Photos: Christchurch, New Zealand

I was recently in Christchurch NZ for a couple of weeks for the Rise Festival and really wanted to share all these photos of my experience there. Big thanks to George and Shannon at Oi You! for inviting me over there, and to all the artists and people I met and hung out with while over there including Askew, Vans The Omega, Sofles, Ghostie, Eno, BMD, Kid Zoom, Daek, Rone, Paulie, Wongi, Berst, Luke Shirlaw, Selina Miles and many more. Christchurch is a destroyed city bursting with enthusiasm and new beginnings, I was really stoked to be over there contributing to the city with my work alongside some other super talented artists. Here is a whole bunch of photos I took which will give you all an understanding of whats happening over there. Stay tuned for a separate post of images from the actual Rise exhibition.



Beastman & Vans The Omega





Vans The Omega

Berst TMD


Jacob Yikes


Elliot Francis Stewart



Stay tuned for some images of the Rise exhibition now showing at Canterbury Museum in Christchurch… and happy holidays everyone!


Was in Melbourne for the opening of the Eyes show and was lucky to spend time hanging out with Miso and GP. Miso has just moved into a new space (once the studio of Vali Myers) and I got a chance to field test Backwoods new lights (which fucking rule).

Shots like this make me think that i’m ready to start calling myself a photographer.

A Study Of Eyes 1 by MISO for A STUDY OF EYES




A Study Of Hands at Backwoods Gallery

“A Study Of” is a decade long project of annual group exhibitions based on subject studies. The goal is to create an archive for future generations, a library of references and also a collection consisting of some of the best artists that I have access to.

It’s an ambitious project, thats growing slowly and I think will result in something unique to give to future generations. We launched the project with A Study Of Hands last year and continued it with A Study Of Eyes this year at Backwoods Gallery. Next years subject is hair which should be cool.

Some photos from A Study Of Eyes at Backwoods Gallery below.

Email sales@backwoods to see the full catalogue.

Backwoods Gallery room 2 at A Study Of Eyes

Wallowing by Anthony Lister

Smug by Anthony Lister

Seeing by Al Stark

Eyes 2 by Dave Kinsey



Eyes 1, 2, 3 by Dave Kinsey

Jedda 2 by Ian Stange (Kid Zoom)

Dark Eyes on Sepia 1 by Miss Van

Dark Eyes On Sepia 2 by Miss Van

Astigmatism by Stephen Ives

Astigmatism by Stephen Ives

Eyes of Runner by Hiroyasu Tsuri (TwoOne)

Eyes of Hunter by Hiroyasu Tsuri (TwoOne)

Eyes of Savior by Hiroyasu Tsuri (TwoOne)

Pearl Eye by USUGROW

Silver Eye by USUGROW

Sight Becomes Perception 1 by Yuske Imai

Sight Becomes Perception 3 by Yuske Imai


Photos: Sydney’s RVCA Gallery Housewarming

Last Friday saw the opening exhibition of Sydney’s new RVCA Downstairs Gallery in Paddington. The opening group show ‘Housewarming’ featured work by a number of Artist Network Program heavy hitters alongside some strong local contributions. This one remains open until mid January before making way for a series of solo shows soon to be announced. Open Daily 10-6pm / 84 Oxford St, Paddington.

Install photos by Adrian Turner

Overseas Opening: Ian Strange ‘Final Act’ – New Zealand

As a part of the RISE street art festival that’s currently happening in Christchurch New Zealand, artist Ian Strange will be opening his latest body of work (and what looks like the final in the ‘Home’ series) called ‘Final Act’. No doubt this will be an epic production as always, including constructed work and video work. If you’re in Christchurch, or anywhere in New Zealand for that matter, get down to see this and everything else the festival has to offer.

“Final Act” by Ian Strange
Opening: Thursday, 19th December
Canterbury Museum

Ian Strange

Feature: On the outside with @nemans

Today’s gallery of photo’s from @nemans is a mega upload (since we’ve been slacking on posting the last few weeks) features Phibs, Askew, Amews, Nico, Smug, TheMassive, Zen and more. Click below to see the full set.

“On The Outside” is a feature from our friend @nemans ( A weekly round up of recent walls and laneways around Sydney.

The Opening Hours

The Opening Hours

The Opening Hours

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