Studio Visit: Daniel O’Toole, Higherground Studio – Sydney

Daniel O’Toole (formerly known as EARS) was born in 1984 and lives and works in Sydney Australia. His multi-diciplinary work can at times encompass painting, sound, video, sculpture and photography. The combination of this experimental studio practice and a dedication to public works has led to significant nationwide recognition.

Most recently he’s been working on a variety of experiments; harnessing the effects of textured/semi-transparent panels between the camera and subject. Sheets of glass, colour filters and assorted debris litter the studio and are often strung up, swaying across the room.

These constructions are applied to a number of photographic and video formats, most powerfully through Polaroid.

The extent of these experiments affect on his most recent body of work (‘Polaroid Painting’ to be held at China Heights Gallery.) is intriguing and hints at exciting future possibilities.

On top of all this a video clip has just been released for his latest album  ‘Porcelain giants’ that will be out on the 10th April. Dan says ‘The Idea behind the video was to give people an insight into how the music is made and  bring a human connection to some very foreign sounds.’

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Photos: Tonee Messiah “Sorrow’s Breakfast” at Gallery 9 – Sydney

Sorrow’s Breakfast presents a new visual language that layers tension and equilibrium on the painted surface. Messiah’s works show a harmonious but not exclusively complimentary spectrum of colour and with unpredictable representational and abstract forms she blends background to foreground shifting focus to the opposing corners of the picture plane.

‘Sorrow’s Breakfast’ by Tonee Messiah

12 Mar – 5 Apr 2014

Wed-Sat :  11am-6pm

Mon-Tue by appointment

9 Darley St, Darlinghurst
Sydney NSW 2010

Words courtesy of Gallery 9.

Photos: Garry Trinh ‘Don’t Forget Your Beginner Spirit’ at ACP

The last day of Garry Trinh’s exhibition, running as part of the Summer program at the Australian Centre of Photography. Featuring a poetic snapshot of Sydney and its surrounds. Garry is exceptional at capturing insightful moments of humour, observation and reflection.







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Reading: Mark Alsweiler ‘The Idea Farm’

In conjunction with the recent Higherground exhibition at Kinokuniya Books, Mark has released a limited run of zines. ‘The Idea Farm’ captures the preliminary workings of his unique paintings and sculptures featuring a raw mixture of photos and sketches. Fertiliser for the mind.

Mark Alsweiler has also recently been accepted into the prestigious RVCA Artist Network Program, below is a clip exploring his motivation and process late last year.

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