12 x 12 interviews: Sean Morris

In the lead up to WATIM’s 12 x 12 exhibition opening, we are selecting a few contributing artists to sit down with and get some more info about what they’re up to and what they are producing for the show. To kick things off, we have chosen Sean Morris from Perth. An artist who’s work is quickly becoming recognized around the globe for it’s weird and fantastic nature.

Firstly, for our readers who aren’t aware of your work, tell us where you’re from and what you’ve been painting lately.
PERTH. I paint things that i think are awesome, and things that are terrifying. It’s good when they’re both, like spring beak and skullets. A lot of people fixate on the fact that i draw ‘ugly’ people but it’s about more than that. Well, slightly more… I’m more interested in trashy behaviour and dodgy rituals than in just drawing drool and cankles.

Your work makes us laugh. Is this your intention?
I don’t really expect laughs, i don’t think i’m funny. But I stick pretty fiercely to the game plan of trying to make the work that i wanna see; stuff that i would get excited about or that would make me smile – even laugh – if i stumbled across it. I figure if it entertains me while i’m doing it, it’s at least got half a chance of entertaining some other weirdo.

How do you come up with a concept?
I find that each idea flows on from the last, in some form or another. Humanity is a giant trash pile and i’m slowly digging my way towards the centre of it. I’m wearing rubber gloves, football boots and denim cutoffs. The rats ate my Hawaiian shirt.

Do you think art can be too serious some times?
I have no idea what art is, but whatever it is, it’s probably too serious almost all of the time.

I could definitely see your painted worlds become an animation. Have you ever thought about taking that step?
Sure. I often see these paintings in my head as little movies, so it’d be nice if other people got to see them too, also i think they’d look pretty good on TV being broken up by ads for car insurance and The Amazing Race.

What have you got planned for the 12×12 show?
It’s a series called Planet of Bad Girls. Probably the most straight up low-brow stuff i’ve ever done – green and purple tattooed space babes wrestling and pulling out each others’ hair.

You’re a part of the Last Chance Studio. Tell us a little bit about that.
Last Chance is my dysfunctional second family. We built it out of dreams, dick jokes, Perth pride, being nice to people, wearing obnoxious team jackets and not giving a fuck that we live in a tiny beach town that’s afraid of everything rad.

Do you have any plans or projects coming up you can tell us about?
Heading to London in August to do a solo show at BEACH Gallery, and launch a zine i’m making about a white trash swamp gym. Working title is Killer Abs Will Kill You. Then teeing up a summer solo in Melbs with Colour By Numbers. I have no idea what that will consist of, maybe just a giant painting of Tom Selleck’s moustache, with me high-fiving people underneath it. Please come.

More info on Sean here. Check out the 12 x 12 website for more opening night and exhibition details.

Exoskeltons by Kaitlin Beckett

Just Another Agency Proudly Presents:
‘Exoskeletons’ By Kaitlin Beckett

Biological and mechanical exoskeletons for assistance, protection or ornamentation.

Exoskeletons form a rigid support for a creature beneath. Frameworks of interlocking bones, structures of metal, straps and attachments draped over creatures can intimidate predators, provide strength and additional movement, and decorate their plumage, scales or shells.

Opening on Friday 1st July 6-9pm @ No Vacancy Project Space, Space 32, The Atrium,
Federation Square, Melbourne

Exoskeletons By Kaitlin Beckett Preview from Just Another Agency on Vimeo.

12 x 12 Exhibition

Brad from [weAREtheIMAGEmakers] has yet again pulled together a stellar lineup of artists for the next installment of 12×12, including Daek  /  Drewfunk  /  Ears  /  Ed Woodley  /  Gary Seaman  /  Gimiks Born  /  Mark Alsweiler  /  Rone  /  Sean Morris  /  Shannon Cress  /  Shida  /  Troy Archer. If you haven’t heard, or been to a 12×12, it’s a simple  idea that showcases 12 Australian artists, 12 artworks each, 12 x 12 inches.

This time around, the show will only be stopping in Sydney (as opposed to the usual Melbourne opening), at aMBUSH Gallery Friday 22 July.

The other interesting aspect of this 12×12 is that ALL artworks will also be available to purchase from an online catalogue launching at 12pm Saturday 23 July.

Stay tuned for some exclusive interviews with some of the 12×12 artists…

Sneak peek: Max Berry and Ears at Harrison Galleries

In the lead up to their duo show at Harrison Galleries this weekend, Max Berry and Ears let us inside their studio for a look at what’s in stall for the opening this Saturday. Long time collaborators and friends, these two artists have produced bodies of work that compliment each other and show the next step they’ve both taken in their artistic careers.

Max’s show titled “Passenger” presents a series of paintings, jewelry and toys that reveals an imaginary world in flux. Caught in moments of introverted retrospection and transcendence Berry’s figures consider the relationship between, the actual and the spiritual, agency and fate, life and death, and the passage between these states.

Ears’ show title “The Grid” investigates and deconstructs the formalist approach to portrait painting. With a background in graffiti Ears has been making a transition to studio artist that has allowed for an engaging body of large canvas works. ‘The Grid” is a study of the uniform, identity and the conditions in which they exist.

Opening: Saturday 18th June, 5 – 7pm (Click for Facebook event)

Max Berry and Ears

Max Berry and Ears

Max Berry and Ears

Max Berry and Ears

Max Berry and Ears

Max Berry and Ears

Max Berry and Ears

Max Berry and Ears

Max Berry and Ears

Quick trip to Melbourne

Last week we went for a quick two day trip down to Melbourne and were lucky enough to tag along with Go Font Ur Self* for the last book launch/exhibition of the series. We saw the setup, enjoyed the exhibition, did the obligatory Hosier lane, dropped by the Everfresh setup at NGV, saw a couple of the EF lads fitting out the van. Good (but incredibly cold) times. Check out some highlights below:

The GFUS* artwork crates.

Close up of the Morning Breath print






Jumbo, HaHa, Ears, Stormie Mills

Everfresh at NGV

Everfresh at NGV

Everfresh at NGV