Opening: The Culprit Club ‘Opposing Offenders – Crimes Against Humanity’ launch Brisbane

the culprit club

New kids on the block, The Culprit Club, have teamed up with No Cure magazine and Stupid Krap to host a massive gallery launching exhibition titled – Opposing Offenders, Crimes Against Humanity.

Challenging the ideas of the outspoken majority, this exhibition reacts to the traditional projections of ‘crimes in society’ and responds to the demoralising acts of ‘Crimes Against Humanity’.

This HUGE line up showcases one, exclusive original artwork from 18 artists from around the country including:

Aeon Flys,  Alex Le Hours, Bafcat, Ekaer, Graham Hare, Irok, John Avanti, Kentaro Yoshida, Kiss/Ispy, Lauren Webster, Luke Henery, Lusid Art, Ohnoes, Ox King, Saul Attack, Soda Mouf, Unwell Bunny and 1337.

The Opposing Offenders exhibition will launch the official opening of The Culprit Club, Brisbane’s newest art gallery in Winn Lane, Fortitude Valley this Friday, July 15th at 6pm!

Event sponsors – Balter Brewing / Ironlak 

About The Culprit Club: Born from creative frustration, artistic adoration and a hollaback history of bad decisions, comes The Culprit Club, a pocket-sized gallery and retail store.

the culprit club opposing offenders

New Fintan Magee Mural in St Leonards

kind of — recently re-opened in St Leonards as a part of a new creative precinct headed up by Brand X and facilitated by development company Auswin TWT.

We helped arrange a new mural by Fintan Magee to be unveiled at the TWT Creative Precinct block party opening Thursday November 27th. We’ll be opening a new exhibition that night along side a range of different creative adventures. The night goes as follows:

To mark the official opening of the TWT Creative Precinct, the local and wider community is invited to the ‘TWT Creative Precinct Block Party’ on November 27 from 5:30pm-8:30pm – an event which will bring the once sleepy streets and laneways of St Leonards to life. 

Following the official mural unveiling at 6.15pm, the eight creative businesses within the precinct will open their doors to the public, inviting them into the creative process of the artists who now reside in St Leonards. The event will feature entertainment, food, dancing and artistic activities for the community to come along and enjoy. 

Activities taking place at the TWT Creative Precinct ‘Block Party’ on November 27 include: 

‘No lights, No Lycra’: Brand X rehearsal space, 60 Atchison Street
‘Black and White’: works by contemporary artists, Platform72, 62 Atchison Street
Live performances and karaoke: Bsidesound, 58 Atchison Street
‘Tubula Rose’ photography exhibition: The Photography Factory, 60 Atchison Street
Textile demonstrations and live music: Cre8tiv Studios, 27 Atchison Street
‘Small is beautiful’: exhibition, ME art space, 25 Atchison Street
‘On the easel’: an exhibition of visual artists of the TWT Creative Precinct, T1 Café
‘The Streets Are Talking’: new works by Alan Streets, kind of – gallery, 58 Atchison Street
Bicycle workshop, Cicli Spirito, 62 Atchison Street (rear entrance in Atchison Lane) 

The streets of St Leonards will also come alive with live music from Lolo the Gypsy Caravan and performances by local creative businesses, Tanya Pearson Classical Coaching Academy and The Jazz Workshop Australia. Local restaurant, The Moody Chef will be providing delicious catering on the night. 

It’s going to be great night and everyone is invited.
Just RSVP here:


Interview: 5Fingers

Following the interesting arrival of new abandoned art installation, The Opening Hours caught up with the mysterious pair behind the 5Fingers project. Adapting a ‘run by thieves, worn by vandals’ mentality, it seems this local label have a lot more to offer than just fine threads.

What is 5Fingers and how did the idea originate?
We were kicking back over a few drinks, having a rant over some clothing companies and how they plug the same shit just to earn a few dollars. 5Fingers was created not as a business idea, but as a way for us as artists to express our creative side and inject our art into wearable threads. 5Fingers is a clothing line, however as artists, we want to play around a bit and keep our hands on the street by creating innovative installations and art projects.

Give us a run down of this installation.
We just wanted to do something different. We’re so used to the usual street art medium of paper and painting on walls in a 2D form. So to try something new, we’ve thrown up a 3D installation. We used multiple layers of sticky tape to form the letter structure then strategically placed small LED lights to help bring the letters to life. We want to push graffiti down new paths.

Is it still on display at the abandoned mall?
Yeah, it’s still on display and we don’t plan on touching it. It will be interesting to see how it’s doing down the track. We encourage people it to have some sort of fun if they come across it. Change it up, do what ever you want with it.

Describe where you live.
In a government controlled police state, a place we like to call Brisbane.

What do you love about your city?
I guess we love the ignorance. Brisbane is set back in the past with a lot of its infrastructure, trends etc so when people see something new and completely different, it’s fresh and makes a big impact on them.

What’s your background in ‘the industry’?
Growing up both of us got caught up in the street culture. Graffiti, photography, hip hop, skateboarding… It became captivating and I guess we’ve both never really left the scene.

Any other mediums you’re looking to explore?
We want to start pushing the boundaries with new mediums. We have some plans down the track to create an installation using natural elements. You’ll have to keep your eyes peeled for that one.

What can we expect from 5Fingers in the future?
A full range of clothing, along with an integration of cool installations and art projects that provide a new and different perspective on street culture. I guess you could say we don’t just want to be known as just a clothing line.

5Fingers will be launching their website and online store later this month. For more information on the label and their projects, head to their Instagram account, @5fingersclothing.

Opening: James Jirat Patradoon – Hydra

Sydney based illustrator James Jirat Patradoon‘s new exhibition opens this week, featuring a series of large scale graphite works on paper aiming to channel the manic energy of the way we experience imagery online. Some incredible images below of these works in progress from the past few weeks. You’ll see these finished and in all their glory at the opening.

‘Hydra’ opens Thursday 28th of August at the RVCA Corner Gallery in Melbourne before moving up to Sydney next month.






Sneak Peek: Mark Alsweiler ‘Gold Moth’ – RVCA Sydney

Mark Alsweiler is opening his next solo show titled ‘Gold Moth’ at the RVCA Gallery space in Paddington this week. A much anticipated collection of work from the New Zealand born artist, which will see a heap of new work including paintings on paper and hand caved sculptures.

Full of duality, Mark Alsweiler’s acrylic paintings and wooden sculptures are both rudimentary and developed, blending raw painted areas with minuscule details.

Born in the mountainous South Island of New Zealand, Alsweiler now resides in Sydney, Australia. This locational shift is evident in his work where imagery of the countryside is contrasted with metropolitan scenes, his always evident characters keeping unity.

‘Gold Moth’ displays a mix of his hand carved figurative sculptures, made from salvaged hardwood and acrylic on paper paintings.

Click below for the full set of photos.

“Gold Moth” by Mark Alsweiler
Opening: Thursday 19th June
RVCA Gallery – 84 Oxford Street, Paddington

Mark Alsweiler

Mark Alsweiler

Mark Alsweiler

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Opening: Vans The Omega ‘Into The Light’

In collaboration with East Editions and Karton Group, we are stoked to present ‘Into The Light’, a solo exhibition by Vans The Omega. Featuring a range of unique hand made and painted furniture and homewares, installations, new mixed media paintings and limited edition prints, ‘Into The Light’ is sure to be an amazing body of artwork by the Adelaide based artist, a display of various skills, techniques, mediums, styles and formats.

The Tate Gallery, 345 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe (Sydney)

Opening this Wednesday 21st May 2014 from 6-9pm. The exhibition continues for 3 days only until Saturday 24th May. The gallery will be open daily 12-4pm.

To request an exhibition catalogue before the opening please email

Vans the Omega

Vans the Omega
Vans the Omega
Vans the Omega
Vans the Omega
Vans the Omega
Vans the Omega
Vans the Omega
Vans the Omega

Keep It Simple by Stabs.

KEEP IT SIMPLE is the story of Stabs’s graffiti road trip through Jakarta, told in his own language of glyphs. The same language that he’s been developing on the street of Melbourne over the past ten years. The story was recorded, in glyph form, in his journal, which in turn is the center piece of the exhibition. It is accompanied by ten paintings depicting key moments from the trip.

KEEP IT SIMPLE opens Friday 18th of April and will be on display until Sunday 28th at Backwoods Gallery. 25 Easey Street Collingwood.

A neighbourly visit

Dead Heads From Sea Beds

Ghosts above watery graves

The Jakarta Glyph Journal


Sneak Peek: Madeleine Pfull & William Meadley ‘Your Ego’ The Tate, Sydney

Young Sydney artists Madeleine Pfull and William Meadley are teaming up to present their first solo exhibition, ‘Your Ego.’ In their own words the show is an exploration of the “strange and stupid behaviour that our egos manipulate us into doing in different social situations.” Their combined talents and massive body of work shapes up to create an extremely exciting show – a definite indication of the huge potential of these up and coming artists. Opening night is Wednesday 2nd April from 6-9pm.
The exhibition continues 12-5pm daily from Thursday 20th March – Sunday 23rd March. Saturday & Sunday open 12-4pm.

Check out more event info here.

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Opening: Cam Scale ‘Iron Oxied’ – The Tate, Sydney

Melbourne based artist, Cam Scale, bring his meticulous blend of paint artistry to the Tate gallery for his solo show, ‘Iron Oxied.’ In the artists’ own words, the show explores “the elements around us, our human interaction with nature and existence within the universe.” Get down to the opening tonight from 6pm – the show runs 12-5pm daily from Thursday 20th March – Sunday 23rd March.

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Sneak peek: ‘Re Release’ group show at The Tate – Sydney

Curated by The Tate Gallery, Sydney, ‘Re-Release’ is a group show of artwork on or built from found objects featuring NUMSKULL, BAFCAT, DAVID CRAGG, CALEB REID, SID TAPIA, C.CRACKER, LUSCHIA PORTER, KYLE MONTGOMERY, ANIA GAREEVA, MARTY ROUTLEDGE, AEDAN LEE, CHRIS LOUTFY, SLIKOR, ANGUS PLATE, FURRY LITTLE PEACH, MADELEINE PFULL. For more info, visit the facebook page here.

‘Re-Release’ group show
Opening: Wednesday 12 February
The Tate, Sydney

We stopped by the gallery to preview a few of the artworks. Click below for the full set.

Re Release

Re Release

Re Release

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