Sneak Peek: Madeleine Pfull & William Meadley ‘Your Ego’ The Tate, Sydney

Young Sydney artists Madeleine Pfull and William Meadley are teaming up to present their first solo exhibition, ‘Your Ego.’ In their own words the show is an exploration of the “strange and stupid behaviour that our egos manipulate us into doing in different social situations.” Their combined talents and massive body of work shapes up to create an extremely exciting show – a definite indication of the huge potential of these up and coming artists. Opening night is Wednesday 2nd April from 6-9pm.
The exhibition continues 12-5pm daily from Thursday 20th March – Sunday 23rd March. Saturday & Sunday open 12-4pm.

Check out more event info here.

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Photos – ‘Full Serve’ at RVCA Downstairs Gallery

After a hugely successful showing in Melbourne, RVCA Downstairs Gallery in Paddington gave Sydneysiders a chance to see ‘Full Serve’ a collaborative show by New York based legend DMOTE and Australian based mavericks, Will Lynes and Nathan Pickering. Gloriously matching the iconic work of DMOTE with the insane talents of the boys behind the sign writing behemoth that is Lynes & Co – this show is not to be missed.
Hanging around till late April – make sure you get down to check it out.

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Opening: Cam Scale ‘Iron Oxied’ – The Tate, Sydney

Melbourne based artist, Cam Scale, bring his meticulous blend of paint artistry to the Tate gallery for his solo show, ‘Iron Oxied.’ In the artists’ own words, the show explores “the elements around us, our human interaction with nature and existence within the universe.” Get down to the opening tonight from 6pm – the show runs 12-5pm daily from Thursday 20th March – Sunday 23rd March.

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Sneak Peek: Takie x Syke “NEW TOWN BEAT” – The Tate – Sydney

Tonight Syke and I open our new collaborative show at The Tate gallery in Sydney. In the midst of last minute prep, curating and hanging yesterday I ran around and took a few snaps to offer a little taster of what’s install.

In addition to large collaborative works on mounted wood and paper, Syke and I have completed a bunch of solo work, comprising sculpture, works on wood and paper. We have also assembled a super special, 50 page, limited edition book – to get your hands on one – get in there quick!

“NEW TOWN BEAT” opens tonight – 7th August from 6pm – more details here.

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Meet me in the Middle – New work by Cat Rabbit, Noir & Seven Seas at the Tate

Some of Melbournes’ best loved creatives brought their wares to Sydney this week for a group show of new and collaborative pieces at the Tate. Cat Rabbit, Noir and Seven Seas made up the trifecta with a abundant array of paintings, prints, sculptures, wood carvings, plush toys, needlework and more. This is one of those shows that is insanely easy to photograph, but really hard to cull, hence the 40 images after the jump! The level of detailing and finishing on each piece is extraordinary, you can truly gaze for hours at the collection of works and find something new, some little hidden face or pattern or detail you didn’t see before. I can not speak highly enough of these three and their work, if you are in Sydney you really do have to come down and see it for yourself! The show runs till Sunday, gallery is open 12-6pm.

Click below for the full set of photos…

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Sign Language at Lower-Fi

Lower-Fi went out with a bang! A group exhibition showcasing some utterly delicious sign painting skills brought to you by some of the best in the biz. The talent was broad and the executions superb thanks to Edward Woodley, Dave Frey, Chow Cracker, Roachi, Gary MSK, Gemma O’Brien, Kaone, Lance Corlett, Numskull and Will Lynes.

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4 Letter Word at Lower-Fi

After four incredible shows, the pop up gallery, Lower-Fi, has now closed its doors. The second last exhibition, taking over the Little Bourke Street space, was a group show comprising four of Australia’s most exciting contemporary artists; Fintan Magee, Scott Marsh, Guido Van Helten and Sofles. Each artist completed a large scale piece, that formed one side of a cube, which consumed the majority of the space. These individually highlighted each artists’ distinctive creative energy and insanely talented styles. Smaller works adorned the walls with vibrancy and colour at every turn.

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‘HALF/TIME’ Will Cooke at The Tate

Much loved Tate resident, Will Cooke, presented his first solo show at The Tate Gallery this week, titled ‘HALF/TIME.’ 12 abstract paintings adorned the gallery wall, each piece a reaction against a series of 12 photos taken by the artist over a six hour period. The angular, striking pieces hark back to the artist’s interest in Gerhard Richters photo paintings. Using aerosol and acrylic on wood, the works confidently covered small to large scale pieces, with a purposeful display of bold colour ways. The show runs till Sunday 25th of November, get down!

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‘It’s a myth that hyenas don’t hurt’ Joel Dickens at Lower-Fi

The second installment at Lower-Fi this week provided space for Joel Dickens to show his beautiful, energetic abstract paintings. The work on show comprised a selection of pieces he has created over the last 35 weeks, with Joel creating one piece each week for a continuous stretch of 52 weeks. Also on show was the large scale painting for this weeks entry, a huge black length of canvas dominated by a ferocious pink mark that commanded attention.

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Colab Eyewear: Art vs Eyewear at Lower-Fi

The latest venture from the people who bring you the Lo-Fi Collective and The Tate present a new weekly offering, spanning a 4 week pop up gallery called Lower-Fi. First up Colab Eyewear showcased their collaborations with Australian and international artists, displaying original works and the glasses the artists helped create. The cast of talented individuals included Geoff Mc Fetridge, Eboy, Ears, Anthony Lister, Dmote and Mike Perry.

Looking forward to this weeks offering from Joel Dickens, ‘It’s a myth that hyenas don’t hurt’ opening tonight at 6pm, see you there!


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