Farewell 2011

2011 has been a massive year for not just us, but more importantly the thriving Australian low brow/street art/graffiti scene.

Events like Outpost and others have pushed Australia’s talented artists into the international limelight, which is always a good thing. Some times our small continent can go un noticed, however we believe we house some of the world’s most creative people and next year will be an even bigger one with much more exciting projects to come.

For us, next year entails new beginnings and some secret projects we have been working on for a while, so stay tuned, have a merry christmas, a sloppy new year and we’ll see you in 2012!

The Opening Hours team.

We are closing down our studio from tomorrow until the 3rd of January, so if you order a copy of the SLUG zine, your orders will be shipped either before Christmas or after the new year. Email sales@theopeninghours.com.au for any inquiries.

The Opening Hours Christmas gift guide

We are now half way through December, so it’s about the time when shopping centres start packing full with families, kids, grandma’s, grandpa’s and last minute shoppers. We prefer to stay out of harms way and shop online. Below is a list of goodies to fill either your or someone else’s stocking.

1. We currently have a rare zine/screenprinted bag package from Sydney’s infmaous SLUG.
At only $15 it’s a steal. Click here.
Slug - The Opening Hours

2. Meggs has just released a Boxed Edition T-Shirt which includes a hand screenprinted box, with signed 3 colour A4 screenprint & Meggs stickers. These look really top quality. Get one while you can. Click here.
Meggs - The Opening Hours

3. Another Everfresh member, REKA has a few screenprints for sale at the moment. All are equally as good, this one jumped out at us though. Click here.
Reka - The Opening Hours

4. Numskull has released a brand new edition of one colour stencil prints with Stupid Krap. The edition is only a small 25, so get in quick. Click here.
Numskull - The Opening Hours

5. After seeing her immense floating girl wall at Outpost, we’re sure everyone will be jumping on these limited prints by Vexta. Click here.
Vexta - The Opening Hours

6. Off the back of his Outpost murals and current exhibition ‘Cosmic Nature’, Beastman has also released a limited edition zine documenting ALL of his outdoor walls. Click here.
Beastman - The Opening Hours

7. Dangerfork is one of the newest print stores to appear on the scene, with their release by PRIZM catching our eye. Prizm hardly ever releases new artwork so this is a rare opportunity. Click here.
Prizm - The Opening Hours

8. Finally, Gallery AS (as we have mentioned) have released a print with Mark Whalen (Kill Pixie). We have picked one of these up for ourselves and we reccomend you do the same. The artwork is classic and the print quality is second to none. Click here.
Mark Whalen - The Opening Hours

Alterations, Disturbances & Rips at aMBUSH Gallery

This Thursday night, is again, a busy one. Artillery is launching here, and aMBUSH Gallery is presenting their last show for the year.

Alterations, Disturbances & Rips is a collage exhibition Featuring artists KAREEM RIZK, MAURO PALMIERI, JOEL LAMBETH, DANILO BRANDAO and HILARY FAYE. A number of names we have not yet featured here, but by the looks of the preview images on the aMBUSH site here, it looks to be a quality show of work.

Opening night Thursday 15 December, 6-9pm
Exhibition continues to Sunday 18 December, daily from 12-4pm

Video Recap: Selfest

We recently posted a photo recap of Selfest. Well it seems that the Selfest team have been busy ever since, putting together a series of video’s recapping the entire event. It’s rare for any art event to have this much coverage, so indulge yourself below, or go see more photos at their site.

Stay tuned to their website for part four…

SELF EST. Part One- DMOTE, ROID, HORFÉ @ Kind Of – Gallery from Marty Routledge on Vimeo.

SELF EST. Part Two- Jeff Canham, Ben Barretto @ Gallery A.S. from Marty Routledge on Vimeo.

SELF EST. Part Three – Dmote, Horfé, Roid, Sofles, Jeff Canham from Marty Routledge on Vimeo.

Horfe - The Opening Hours


Artillery Magazine Chapter Five Launch and Installation.

Artillery is an independent publication dedicated to the creative struggle,
determination and rawness of the world’s best graffiti artists. In addition to
its predominant graffiti focus, Artillery mixes in a healthy dose of art, design and photography; presenting all of it in a well thought out, beautifully designed and printed package. Chapter Five is the most recent and eagerly-anticipated edition of Artillery Magazine.

Feat. Dj Charlie Hustle


Photo Recap: Drewfunk – Parity

Melbourne based Drewfunk recently opened his new exhibition of paintings at Paradise Hills Gallery in Richmond. This collection of work was a big step forward for Drew. Compared to his last exhibition, which was predominantly neat line-work illustration, this new work stands out with a warm palette and boasts the fact that Drewfunk is a true master painter. Focusing again on animals, the subjects are rendered perfectly and have all been framed in a typical Drewfunk background/foreground. Fat caps and precise movements. Check out some photos below.

Drewfunk - The Opening Hours

Drewfunk - The Opening Hours

Drewfunk - The Opening Hours

Drewfunk - The Opening Hours

Drewfunk - The Opening Hours

Drewfunk - The Opening Hours

Drewfunk - The Opening Hours

Drewfunk - The Opening Hours

Drewfunk - The Opening Hours

Drewfunk - The Opening Hours

Drewfunk - The Opening Hours

Drewfunk - The Opening Hours

For Sale: Sugar Shark Issue One

Back in August we ran quite a generous giveaway of zines by Slug. There were only 15 to give, and they went SUPER quick.

This time round we are announcing the real release of Sugar Shark Issue One. A rare collectors item that will disappear just as quick.

This time around, Slug has created an edition of 20 white cover zines and 40 zine/tote bag combos. The zine/tote bag combo includes a hand made zine AND a hand silk screen-printed (by the artist) tote bag. There are two different designs on the totes, and two different covers (black or white). These are ALL different and cannot be chosen. We pick them randomly for you.

For any enquiries email sales@theopeninghours.com.au