Photos: Christchurch, New Zealand

I was recently in Christchurch NZ for a couple of weeks for the Rise Festival and really wanted to share all these photos of my experience there. Big thanks to George and Shannon at Oi You! for inviting me over there, and to all the artists and people I met and hung out with while over there including Askew, Vans The Omega, Sofles, Ghostie, Eno, BMD, Kid Zoom, Daek, Rone, Paulie, Wongi, Berst, Luke Shirlaw, Selina Miles and many more. Christchurch is a destroyed city bursting with enthusiasm and new beginnings, I was really stoked to be over there contributing to the city with my work alongside some other super talented artists. Here is a whole bunch of photos I took which will give you all an understanding of whats happening over there. Stay tuned for a separate post of images from the actual Rise exhibition.



Beastman & Vans The Omega





Vans The Omega

Berst TMD


Jacob Yikes


Elliot Francis Stewart



Stay tuned for some images of the Rise exhibition now showing at Canterbury Museum in Christchurch… and happy holidays everyone!

Video: Beastman X Element

I recently teamed up with Element with the intention of painting a store wall in Wollongong, NSW. Instead, it rained, then it rained and then rained some more… So we hired an 8 tonne truck, convinced a truck driver to move the thing, and we painted the inside. Film maker David Child was there to create this piece documenting the day.

Also look out for some more Beastman X Element collaborations coming in the near future.

Work In Progress – Hong Kong

Last week we (Rone, Meggs & Beastman) travelled to Hong Kong to take part in the ‘Work in Progress’ art project in Taikoo Place, Island East, HK.

Hitting the ground running the three of us had 48 hours to complete a large wall mural/installation each, dine in HK style, drink beers and pose for photos in the lead up to Friday night’s launch party – which attracted more than 1,400 people, a lot of vodka drinking and some impromptu crowd bombing/building trashing! Thanks to May, Lauren, Swire, Cyrcle, Spencer, all the artists, all the Dougs and all the local crew who made this whirlwind, sensory overload trip a lot of fun!

Curated by Hong Kong gallery Above Second, ‘Work in Progress’ is a three-week exhibition which transforms the loading bay and entire 13th floor of a now defunct office space into one of the biggest street art exhibitions ever to be presented in Asia, which aims to change the perspective of individuals about the artistic credibility of street art. Featuring artists from around the world (USA, Australia, Portugal, France, England, & Denmark) including Beastman, Cyrcle, Meggs, RONE, VHILS, Victor Ash & Cannonball Press. As well as local artists Xeme, Mark Goss, 4Get, Pantone C, Parent’s Parents and Peter Yuill, brought together by Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation (YAF).

More images and information about Work In Progress can be found here –

Thomas Campbell – Work In Progress

In December of 2012, Thomas Campbell collaborated with the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History on ‘Work in Progress’, a project intended to pull back the curtain on the creative process he uses in his artwork. For eleven weeks, museum visitors could watch as Thomas invented, deconstructed, and reimagined a landscape of mythic characters and stories. The result is his most ambitious work to date: a 75-foot-long three-dimensional mural in the museum’s main gallery.

In addition to a large-scale three-dimensional mural, Thomas produced a new sculpture, ‘Seque’, and documented its transformation from assemblage to rubber mold to wax model to bronze. This video showcases the complex lost wax technique by which Thomas and collaborating bronze master Sean Monaghan created the finished sculpture.