In Jakarta shooting a vid with Louis on Darbotz, a local artist working in the chaos.
Abando abseiling, fundamentalist headgear & sidewalk siestas.

Outpost is coming

Things are heating up for The Outpost Project at the moment. Some artists have already completed work on the island, and a whole shipment more of  locals, interstate and international artists will be creating small to large scale paintings, walls and installations in the coming 2 weeks. Stay tuned to the site for our full coverage of the event…

For more info go to the website here, or keep up to date on their Facebook page here.

Brisbane City Council buffs Lister’s commission wall

“BRISBANE’S anti-graffiti squad has been accused of illegally entering private property to paint over a commissioned mural by a world-renowned street artist. ”

Such a shame this kind of thing keeps happening. Especially an amazing piece of this size. Read the full article here.

The artwork before it was painted over. (Taken from Anthony Lister’s website)

A Jumbo of a rip

Brands that steel and rip off artwork is (unfortunately) no new thing to graffiti and street artists. It seems that some art departments think that if it’s outside in public view, then it’s ok to take a photo and reproduce it. WRONG… Read more about how Industrie ripped off local space man ZAP. (take from Jumbo’s blog)