Thomas Jackson – Live video stream from Project Ugly (TODAY ONLY)

We are excited to announce a one of a kind event that we are hosting in collaboration with our friends at
Tilt Vision.

Project Ugly is an ongoing outdoor art project that rotates every 2 months, in Annandale, Sydney. Each artist is given a billboard sized canvas to work on, creating and painting whatever they like. Project Ugly is a collaboration between The Hours and Look Print, friends of the family and great supporters of the arts.

What’s different about today is… wherever you are in the world, you can tune in to our website and watch the whole thing go down. We will be streaming Thomas Jackson painting the billboard live in Sydney from 11am – 5pm (Eastern Standard Time, Australia). YEP! So, if you’re bored at work, or relaxing on the couch, click the link below to catch it all. The stream will be up from 11am until 5pm today (Eastern Standard Time, Australia)…

To view the live stream, please click this link:

The Hours