid’s website.

‘Creatures’ A group Show at The National Grid
An eclectic group exhibition featuring artists that are all unique creatures themselves.
Opens FRIDAY 24th SEPTEMBER 6-10pm
Show runs from Sept 25th-Oct 23rd
Mon-Fri 9am-5pm Saturdays 12pm-3pm


Brisbane City Council buffs Lister’s commission wall

“BRISBANE’S anti-graffiti squad has been accused of illegally entering private property to paint over a commissioned mural by a world-renowned street artist. ”

Such a shame this kind of thing keeps happening. Especially an amazing piece of this size. Read the full article here.

The artwork before it was painted over. (Taken from Anthony Lister’s website)