Alphabetica group show at He Made She Made

If you’re a fan of typography, then this show is one not to miss. 26 letters in the alphabet, 26 artists, one letter each. Featuring a great mix of illustrators, painters, typographers and signpainters. Fore more details, go check out the He Made She Made website.

A. Matthew Tapia (
B. Chris Haughton (
C. Fleur Harris (
D. Ben Drury (
E. Jeff Rogers (
F. Niky Roehreke (
G. J.Otto Seibold (
H. Bobby Haiqalsyah (
I. Paul McNeil (
J. David Roberts (
K. Numskull (
L. Rudi De Wet (
M. Dave Park (
N. Paul Nolan (
O. Greedy Hen (
P. Andrea Innocent (
Q. Jean Jullien (
R. Craig & Karl (
S. Will Lynes (
T. Luca Ionesca (
U. Silvia Portella (
V. MaricorMaricar (
W. Steve Wilson (
X. Steven Wilson (
Y. Luke Lucas (
Z. Martin Harris (


Outside: Catching up with Ben Frost in Canada

We caught up (digitally) with our old buddy Ben Frost recently to see what he’s been up to on his recent travels in Canada. Looks like he’s been busy getting outside of the studio lately, with these posters on abandoned stores in Windsor. More on Ben here.

“These are 5 street pieces I did in Windsor, Canada this month. I went down to work with my buddy DENIAL who has a nice big studio and using some cool techniques. Windsor is across the river from Detroit, and suffered a similar social and economic demise when the Ford factories closed during the GFC – so there’s loads of abandoned stores like the KFC, Home Depot and 7-11 that I found to hit on this trip.”

Ben Frost

Ben Frost

Ben Frost

Ben Frost

Tristan Kerr gives a damn

Store Front – Tristan Kerr – Magazine Gallery on 28th Nov from Capital Waste on Vimeo.

The story of Tristan Kerr’s art can be read like words on a page. This is due to the fact that his art, by in large, consists of affectionately humanised typography.

Never really messing with graffiti pieces, never dabbling with water colour landscapes, never really into painting still-lifes or portraits, Tristan has only ever been interested in one thing: signs. And – to my eye, he does them better than anyone else.

Tristan’s first exhibition at Magazine Gallery in February or March of 2010 caught the attention of Timba Smits who’d recently completed the branding for that gallery in Melbourne, which is now closed – Gawker.

The story goes that Tristan got a message on Facebook where Timba expressed his ‘disappointment’ at the similarity between the look of the invite Tristan had designed for his solo show at Magazine and the Gawker Gallery branding… Continue reading



“4 Squares” is a Group exhibition by 4 Artists and friends from different parts of Australia and Abroad.

Fintan Magee has moved away from traditional graffiti in recent years, Fintan Magee has started to explore new ideas and imagery within his painting. In the last year he has created some of the largest and most striking street pieces in Australia. His bold guerilla mural works often combine still life painting of found objects with installation elements. Magee’s works explore themes of waste, consumption, loss and transition. They contain a sentimentality and softness influenced by children’s books.

Guido van Helten is a street artist primarily based in Brisbane. Guido’s work explores personal artistic expression through his unique and evolving painting style. With a diverse artistic background ranging from printmaking, photography and traditional graffiti, Guido’s work presents a fluent merge of these processes. Often using harmonious and unique colour combinations, Guido is committed to creating a balance between the urban environment and his painted imagery, exploring themes of urban identity, architecture and place.

Scott Marsh is a Sydney based artist who’s work is well recognized amongst the national graffiti community. Having diversified his interests within his visual output in recent years, Scott’s current works are celebrations of gutter culture, ladies of the night, acid trips, guns and galves. Scott‘s work uses loose brush lines with dynamic colour ways to execute his striking large scaled paintings.

Sofles has many a finger in many a pie, his work spreads across illustration, tattoo, canvas and any markable surface. Sofles’ imagery is wide and varied, with collages of mind-bending abstraction melting into intricate form, perfect snapshots of the artist’s wild imagination. Sofles’ bold use of colour renders pieces so distinctive that they have firmly set his reputation as one of Australia’s most-watched contemporary artists.


‘Survival Tactics’ is a re-interpretation of my recent exhibition in Brooklyn, New York at Mishka in August this year. It is an extended capsule of artwork comprising of 6 limited edition prints, hand carved wooden sculptures, paintings and a unique video installation. In collaboration with Mishka NYC, a limited edition t-shirt made by Mishka and designed by Numskull will also be released on the night.

Wed 28th November 2012

Opening starts at 6pm.
The Tate @ The Toxteth
345 Glebe Pt Rd,
Glebe, Sydney, 2037

Exhibition is open til Sunday 2nd Dec

‘HALF/TIME’ Will Cooke at The Tate

Much loved Tate resident, Will Cooke, presented his first solo show at The Tate Gallery this week, titled ‘HALF/TIME.’ 12 abstract paintings adorned the gallery wall, each piece a reaction against a series of 12 photos taken by the artist over a six hour period. The angular, striking pieces hark back to the artist’s interest in Gerhard Richters photo paintings. Using aerosol and acrylic on wood, the works confidently covered small to large scale pieces, with a purposeful display of bold colour ways. The show runs till Sunday 25th of November, get down!

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