Paper Trail: zine and photo book fair

Paper Trail from ADCreative on Vimeo.

Last weekend saw the Paper trail zine and photo book fair at Magic Johnston art space put together by Small time Books and the Heavy mental. had a great collection of publications from various authours. including Knowledge Editions (as featured here)

more information on some of the heavy hitters involved can be found here.

serps zine:


Perimeter Books:
suss the video above for all the action
video put together by CUT PRESS

One Day Sundays at The Projects – Phibs, Jumbo, Scott Marsh, Scount, Numskull & Beastman

Wow. What a weekend. First off we spoke in front of 1600 people for SP, then we hosted a show at The Tate, then Sunday came around and the sun was shining so we threw a party. A big thankyou to everyone that came out to The Projects in Enmore to round off the Semi Permanent weekend.

Basically, we didn’t want the fun to end, so decided to throw an un-official/official Semi Permanent event which saw artists Jumbo, Phibs, Numskull, Beastman, Phibs and Scott Marsh paint a collaborative mural in the carpark at The Vic, in Enmore.

One Day provided the music and good folks at The Vic supplied the free bbq, which as always, took a long time to cook but a short time to dissapear. A massive thank you to our friends at Ironlak, who provided the paint, and thanks to everyone that came out for what was a nice day in the sun.

Photos courtesy of both us, and @nemans!

The Opening Hours

The Opening Hours

The Opening Hours

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Overseas Action: Catching up with Luke Taaffe

Luke Taaffe is a former resident of Australia and one of the many artists to take to the United States to tackle a new crowd.

Luke was a former resident artist at the infamous World’s End studios in Surry Hills, and has since been busy creating a whole new body and style of work in California. It’s obvious to see the influence these new surroundings have had on his work, and it’s interesting to see him using these Cali style beach themes in more object/sculptural work, like below in his jigsaw puzzled wetsuit blanket.

See more of Luke’s work here.

Luke Taaffe

Luke Taaffe

Luke Taaffe

Luke Taaffe

Luke Taaffe

Video: Reka in London

If you’ve missed what Reka’s been up to overseas, then you’ve probably been sick, off instagram, or your internet connection has been down.

Reka has most definitely been making his mark in Europe. Painting multiple times (at various sizes) in London, Paris, Denmark and many more cities.

VNA and itdrewself have teamed up to get an insight from the man himself. Short but sweet…


Stupid Krap relaunches with a whole new roster of artists

Look who just popped back onto our radar without warning!

Stupid Krap has been around for a long time and is the brainchild of Ben Frost. They have released prints for some of Australia’s most recognizable street, graffiti and low brow artists, including Dmote, Kid Zoom, Anthony Lister, Ben Frost, Beastman, Dan Baldwin, Numskull and many, many more.

Well, turns out they’re back, in a very big way, with a whole new stable of artists that will knock your socks off.

Stupid Krap has relaunched and currently has prints available from Fintan Magee, Askew, Beastman, Bec Winnel, Ben Frost, Numskull and Michael Cain (no, not the actor. A better Michael Cain…).

Get in quick, as these prints are limited editions and are very well priced. Don’t miss out!

Visit Stupid Krap here.

Stupid Krap


Poster art by Brisbane based illustrator Ken Smith

Ryokou is a five part documentary series put together by a few talented friends at Projucer, after a successful pozible campaign to get it off the ground they travelled to Japan to follow the journey of World Champion cyclist Shane Perkins whilst competing in the 2012/13 Keirin competition.

The first three episodes are online now, with a new one each day this week on SBS and online via

RYOKOU TRAILER – WEB VERSION from Projucer on Vimeo.




On the outside with @nemans

Today’s gallery of photo’s from @nemans features Bafcat, Flash, Fintan Magee, Nico and more. Click below to see the full set.

“On The Outside” is a feature from our friend @nemans ( A weekly round up of recent walls and laneways around Sydney.

the opening hours

the opening hours

the opening hours

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