Photos: Beastman & Phibs “In Our Nature” – Sydney

Beastman & Phibs are both artists that are synonymous with each other. Both share the same birthday, both have lived together, both have a similar approach and style to their work, both have exhibited together and both have painted numerous walls together over the years.

Recently the duo teamed up again for an exhibition titled “In our nature” at Ambush Gallery in Sydney. The show was comprised of a series of the same size paintings, a large scale mural installation (coupled with sound designed by Daniel O’Toole aka Ears) and a spontaneous live painting of two cars outside the gallery during the weekend. The artwork on show was a typical glimpse into their overall bodies of work, however this time instead of completely filling the spacious gallery, only small 7 paintings were displayed by each artist.

If you missed out, you might be lucky to see the mural at the next Ambush Gallery show, which has become a permanent fixture. Click below for a full set of photos. More on Beastman here. More on Phibs here.

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