TONIGHT 7.30PM @ Lo-Fi Collective: The Canvas Cooler Project

TONIGHT 7.30PM: Over the next month a curated line up by Marty Routledge including artists Beastman, Numskull, Phibs, Roachy, Thomas Jackson, Will Lynes, Esjay, Brent Smith, Well Dressed Vandals, Kerupt and Peque will be turning the humble Red Bull cooler into a work of art, using their assigned bar’s look and feel as inspiration. Venues include Oxford Art Factory, Upstairs Beresford, Hunky Dory Social Club, Bucket List, Lo Fi, El Loco, The Standard, The Flinders Hotel, The Norfolk Hotel, Cargo Lounge and Sugarmill.

Lightbulb Lounge Room, Bondi – ‘The Beautiful and the Damned’: OPEN FOR SUBMISSIONS

March 14th: National call for entries – The Lightbulb Lounge Room is excited to announce its artist call for entries to showcase the next instalment of creative inspiration at the gallery’s upcoming exhibition, titled ‘The Beautiful and the Damned’, opening to industry on May 3rd, 2012 and to the public on May 4th, 2012.

Artists of all creeds, including illustrators, typographers, painters & designers, are encouraged to enter work, which best represents the exhibition theme: ‘The Beautiful and the Damned.’
“The name is originally known from the classic novel by F. Scott. Fitzgerald but now it’s passed on to you to do whatever you please, pull it apart, interpret it in any context and express it in any visual way. Entries using any variety of materials and mediums are welcomed and encouraged,” explains creative director and founder Claire Perini.
Artists can enter a maximum of three artworks and each piece must be presented in a brown wooden frame, to coincide with the exhibition theme and to also match with the eclectic aesthetics of the gallery space. The maximum artwork size is A3. Small, bespoke and handcrafted artworks are warmly welcome.
Launching alongside the third exhibition is an incentive called ‘Community Counts,’ which supports those artists who submit their works on time. The community driven incentive encourages artists to deliver their work to the gallery prior to the submission close date of April 13th (closing submission date to be considered for this incentive), and each piece received will be uploaded onto the LLR facebook page for peer-to-peer voting. The piece with the most ‘likes’ will earn the artist one of many creative prizes. 
The Lightbulb Lounge Room has also introduced the ‘Battle of the Bulb’ in which 3 artists will be asked to shine their light and execute a piece of artwork on the night.

Each month’s exhibition brief can be found on the website:

The selection process is first in best dressed so don’t delay sending in your submission. The call for entry deadline closes April 20th. The opening night will take place on May 3rd for industry and then open to the public on May 4th for one month.
Please email your submission enquiries and a one-page pdf sample of shots of your artwork to:


‘It felt like all of a sudden, there were 11 of us stocked hard with IRONLAK stomping huge pieces over a few hundred metres of hording on the racecourse. The demolition zone gave the whole experience this post apocalyptic feel.

Big thanks to Ironlak for ‘attempted ambush marketing’, courtesy of yours truly.



See this coloured toothpick below… click it

DAMP x RAH C ‘ Make The Bunny Rad’



22 artists from all over australia were sent 7” vinyl bunnies to customize. now, these bunnies will be attached to our walls, so you can look at them, purchase them and love them forever!

vinyl is better than chocolate, or so i’ve been told.

while you are here, enjoy a nice cold Moritz beer, from spain, have a look at the fine publications on offer, and grab youself some Damp tshirts!

Damp Store – Studio 4/31, Brighton St, Curl Curl

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I thought whilst BOB is away id share my obsession with American graffiti couple UTAH & ETHER & their recent disputes with notorious NYC ‘Legend’ COPE 2 and his lady INDIE. Beef comes naturally in this ego-centric art form being more like a competitive sport sometimes than an art movement. Seemingly ridiculous, once reading everything around the argument and the speculation as to who did what when its so public it is hypnotic…. its kinda like when you see people getting violent on a reality tv show, its REALLY entertaining.

ahhhh … The power of the internet.

Basically from what i can tell is that cope 2 was accused of snitching to the vandal squad by Utah and ether after a yard raid some years ago. Utah and Ether released censored government documents on their site supposedly proving cope was in bed with the police. Cope claims Utah to have snitched ‘FIRST’… chance lead them to cross paths in union square (nyc), a dispute occurred, a punch was thrown, there were some emails sent, a bunch of hilarious memes were created about COPE 2 being a snitch and circulated around the web by somebody, and now there are ‘COPE’ throw ups over most of Utah and Ethers efforts from their last escapades in Asia.

Somebody is lying, and somebody snitched somewhere about someone along the way, but whatever the case, this right here is why the term ‘graffiti’ is different to the term ‘Street Art’.

read on if it interests you…

Watch: Utah and Ether (mul) in Asia

‘Cope’ Throw ups over Utah and Ether in Asia

More of cope’s ‘operation God Of Destruction (GOD)’ and a description of their encounter on valentines day, on his 12 Oz blog

The an article with twitter enquiries from the people at THE LONDON VANDAL

and THIS IS WHEN IT GETS GOOD, when Cope 2 responds to THE LONDON VANDAL article on him here with responses from ETHER from the MUL 12 Oz page.

If you like a bit of interesting conflict, by a handfull of the worlds most famous writers, than i hope you enjoyed all that!

Cope 2


Our boy Joel Birch has some awesome new prints sporting his notorious Type style that has been ripped off by many a young designer on many occasions.

want the original and the best??

Buy one before you miss out and end up with some some globally branded carbon copy.


Lo-Fi Collective’s Sister Gallery: The Tate, Glebe

The Tate at Glebe’s renowned hotel, The Toxteth, is the latest addition to the inner west’s visual arts scene. Comprising of a rent-free, commission-free gallery space as well as a set of no-rent art studios, The Tate will house a curated family of artists from a range of disciplines and backgrounds, with the objective of re-invigorating Sydney’s arts and cultural scene.

The Tate is another initiative from the team behind Sydney’s Lo-Fi Collective: co-founded by Peer Group and Riversdale Group and co-curated by Marty Routledge and Christopher Loutfy.

As the gentrification avalanche tumbles down the hills from the Eastern Suburbs, the known creative precincts of Surry Hills and Darlinghurst are being pushed further to Redfern and Darlington. Following the success of Lo-Fi, as well as The Standard, Go Font Yr Self and Self Est., the founders see The Tate as yet another step in the process of addressing the distance between Sydney’s arts education system and the art industry, as well as bridging the physical gap between Sydney’s inner west and the inner city.

The Tate will hold new openings weekly, embracing grass roots talent from within the establishment by means of draft picks from our arts education system. The Tate applies the same free gallery structure as its sister gallery, Lo-Fi Collective, serving as a stepping stone space for 2nd year graduates to host their first solo or group shows.

The Tate’s five no-rent studios will be made available to artists of varying experience and ability working across a range of mediums and formats, selected on the basis of applications. The Tate’s curators work closely with faculty members of the universities specialising in visual arts such as COFA, SCA, UNSW and ENMORE TAFE, developing unique opportunities for students to work and exhibit off-campus in a uni-friendly environment.

Artists can apply for shows and spaces by emailing their CV and examples of work to

Located on the top floor of The Toxteth hotel at 345 Glebe Point Road, The Tate also lays claim to an historic pub, meaning bar and food on site. Drawing on Sydney’s burgeoning creative community (both physical and online) and running a full program of events, The Tate hopes to expand this community and build pathways for young artists to further develop their creativity.

The landmark Toxteth Hotel was recently acquired by Riversdale Group. One of the fastest growing publican groups, Riversdale Group is known for re-injecting energy into Sydney’s forgotten venues and heritage sites.

“With each of our venues, we try hard to understand the community that we’re in and create something that reflects that community’s own personality”, explains Paddy Coughlan, CEO of Riversdale Group.

“When we took on The Toxteth at Glebe, a gallery upstairs struck me as a great way to continue to support young artists and engage with Glebe’s student population”.

A core objective of Riversdale Group is to reinvigorate Sydney’s arts and cultural scene. Supporting partner, Peer Group Media shares this aim, having executed several key visual arts projects in Sydney over the past 3 years. These include: Go Font Ur Self, a 2-year old nationwide tour of type-based artworks by both local and international typographers; Self Est. (self established), a 4-day micro-festival in Surry Hills comprising a series of small events, exhibits and talks and Lo-Fi Collective, a weekly showcase of low-brow artists in a huge, inner-city New York-style attic space.

Riversdale Group’s other venues include: Lo-Fi and The Standard at the Kinselas Building, Taylor Square; The Bellevue, Paddington; The Unity Hall, Balmain and the Peakhurst Inn.

The Tate @ The Toxteth will hold its inaugural launch exhibition on Wednesday, March 14th