Video: ‘Nothing Stops Detroit’

This just dropped from Australian director Riley Blakeway. The short, shot entirely on 16MM and Super 8MM film – ‘Nothing Stops Detroit’ documents Californian street artist Evan Rossell (Stink) during a painting trip to where he grew up in Detroit City late last year.

“Nothing Stops Detroit” from Riley Blakeway on Vimeo.

Sneak peek: ‘Full Serve’ – DMOTE, Will Lynes & Nathan Pickering

It’s been a good while since Australian graffiti icon Dmote has shown a significant body of work in exhibition. The last ten or so years he has been living and working in America, continuing to paint both outdoors and in the studio. These days, Dmote resides in New York, but frequently travels the globe as part of RVCA’s Artist Network Program working to expand the program and source new talent.

With the opening of RVCA’s two new project galleries in Melbourne and Sydney, he is finally keen to exhibit new paintings alongside the insanely talented sign painters Will Lynes & Nathan Pickering of Lynes & Co The exhibition opens March 6th in Melbourne at the Corner Gallery in Collingwood before touring to Sydney to open at the Downstairs Gallery in Paddington on March 27th.

Note: A conversation with Will & Nathan, plus previews of their work will be online in the next few days.

Video: Mirayuna x Incu sign painting

Everyone should know by now that we love sign painting, so it’s always nice to hear of a new business popping up to revive the lost art form. Mira Yuna is just that. Two people with a passion for type and hand painted decoration. Check out this nice video Paste Studios put together recently in Mira Yuna painting the outside of the Incu store in Sydney. Or for more, go visit their website.

Opening: French ‘Means to and end’ solo show at China Heights – Sydney

UK artist French is back in Sydney for his next solo show titled ‘Means the an end’ at China Heights Gallery, Surry Hills this Friday night.

Known all over the world for his black and white, heavy metal inspired illustrations AND his recently popularized clothing label Death Rites, ‘Means to an end’ will no doubt be another stunning display of why he has a worldwide cult following. More details below.

‘Means to an end’ by French
Opening: Friday 21 February
China Heights Gallery


Photos: Garry Trinh ‘Don’t Forget Your Beginner Spirit’ at ACP

The last day of Garry Trinh’s exhibition, running as part of the Summer program at the Australian Centre of Photography. Featuring a poetic snapshot of Sydney and its surrounds. Garry is exceptional at capturing insightful moments of humour, observation and reflection.







For regular updates follow @garrytrinh for more information visit

Event: Carbon 2014 second announcement – Melbourne

CARBON announced the second addition of speakers to its line-up, officially welcoming Richard Kern (Photographer/Videographer), PrettyPuke (Photographer), Hardy Blechman (maharishi clothing, DPM: Disruptive Pattern Material) and Levi Ramsey (Ironlak) to the event. They join a stable of international cultural influencers that includes Patrick Martinez, Stephen Malbon, Mark McNairy, Brent Rollins, Paul Devro, and Mike O’Meally for the festival’s forums held at RMIT’s Storey Hall.

Find out more and buy tickets here.

‘Carbon Festival’2 day creative festival
Opening: 29-30 March 2014
RMIT Story Hall, Melbourne

Carbon Festival Melbourne

Carbon Festival Melbourne

Opening: ‘The Human Environment’ group show at The Glue Society Studios – Sydney

Clothing label Sark Studio will hold a unique exhibition and auction to raise funds for the Climate Council. ‘The Human Environment’ will comprise a photograph by each of twenty renowned artists from different creative disciplines including photographers, musicians, artists, designers, cinematographers and architects.

Curated by the team at The Glue Society, the exhibition will include works by Tamara Dean, Paul Blackmore, Ingvar Kenne, Derek Henderson, Chris Bosse, Chris Round, Toby Burrows, Andreas Smetana, Paul McDermott, Anne Ferran, Luke Steele, Victoria Alexander, Val Garland, Richard Bullock, Ari Wegner, Richard Allan, Lorin Askill & Anna Pogossova.

‘The Human Environment’ group show
Opening: Tuesday, 18 February
The Glue Society Studios

The Human Environment
Ian Iveson

The Human Environment
Ingvar Kenne

The Human Environment
Tamara Dean

The Human Environment

Sneak peek: ‘Re Release’ group show at The Tate – Sydney

Curated by The Tate Gallery, Sydney, ‘Re-Release’ is a group show of artwork on or built from found objects featuring NUMSKULL, BAFCAT, DAVID CRAGG, CALEB REID, SID TAPIA, C.CRACKER, LUSCHIA PORTER, KYLE MONTGOMERY, ANIA GAREEVA, MARTY ROUTLEDGE, AEDAN LEE, CHRIS LOUTFY, SLIKOR, ANGUS PLATE, FURRY LITTLE PEACH, MADELEINE PFULL. For more info, visit the facebook page here.

‘Re-Release’ group show
Opening: Wednesday 12 February
The Tate, Sydney

We stopped by the gallery to preview a few of the artworks. Click below for the full set.

Re Release

Re Release

Re Release

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Reading: Mark Alsweiler ‘The Idea Farm’

In conjunction with the recent Higherground exhibition at Kinokuniya Books, Mark has released a limited run of zines. ‘The Idea Farm’ captures the preliminary workings of his unique paintings and sculptures featuring a raw mixture of photos and sketches. Fertiliser for the mind.

Mark Alsweiler has also recently been accepted into the prestigious RVCA Artist Network Program, below is a clip exploring his motivation and process late last year.

For more information visit: