The Heavy Collective Kick Starter

Our friends over at the Heavy Collective are trying to drum up some dollar bills to keep the good work they’ve been doing moving forward. Jump on board!

The Heavy Collective are extremely excited to announce the launch of our long overdue Kickstarter.  We have been on the hard road with Tumblr for the longest time and are in desperate need of a real deal website. It’s been four years and we would like to say we’ve made a dent; exhibiting, publishing, interviewing and sharing inspiring and important work from photographers both here and abroad, but Tumblr has made it feel like dragging a rock uphill.

This year we are rolling out some pure gems online and off and we need a real website to make it happen. We are proud to make public the release of Heavy Vol. 1. An annual publication featuring some of the big hitters we have had the privilege of showcasing these past four years. Expanding on this, our new digs will allow us to publish a quarterly, assembling all of the submissions that land in our inbox and flickr pool that we think deserves a tasty spotlight. Lastly, Collaborate! We’ve been dying to do this in a strong and meaningful way, a new site finally gives us room do do it. A real collective with real stories, fostering a firm international community, linking you to what’s happening with photography world wide.

Help us move into our new home – Donation and video link here –

(image by – Zhang Xiao)

Opening: Kingbrown Issue 10 Perth Launch

The brand new issue of Kingbrown Mag launches next week in Perth – back where it all began – with this monster show at FORM Gallery.

Put together with Issue 10 co-curators Black Canyon (Sean Morris and Tom Groves) the launch features 60 artists from 11 countries, working on brown paper and painted denim vests.

If you’re lucky enough to be in Perth, get down from 6-8pm on March 4 to grab a copy of the new issue and some free beers from the good dudes at Feral Brewing. Should be a fun one! KB_issue10_PerthFORM 640


Video: Fintan Magee – Man Bites Dog

Today the internet reveals Fintan Magee’s powerful new statement installation artwork and video titled ‘Man Bites Dog’ as an addition to ‘PROTEST’, a group exhibition opening at M16 Art Space in Canberra on Thursday 26 March 2015.

Originally created in an abandoned warehouse in Sydney’s Alexandria, Magee painted a large scale portrait of a man clutching a dog, very traditional to his larger than life, realistic mural style.

As he explains in detail in this video, the mural is symbolic for the relationship between the media mogul and the news consumer as well as the perception of lower level workers such as journalists being ‘lapdogs’. Magee also intelligently ties in the title and underlining statement of his mural from John B. Bogart’s historical aphorism in journalism, “When a dog bites a man that is not news, because it happens so often. But if a man bites a dog, that is news.”

In front of the mural stands a life size figure of a man that ceremoniously burns out as its body, made from copies of The Daily Telegraph newspaper become alight with flames. This bold and prevailing statement expresses Magee’s clear protest to the slander and smear of right wing media.

“Although ‘Man Bites Dog’ is a protest piece against the bias that exists amongst the broader Australian media landscape, I wanted to use the Rupurt Murdoch owned newspaper, The Daily Telegraph, as a core component of the artwork as I view this publication as emblematic of the issue,” said Mr Magee.

Source: and @fintan_magee

Event: Breeder, Frank and Mimi, Stay Bold, Ironlak – Brisbane

In the lead-up to this year’s Analogue Digital, a number of free side-events have been announced to spark your AD anticipation and creative interest.

Boasting a panel of prime creative talent, the first event of the series will be a creative Apple Talk in Brisbane featuring words of wisdom from Joyce Ho (Breeder), Luke Shirlaw (Ironlak), Milan Chagoury (Stay Bold) and Brisbane’s own sign-painting sweethearts, Emily Devers and Rick Hayward (Frank and Mimi) – pictured.

Each creative will discuss their journeys to becoming leaders of the local creative community. An excellent event for anyone looking to again advice and valuable industry insight without fronting the hefty price tag.

When: 24 February, 5:00pm / Where: Apple Store Brisbane (Macarthur Chambers) / RSVP:

Opening: ‘Until Next Time…” final show at The Tate Gallery – Sydney

We were deeply saddened by the news of The Tate Gallery’s closing…

It’s been a gallery close to our hearts, and a space that in it’s time, has hosted an incredible mix of both world renown artists, and young emerging artists. All without rent or commission. Something which is so unique in the art world.

We’re excited to be helping The Tate Gallery team with one last show. So we’ve gathered as many available artists on short notice as possible to curate one last group show.

‘Until Next Time…’ group show
Where: The Tate Gallery, Glebe
Opening Hours: Wednesday 4th March, 6pm onwards

Until Next Time

Video: Sofles graffiti mapped wall for White Night – Melbourne

On Saturday the 21st of February, Sofles – Graffiti Mapped premiered at Melbourne’s largest cultural festival, White Night Melbourne. Attended by over 500,000 people and running from 7pm – 7am, the festival takes over Melbourne’s CBD for a one night only artistic extravaganza.

Many months in the making, Sofles – Graffiti Mapped is an innovative step forward for the world of graffiti and technology. Sofles – Graffiti Mapped explores the intrinsic connection between graffiti, street art and technology through a combination of 3D video mapping, traditional street art and graffiti techniques and motion design.

Video Shot/Cut: Selina Miles.
Photo credit : Selina Miles
Mural by Sofles
Motion Design by Grant Osborne
Soundtrack by Opiuo
Creative Director – Shaun Hossack






On the outside with @nemans

Here’s the latest round up of recent walls and laneways in Sydney. Today’s gallery of photo’s include Fintan Magee, Suchis, Makatron, Nico, Sare2 Lister, Jumbo, Skulk, Pudl, Elph, Hinder, Derek James Carker, Zap and more. Click below for more photos. 
@nemans, I Love the Inner West, (29)the_opening_hours (20)the_opening_hours (40)the_opening_hours (37)

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Opening: Madeleine Pfull “Suburbia” at Corner Cooperative – Sydney

‘Suburbia’ is a solo exhibition by Madeleine Pfull, exploring the characters and social structure of middle class Australian neighbourhoods. It is a social critique and light satire of the everyday situations in ‘the burbs’.

Pfull uses recurring motifs such as BONDS underwear and golden couples of insurance advertisements to emphasise the juxtaposition between ‘living the dream’ and the Australian cultural cringe. ‘Surburbia’ has therefore become a motif in itself, both dreaded and dreamed of; desirable, achievable, or inevitable.

Madeleine Pfull is a Sydney based artist, currently studying at Sydney College of the Arts. She paints using traditional methods, with oil paint as her medium. Pfull’s work explores the human psyche and foibles, most particularly of a social demographic that she has a personal connection to.

‘Suburbia’ by Madeleine Pfull
Where: Corner Cooperative, Sydney
Opening Hours: Thursday 12 Feb, 6-8pm

Madeleine Pfull

Madeleine Pfull

Madeleine Pfull

Madeleine Pfull

Madeleine Pfull

Madeleine Pfull

Steve Tierney at kind of — gallery

Opening 6 – 9pm Wednesday 18th February, 2015
Runs 18th February to 28th February, 2015

Sydney artist Steve Tierney creates floating landscapes where figures interact amongst faces and words, dissected by buildings, machinery and everyday objects in a collage of images cut and pasted from magazines and advertising of the 50’s and 60’s.

The use of a distinct cloud shape has become a repetitive feature and appears in most of his work, helping to place the juxtaposed shapes, faces and figures into a world they can live.

Most of the works featured in his up-coming solo exhibition ‘Between’ were created while Tierney was living in Oaxaca, southern Mexico during 2014 and continue from a small series he produced for exhibition there titled ‘Máscaras’. A personal look at identity and self, presented through mixed media collages of abstract faces and scenes of distorted profiles and people.

This new body of work takes the theme of identity further, focusing on examples of human behaviour and social interactions around gender roles and stereotypes of the past and of today. Always keeping an ironic and tongue-in-cheek view of the world in front of him.

Steve Tierney is an Australian mixed media artist working primarily in the technique of collage. He has held solo and group exhibitions of his art and paintings in Australia, Tokyo, Cambodia and México.

For more information on the artist and to see his previous work please visit:

01. Let_Me_In_640px 02. Machine_Wins_900px 03. Natural_640px