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8 Fashion Clothing Tips & Tricks Every Girl Should Know

Girls are quite fashion conscious and want everything to be perfectly placed. They even go on the internet to pick the best clothing tip or trick which can further enhance their style statement. To keep going with the fashion, they try a lot of things which sometimes suits them sometimes not. The best way to be with the flow is to carry out outfits in a simple yet in a classic style. Few tips are shared below, in order to maintain an attitude towards fashion garments. Simple garment can also be worn in a classic style.

Tucking Jeans into Boots : A lot of girls face a problem in tucking jeans into the boots and it creates a problem while zipping down the boot. This problem has a very easy solution. Fold the extra hem line backward and then twist it small and wear socks over it and then wear boots over it. It will help in avoiding the bulge created by the jeans. The boot will be straight fitted giving a defined look to the wearer’s legs.

Half the Frump by Doubling Layers : A lot of dresses require a double layer so that all the frumpy stuff gets hidden. Therefore, if one is wearing a shirt and a sweater, then in between she can definitely wear a tank top so that the shirt pockets or other various design elements of the shirt is not highlighted once the sweater is worn over it. Therefore, these kinds of dresses or outfits require double layering to avoid frump stuff.

Stretching Jeans to Fit : When a girl is gaining weight and jeans become tight from the waist, and if it’s one of the all-time favorite ones. Then, few measures or tips are there to get the same rectified. Stretching the jeans lengthwise is a good option of making it more stretchable and that can again be fit in even if some pounds are gained. The stretched jeans look very beautiful as it gives a fitted look and it also hides some of the outward bulges.

Choosing Necklaces for Necklines : Some girls have beautiful necks, which they flaunt by wearing beautiful necklaces or chokers, etc. suiting their necklines. But these necklaces also suits well if worn on the right or suited neckline. Collar bones also play a very important role in selecting a proper necklace. These things should be taken care of. And a right type of necklace should be selected which can further enhance the neckline.

Tights Under Ripped Jeans : Tights should be worn when any ripped jean is worn as it gives stability to the delicate jeans; otherwise sometimes it becomes a fashion disaster if it is ripped from quite high. So wearing tights are the best solution for this problem. If the ripped area is net laced, then probably a solid colour tights can improve the look of lace and would come beautiful and highlighted.

Correct Scarf Draping : Scarves are draped in a number of styles, and it changes the whole look of the outfit. It is the best way to show or hide areas that one wants to. But correct draping of the scarf is very important. As it not only shows one’s attitude, but it also show how well one has carried the outfit teamed up with a scarf. Scarf can even be draped in a top style with some inset covering the back body part. Different draping styles give a different look.

Cinch Away Shapeless : A straight silhouette can be changed into a number of silhouettes with just one cinch. A sleek leather belt can be worn at the waist, giving a delicate look to the waist or may be a change in a drape style can break the harmony of the garment.

Salvaging Old and Gold Shoes : Everyone has a special pair of footwear which she wants to keep in the shoe rack always. So these shoes can be salvaged by dropping some nail paint of similar colour and hiding the torn part.

These are some fashions tips and tricks that every girl can take care of keeping the favorites always in racks. Lots of other tutorials are also available which helps or rescue one from different problems.