TRYP Hotel: Brisbane

Tucked away in Brisbane’s inner creative pocket, sits TRYP Hotel on Constance Street, Fortitude Valley – also known as Australia’s first ever, 65 room, boutique ‘Street Art Hotel’.


The building itself posses an interesting past. Presumably around 150 years ago, the space was once a clubhouse for the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes, the Brisbane chapter of an international and mysterious secret society. An antique plaque from this time was discovered in the development stages of TRYP and is now displayed in the reception area of the hotel. Post clubhouse history, the building was a central backpackers hotel which then became abandoned due to reasons not currently known. It was through this time of abandonment that the space became an inner city hub for local and international artists.


AFTER: An open landscape rooftop bar, ‘UP on Constance’

Previous features of the abandoned backpackers included level upon level of tags, art and scrawlings constantly changing with each visit. A huge staircase leading up to the highest point of the building also boasted rooftop views and a small shelter tower where one could, (surprisingly enough) get free WiFi by connecting wirelessly to nearby business’s access points. Not the ideal holiday destination for most, but it was in this wasteland state that the space truly flourished.

TRYP’s vision and consideration to stay true to the building’s past street style was a respectful and admirable decision by their developers. As old walls got touched up and painted over, new murals appeared to stay from some of Australia’s most prominent street artists, Rone, Numskull, Fintan Magee and Beastman.

“Their vibrant artworks serve as a foundation for the hotel’s distinctive concept, resonating through every aspect of the business, from the eats to the beats, the boys’ effervescent and evocative creations set the tone for Brisbane’s most audacious inner-city haunt.”





Hidden in the stairwell and storage rooms, a few of the buildings original pieces still stand and are now embedded into the iconic history of the TRYP Hotel.

Benjamin Reeve’s original character found on the entry level floor of the abandoned backpackers is now an amicable feature of TRYP hotel thanks to Rone who incorporated the aged work into his commission piece.

This security camera stencil and female character can be found in TRYP’s food storage room, a place you will likely need to seek assistance to find, but is still a preserved artwork.

This Fintan Magee piece painted in the abandoned backpackers many years ago also still remains, though it’s now living inside the confines of a Chur Burger/TRYP storage cupboard.

If you’re yet to check out TRYP hotel, we recommend you do. Looking back at the building’s history and forward with TRYP’s developments arises thoughts of appreciation, acceptance and celebration for graffiti and street art in contemporary society. Trust us, it’s worth the ‘trip’.

Image Credits: TRYP Hotel Brisbane, Abandoned Brisbane, Sarah Hazlehurst

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Opening: Kyle Montgomery ‘Crystal Void’ at China Heights – Sydney

China Heights is pleased to open Kyle Montgomery‘s latest Australian solo show, since his huge success in London last year. This new set of works, entitled ‘Crystal Void’, projects themes carried through his collage work. The exhibition further explores the afterlife, specifically the other dimensions and higher powers associated with it, spiritual transcendence and interplanetary travel.

Through the hand placement of crystal quartz into sourced taxidermy, sculpture and bones, Montgomery’s work indulges in a fantasy of divine intervention. Considering natural order, and decomposition after death, with respect to subterranean formation of crystals and minerals, the journey to and from the afterlife is imagined by the artists hand.

‘Crystal Void’ by Kyle Montgomery
Where: China Heights, Sydney
Opening Hours: Friday 5 Dec, 6-9pm

Kyle Montgomery

Kyle Montgomery

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Wonderwalls nominated in the 2014 FBI SMAC Awards

Verb Syndicate and The Hours are super excited to announce Wonderwalls 2013 has been nominated in the ‘Remix the City’ category of FBi Radio’s SMAC Awards!

Such a great selection of events and creatives to be amongst.

Take a look and get voting!

(Photo by Chris Phillips / Mural by Askew One)


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Opening: 23rdKey ‘Keezus’ at Juddy Roller – Melbourne

‘Keezus’ is a solo exhibition by Melbourne’s 23rd Key exploring the idea of ego, utilising the stencil art process. It’s a dissection of what it is to be a stencil artist and will showcase the medium in a way that has never been done before. Each work concentrates on the inner battle we have with who we are, who we are perceived to be, and how they differ.

‘Keezus’ by 23rdKey
Where: Juddy Roller, Melbourne
Opening Hours: Friday 5 Dece, 6-9pm

23rd Key

23rd Key

23rd Key

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Giveaway: Super Special 10 Tees for 10 Years series featuring Rone, Ghostpatrol, Meggs, Alex Mitchell and Yokii

Super Special has become an institution in Melbourne. We’ve heard their name and seen their work over the years and witnessed them grow into one of the most respected Screen Printers in Australia.

They are turning 10 this year and to celebrate are giving away limited edition t-shirts by some of our favourites. Tees by Rone, Meggs and many more are up for grabs.

We have five t-shirts to give away to five lucky people. See below (from left to right; Rone, Yokii, Ghostpatrol, Meggs and Alex Mitchell).

Email with the subject line “Super Special” THEN in the body of the email, type either Rone, Yokii, Ghostpatrol, Meggs or Alex Mitchell. Winners will be randomly drawn and notified on
Friday 5th December 2014.

NOTE: Only 1 entry per person, so choose your favourite artist.

Super Special tees

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Photos: Blackartprojects ‘Conditioner’ by Cleon Peterson, Jonathan Zawada, Mark Whalen and Kelsey Brookes – Melbourne

Blackartprojects recently opened their group show ‘Conditioner’ at a pop up space in Melbourne, featuring Cleon Peterson, Jonathan Zawada, Mark Whalen and Kelsey Brookes. A simple, but supremely powerful collection of work focussing on social conditioning. Find out more on their website.

CONDITIONER is a tongue in cheek metaphor for the protection of inherited mores that form a social fabric. The exhibiting artists address the complexities of social conditioning through the subjects of violence, spirituality, sexuality, deviant behaviour and altered or multiple states of reality.







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‘The Streets Are Talking’ — new works by Alan Streets

November 27th we will be opening our 3rd exhibition at our new space in conjunction with the TWT Creative Precinct grand opening.

Alan Streets, aka Alan Russell-Cowan, was born to middle class parents in the leafy suburbs on the outskirts of London. Dropping out of the prestigious St Martins School of Art at the age of 19, he then left for New York where he became a Plein Air artist, living and working in Manhattan.

Whilst there he was diagnosed with schizophrenia, continuing to create whilst being treated.

After being approached by film makers, Alan became the subject of an award winning documentary “My Name Is Alan and I Paint Pictures”.

The new body of work is a result of him moving back to London after spending 10 years in the US. The imaginary work has a real English theme and simply shows what is going through his mind. Alan recently quit alcohol and replaced these addictive tendencies with creativity. He paints religiously every day of the week, which is a way of dealing with his schizophrenia.

This exhibition opening night will coincide with TWT St Leonards – The TWT Creative Precinct opening party. RSVP here:

The TWT Creative Precinct is a major new arts initiative by Auswin TWT Developments (TWT) which involves the conversion of a number of commercial buildings between Atchison St and Chandos St in St Leonards, to be used as creative space by the independent arts sector. Under the creative direction of leading arts organisation, Brand X, the TWT Creative Precinct strives to support creativity in St Leonards and reinvigorate the cultural identity of the lower north shore by supporting new and existing, local, creative businesses.


Continue reading

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New Fintan Magee Mural in St Leonards

kind of — recently re-opened in St Leonards as a part of a new creative precinct headed up by Brand X and facilitated by development company Auswin TWT.

We helped arrange a new mural by Fintan Magee to be unveiled at the TWT Creative Precinct block party opening Thursday November 27th. We’ll be opening a new exhibition that night along side a range of different creative adventures. The night goes as follows:

To mark the official opening of the TWT Creative Precinct, the local and wider community is invited to the ‘TWT Creative Precinct Block Party’ on November 27 from 5:30pm-8:30pm – an event which will bring the once sleepy streets and laneways of St Leonards to life. 

Following the official mural unveiling at 6.15pm, the eight creative businesses within the precinct will open their doors to the public, inviting them into the creative process of the artists who now reside in St Leonards. The event will feature entertainment, food, dancing and artistic activities for the community to come along and enjoy. 

Activities taking place at the TWT Creative Precinct ‘Block Party’ on November 27 include: 

- ‘No lights, No Lycra’: Brand X rehearsal space, 60 Atchison Street
- ‘Black and White’: works by contemporary artists, Platform72, 62 Atchison Street
- Live performances and karaoke: Bsidesound, 58 Atchison Street
- ‘Tubula Rose’ photography exhibition: The Photography Factory, 60 Atchison Street
- Textile demonstrations and live music: Cre8tiv Studios, 27 Atchison Street
- ‘Small is beautiful’: exhibition, ME art space, 25 Atchison Street
- ‘On the easel’: an exhibition of visual artists of the TWT Creative Precinct, T1 Café
- ‘The Streets Are Talking’: new works by Alan Streets, kind of – gallery, 58 Atchison Street
- Bicycle workshop, Cicli Spirito, 62 Atchison Street (rear entrance in Atchison Lane) 

The streets of St Leonards will also come alive with live music from Lolo the Gypsy Caravan and performances by local creative businesses, Tanya Pearson Classical Coaching Academy and The Jazz Workshop Australia. Local restaurant, The Moody Chef will be providing delicious catering on the night. 

It’s going to be great night and everyone is invited.
Just RSVP here:


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