TWO ONE from Michael Danischewski on Vimeo.

With the introduction of Perspex and fluorescent light in this series, TWOONE has again discovered a new process by which to define his subjects. His treatment of paint on the Perspex surface is in stark contrast to that on his canvases. Working in reverse, TWOONE builds up the paint before pushing, pulling and wiping it away to reveal the image. It has required him to be more physically instinctive and responsive than ever before. It has also left a lot to chance, particularly the tonal range left by a smudge or a scrape that could never be completely controlled and is only revealed in full under the fluorescent lighting. As they glow beyond the outer edges of the frame, these paintings appear to not only to mimic an x-ray in their skeletal framework, but to again fortify the ties to sun gods of light and warmth as radiating beings.

Be it through his large-scale wall works, his deftly crafted ceramic busts or his prolific painting practice, TWOONE’s distinctive take on humanity and the animal kingdom is profound. It is conceivable that TWOONE is intentionally recording these figures as creatures to be worshipped, much like the deities of ancient civilisations. It is also possible that these works are in fact a subconscious, spiritual belief played out through his art practice. Whatever the case may be, TWOONE is an artist resisting categorisation.

More details via www.backwoodsgallery.com

Opens The 10th of October 6-10  at BACKWOODS GALLERY

Outside: Numskull ‘Here, Now’ mural for Art & About – Sydney

Sydney based artist Numskull recently took part in the Art & About festival in the city, transforming a boring wall with his trademark style and bold messaging.

It’s a great thing to see the city embracing public murals on this scale. We hope to see more in the future!

See the Art & About website for all the details and more info on the other activities and events. Find out more about Numskull here.

Numskull Art and About Sydney

Numskull Art and About Sydney

Numskull Art and About Sydney

Numskull Art and About Sydney

On the outside with @nemans

Here’s the latest round up of recent walls and laneways in Sydney. Today’s gallery of photo’s include Phibs, Amok Island, SG1, Monsteryandme, Nico, Spacemonkey, Retro, Will Coles, Zap and more. Click below for more photos. 
, I Love the Inner West, www.innerwestlifestyle.com.authe_opening_hours (1)the_opening_hours (2)the_opening_hours (3)the_opening_hours (4)


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Opening: Project 5 launch night – Sydney

Featuring the work of celebrated contemporary Australian and New Zealand street artists Askew One, Kyle Hughes-Odgers, Alex Lehours and 23rd Key, Project Five Volume Six will transform Darling Quarter’s Village Green into a free open air studio as the artists paint before a live audience. The live painting weekend launches on Friday 26 September from 6-9pm and continues on Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 from 12-3pm. The opening night is complimented by the electronic musical ambience created by Sydney-based artist EARS, with DJ Ray Ray behind the decks over the weekend.

Project 5 opening night featuring Askew, Kyle-Hughes Odgers, Alex Lehours and 23rdKey
Where: The Darling Quarter
Opening Hours: Friday 26 Sep, 6-9pm

Project 5

Opening: Trent Whitehead ‘If Not Now, When’ at M.M.P.G – Sydney

A much anticipated return of Trent Whitehead, one of our favourite artists.

After his last show in Sydney, which happened to be a sellout exhibition at Monster Children Gallery (RIP) in 2010, the then Sydney based artist moved out of town with his family to progress on other things and develop his ideas. After four years, he’s finally bringing a whole new body of work to the table, which from what we’ve seen, is ground breakingly amazing.

If you’re in Sydney this week, don’t miss out on the opening or the exhibition as a whole. The show also doubles a the first of more to come, at the new Mild Manners space in the very centre of Surry Hills, M.M.P.G.

For more details, check out this great interview over at Monster Children.

‘If Not Now, When’ new work by Trent Whitehead
Where: M.M.P.G – Level 1, 499 Crown Street
Opening Hours: Thursday 25th Sep / 6 – 8pm

Trent Whitehead

Trent Whitehead

Trent Whitehead

Trent Whitehead

Trent Whitehead

On the outside with @nemans

Here’s the latest round up of recent walls and laneways in Sydney. Today’s gallery of photo’s include Phibs, Elph, Apeseven, Spacemonkey, Tiger, Alex Lehours, Lister, Sid Tapia and more. Click below for more photos. 
, I Love the Inner West, www.innerwestlifestyle.com.au

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A Study Of Hair at Backwoods Gallery

This September, Backwoods Gallery is proud to present A Study of Hair, the third installment in what is to be a decade-long project. A Study of… is a series of group exhibitions in which local and international artists are invited to present a contemporary interpretation of a motif drawn from art history.

The 2012 and 2013 exhibitions focused on two of the most important vectors of emotional communication: hands and eyes. This year’s theme, hair, is the most challenging of the series so far, and promises to generate an even more diverse range of interpretations. It is perhaps because hair is one of the most visible signs of our animal nature that it has become one of the primary ways in which we express our desire for artifice.

Hair frames the face, and whether it is used to distinguish or to disguise its function is never neutral. No other part of the body is manipulated in as wide a range of ways or subjected to the same degree of public scrutiny. In the history of art, hair is one of the clearest indications of the evolution of human culture from one decade to the next, and one of the key ways in which artists identify the social identity of their subject.

This year’s artists will include C215, Dave Kinsey, Faith47, Inkie, Jonathan Guthmann, Mark Bode, Merda, Miso, ROA, Stephen Ives, Shohei Otomo, TwoOne, Usugrow, Yusk Imai and Alexander Mitchell.

In its completed form, the A Study Of… project will document over 350 artworks from all corners of the globe. The curator’s intent is to create an historical source with enough breadth to contextualize a generation of artists, many of whom work primarily outside the framework of established institutions. Whilst Mitchell wishes to leave the thematic path of the project open to evolution, he has indicated that the series will include studies of human anatomy, color, and movement.

A STUDY OF HAIR opens on Friday the 26th of September and is on display until Sunday the 5th of October. Admission is free.

Backwoods Gallery.
25 Easey Street, Collingwood, Victoria, Australia.

A Study Of Hair preview from Alexander Mitchell


A Study Of Hair preview from Faith47


A Study Of Hair preview from Mark Bode


A Study Of Hair preview from ROA


A Study Of Hair preview from TWOONE


A Study Of Hair preview from Yusk Imai


Exhibition : Across the Top : MARCUS DIXON

A new exhibition and first solo show from Newcastle native Marcus Dixon. The show is an illustrative exploration into the untold story of the true characters and creatures of Australia.

Previously having completed projects with Slam Magazine, Passport, Converse and Grand scheme and a member of the 615 collective. Marcus has been carving his unique style into what promises to be a stellar solo show.

Opens Tomorrow  ( Wednesday night) from 6-9pm   10-9-2014

At The Tate Gallery,

345 Glebe Point Road, Glebe, New South Wales 2037