Drewfunk at The Oxford Art Factory

Last Friday was the 4th birthday of The Oxford Art Factory. An iconic club that has been host to many artists over the years. Ben Frost, Kill Pixie, Numskull, Beastman, Trent Whitehead, Des, Brett Chan and many more.

To celebrate their 4th birthday, OAF flew in Melbourne’s own Drewfunk to adorn the gallery wall with his iconic style. Check out some photos below by Bill Chen & Maja Baska.

Just Another Group Show

Don’t let the title of this one fool you. It’s Just Another Group Show, but it’s not just another group show. The JAA team are teaming up with Semi-Permanent to present a group exhibition filled to the brim with a super talented and varied mix of artists from all around the place.

More info below and a sneak peek over at the JAA site here.

“In Conjunction with Semi Permanent, the ‘Just Another Group Show’ is an exhibition celebrating the diversity and eclectic nature of the agency’s stable of artists.

Each artist involved has been asked to create a single piece of work showcasing their unique style, formatted to a square… this years line up includes:

23rd KeyAida SabicApesevenAsh NolanAramasBec WinnelBeccy BrownBridge Stehli
Caitlin RigbyCam ScaleDebDoesDrypnz  – DvateFat AnkleGary SeamanGimiksItch
Jack DouglasJungle MythKaitlin BeckettKID9KirpyKitty HortonLauren CarneyLeisha Muraki  Luke RyanMatthew DunnMakatronMaria FinnaMax BerryMichael SteeleNate Holmes Trapnell  Nom Kinnar KingPierre LlogaPoiseRebecca MurphyRena LittlesonSam OctiganSearShida  SirumSteven RhodesTaylor WhiteZoran Nova

Opening Night Thursday 22nd September from 6-10pm @ 1000 Pound Bend – 361 Lt Lonsdale St, Melbourne (Entry via Heape Crt) Show runs till the 26th September.”


Such a fucked consequence for being a massive Legend. Wishing you a speedy recovery dude. From your friends over here at The Opening Hours.


For those who don’t know. TIMBA SMITS

AN AUSSIE expat stabbed when he stood up for a group of elderly passengers trying to get on a London bus says he wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.

Mt Eliza graphic designer and illustrator Tim Smits remained in hospital yesterday following the daylight attack about 11.30am on Wednesday.

He has lived in London for about 18 months after winning a British Council award for talented Australian artists.

Smits, 32, said he was travelling from his home in Islington to his studio in Bow when three youths started harassing passengers, including a woman with a pram.

He said he intervened after the trio blocked three or four elderly women who were trying to board the bus and swore at them.

“I basically said to them, ‘excuse me, mate, move your legs please and let the women pass.

“Don’t be so disrespectful. Would you speak to your grandmother like that?” Smits said.

The expat explained that the main offender got out of his seat and started spitting and swearing at him.

“He clearly wasn’t afraid when I told him he was going to get caught on CCTV, there are witnesses here. He actually said … ‘I will enjoy messing you up in front of all these people on CCTV’.

“He hit me in the head four times. I managed to basically pin his arms down and pin him to the ground when his friend came over and was trying to pull me off him, and that’s when he stabbed me.

“I realised what had happened. I was like, ‘stop, stop’, and that’s when he stabbed me in my leg.”

The trio ran from the bus.

Paramedics took Smits to the Royal London Hospital, where he underwent surgery and made a police statement.

He is expected to remain in hospital for several days.


This was so rad to see in real life. go check it out while it lasts, it seems already today there were many complaints by the people of Sydney’s CBD… one lady said it was ‘the most disgusting thing she’d ever seen and she was going to contact the council’, i replied, ‘i think its the most amazing wall sydney has right now… and i wouldn’t bother as the council organized it’… oh Sydney why?!







Openings: “Journey” by Phibs

Last night was the opening of “Journey”. The latest solo exhibition by one of Australia’s most talented graffiti artists, Phibs.

Phibs never fails to impress and this show is no different. His latest body of work consists of large scale paintings, which are much looser and free-form than his past gallery work. In the second room there was a big cluster of smaller paintings and framed sculptures. Definitely our favourite part of the show.

The show is open until the 28th of September at Plump Gallery, Enmore. Get down!

Without Walls Volume 3

This Thursday, aMBUSH Gallery is hosting the next installment of Without Walls.

“In its third volume, Without Walls will be adding a further five artists to its powerhouse alumni, as they take aMBUSH by storm, in its long awaited return to Sydney’s gallery circuit. Described as wall less, law-less art, Without Walls is a collective which breaks down the ideal of art purely ‘hanging’ and destroys this conception by reformatting local artists works into limited edition t-shirts. This interactive approach brings the artworks beyond the walls of the gallery, and giving it a limitless birth directly onto the streets of Sydney.”

Artists: Mark Alsweiler / Sprinkles / Alex Lehours / Mia Oatley / Elle Green

More info at the Without Walls website and at aMBUSH.