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Easy Lifestyle Changes That’ll Make You Feel Instantly Better

As posted below, TOH contributors Roach, Numskull and Joel Birch were recently in Brisbane for the “It Ain’t Dead” type show with Mild Manners. As a part of the exhibition, the three type based artists painted a large scale mural just off James Street, Brisbane. James Street is one of the most well known lifestyle hubs in the city. So, to celebrate their work we’ve put together some lifestyle changes you can make to improve yourself and your surroundings – Just like the boys did with their art.

Lifestyle related diseases are gradually becoming menace for the global populace. But there are solutions to such problems. There are some easy lifestyle changes that can be made to feel instantly better. Primarily, inclusion of a regular exercise regime can be a good start. Getting into the habit of exercising not only makes an individual feel physically fit but psychologically fit as well. Exercises not only help one in reducing weight but they also help in toning the muscles. Exercises prevent excessive weight gain by forcing one to burn calories. The more intense the exercise the greater is the scope of burning calories and stay fit. Exercise can keep at bay undue ailments like obesity and resulting diabetes. It is a fact that following a regular exercise regime can boost high-density lipoprotein (HDL), and alleviates the levels of unhealthy triglycerides. It must be noted that by infusing an exercise regime in your daily life you can help your blood flow smoothly and you can refrain from the risk of growing cardiovascular diseases. It is a fact that regular exercise can prevent or manage an array of diseases like type 2 diabetes, depression, different types of cancer, arthritis, and so on. If you change your sedentary lifestyle into a mobile one ingrained with regular exercise then it can help you to sustain a good mood all the time. Exercise triggers the release of certain brain chemicals and hormones which keeps a person happy and positive. Also, exercise delivers oxygen and nutrients to one’s tissue making his/her cardiovascular system healthy and strong.

Another lifestyle change that can benefit you is to increase your water intake. A dehydrated individual is more prone to ailments than a hydrated one. There are many individuals who are in a habit of consuming less water than what is actually needed. Such a habit can be dangerous for the health. The kind of lifestyle devoid of proper hydration is a poor one and hence, one has to change such lifestyle into a one which maintains hydration. Intake of proper amount of water is essential for one’s health. Water helps transport nutrients to provide energy that is needed to keep one healthy. A dehydrated person often feels tired and can have frequent muscle cramps, dizziness, etc. So it is always a good idea to keep oneself hydrated and make this a habit and a part of the overall lifestyle. Moreover, quitting the habit of smoking and limiting the intake of alcohol must also be considered important lifestyle changes that would lead to a healthier life. Smoking is thoroughly injurious to health and it is constituted of elements that are carcinogenic. Smoking not only makes a person prone to cancer of different kind but it also makes a person prone to developing cardiovascular diseases. Furthermore, smoking can cause kidney damage and can also usher hypertension in one’s life. Also, limiting the intake of alcohol is equally important. Alcohol is also injurious to health and hence, it is better to limit its intake to give your life a healthy shape.

Effects Of a Healthy Lifestyle

Last week, a wall that Teazer, Numskull and Roach had painted in Camperdown, was painted over by someone (owners, real estate agents, council….?) without the artists knowing. This was the response from an unknown person. It made our day. We’re not sure which one we like best…

A Healthy lifestyle is sure to have positive effects. If you have persistence and dedication then you can definitely enjoy a healthy lifestyle by making a habit of maintaining it. A healthy lifestyle not only makes you less prone to diseases and ailments but also makes you fit and fine. A healthy lifestyle is accompanied by a healthy diet. Healthy diet keeps you much healthier and it makes you capable for combating ailments. Healthy life style greatly enhances your immune system and whenever you have enhanced immunity you are able to keep diseases at bay. A healthy lifestyle not only makes you less prone to diseases having a good immune system but it also elongates your lifeline. Healthy lifestyle rejuvenates your body and overall health and this makes it easier for you to live happily for long. A study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed the fact that practicing healthy lifestyle alleviates the risk of premature death by almost 66 percent and it helps an individual to refrain from being victim of terminal diseases like cancer.

Healthy lifestyle accompanied by healthy food habit can help you avoid cardiovascular diseases of any form. Limiting alcohol consumption, stopping smoking, improving nutrition and involving in regular exercise regime all are important to practice a healthy lifestyle. And all such factors help an individual to lead a disease free and healthy life. Healthy lifestyle builds up energy, strengthens your body and elevates your endurance level. Physical exercise is an imperative for leading a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise makes your body fit and fine, your muscles tones and it paves the way for the circulation of oxygen smoothly within your body. Healthy lifestyle increases your energy level and makes you capable of doing more work more efficiently and more energetically.

Furthermore, you have to infuse in your healthy lifestyle the practice of keeping your body always hydrated. Intake of water is essential to keep yourself feet. Hydrated body is healthier body. Moreover, healthy lifestyle contributes to the building of a good mood. When your mood is good your psychology is balanced. Healthy lifestyle requires physical exercise and physical activities triggers the release of brain chemicals that makes you happy and feel relaxed. Such emotional boost can improve self confidence and this in turn can pave the way for your social and professional success. Moreover, the mood enhancing chemicals released by the brain through physical activity lessen the amount of stress and help you to cope with stressful situations more easily. Healthy lifestyle demands for limiting alcohol consumption. The lesser you consume alcohol the better the brain would function. Consumption of alcohol slows down the brain’s activity triggering depression and aggression, and hence, a healthy lifestyle can help you refrain from consuming unlimited alcohol and this in turn helps your lead a happy life. Also, it must be noted that a healthy lifestyle makes you look more youthful and it goes beyond weight loss. Staying hydrated and getting adequate sleep makes your face look brighter and healthier, and all these are results of following a healthy lifestyle.