Opening: RONE ‘Lumen’ exhibition – Melbourne

If you’re familiar with Australian street art, then no doubt you will be a fan of Melbourne’s RONE. One of the original founders of Everfresh Studio and now celebrated around the world for his bold large scale murals and exhibitions in too many cities to list. A true rising star of the Australian underground art community. If you’re in Melbourne next Friday, don’t miss out on his first Australian solo show in two years.

Opening Friday, October 24 at Level 1, 109 Little Collins Street, Melbourne, Lumen will include eleven large-scale portraits inside and outside of the gallery and a twelve metre high mural on the building’s adjoining ventilation tower.

The space itself – an abandoned office building slated for demolition – has been transformed into a black (and blank) canvas for the artist to takeover. Internally, the artworks will be brought spectacularly to life by lighting designer, John McKissock.

“Lumen explores that pivotal moment in our lives when we realise that we need to believe in what we see [and know to be true] rather than what we’ve been told,” says Rone. “It’s that point in your life when it becomes time to think for yourself, formulate your own opinions and develop a sense of personal identity without consideration to the past or outside influences. That’s why I titled the show Lumen – thematically it’s a series of works about seeing or following the light.”

RONE ‘Lumen’
Where: Level 1, 109 Little Collins Street, Melbourne,
Opening Hours: Friday 24 Oct, 6-9pm

Rone Lumen Exhibition The Opening Hours

Rone Lumen Exhibition The Opening Hours

Rone Lumen Exhibition The Opening Hours

Rone Lumen Exhibition The Opening Hours

Rone Lumen Exhibition The Opening Hours

Rone Lumen Exhibition The Opening Hours

Rone Lumen Exhibition The Opening Hours

Rone Lumen Exhibition The Opening Hours

RONE Teaser from Robot Army on Vimeo.

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Recap: Trent Whitehead – If Not Now, When?

Trent Whitehead’s first exhibition in over four years has just wrapped up at the new M.M.P.G. space in Sydney’s Surry Hills. The exhibition featured mind blowing painting and sculptural works, with a meticulous detail that he’s developed a reputation for. The exhibition heads south to Melbourne in a couple of months time but before then, you can view all of the remaining work HERE.


5I9A9886 5I9A9890 5I9A9893 5I9A9894


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Event: Scribble Slam – Brisbane

Scribble Slam is a 90-minute live art battle between two artists surrounding a surprise theme announced just moments before the paint battle begins. Hosted at Kerbside bar in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley, the winner of the battle is chosen by two judges and a crowd vote. The two artworks remain on display at Kerbside bar for one month until the next round of Scribble Slam when the walls are buffed out and painted again by the next round contestants.

Always entertaining an interesting crowd, the Scribble Slam canvas has attracted a number of excellent Queensland artists including Gus Eagleton, Reane Awen, Paul Harris, TwoLaks, Barek, Square One, Teens On Acid, Cherie Strong and Alby Mangles.

This Thursday round 19 sees two talented ladies, Buttonss and Bambi Wants Revenge battle it out for the crowd vote from 7pm.

For more information check out the Scribble Slam event page.

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Video: ‘If these walls could talk’ web series by Ross Liew

We first met Ross Liew through his mural arts festival Graffiato and have been watching him curate and produce amazing projects ever since. A real pioneer and progressive front man for street art in New Zealand.

Ross has just released his latest project, ‘If These Walls Could Talk’. A series of online documentaries about some of NZ’s most notable street art and graffiti art names including Askew One, BMD, Benjamin Work, Mica Still and Elliot Francis Stewart. A rare and intimate insight into the background and current process of these artists.

Sit back, take some time and watch all of them below, and find out more on the website

Askew One –

Benjamin Work –


Elliot Francis Stewart –

Mica Still –

“Created by Ross Liew (Cut Collective) and with the help from NZ On Air Ignite funding scheme, If These Walls Could Talk focuses on five street artists looking at what compels them to paint outside, what drives them artistically, and how they navigate identity, community, ownership and the creative process.

The works of Askew One, Benjamin Work, Mica Still, Elliot Francis Stewart and BMD are documented on video and online, with the series also providing a direct link between the walls painted and the stories captured – both from the online world to the artwork (in learning about the concept and the history of the artist, including their artistic statement with the work), and vice versa, with a link at each mural site available to transport patrons to the ITWTC online hub. “

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Video: Project 5 recap featuring Askew, Kyle Hughes-Odgers, 23rd Key and Alex LeHours

The team at Ambush Gallery recently brought together a great mix of artists for another round of Project 5. A yearly art project, which features Australian and International artist painting both live and in their studios, for an outdoor exhibit which eventually produces artwork to go to auction in aid of charity. A great concept, and a great way to have artists from outside of Sydney come to town and show new work.

Check out the video recap featuring Askew One, Kyle Hughes-Odgers, 23rd Key and Alex LeHours.

Project Five Volume 6 from aMBUSH Gallery on Vimeo.

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Opening: Kyle Hughes-Odgers ‘All The Wrong Places’ at C.A.V.E – Los Angeles

Kyle Hughes-Odgers latest solo exhibition ‘All The Wrong Places’ opened last night in Los Angeles. The impressive new series is made up of 16 watercolor and ink drawings on paper. Kyle’s work in a collection becomes a visual story-telling event, each individual work adds a new narrative into the greater world explored across the complete exhibition. Focusing on ideas of isolation, community, ceremony, and journey.

If you are in L.A be sure to check out this show!

For more details, check out C.A.V.E gallery

‘All The Wrong Places’ new work by Kyle Hughes-Odgers
Where: C.A.V.E gallery – 1108 Abott Kinney Blvd, Venice, Los Angeles.
Oct 11th until November 1st.

kyle hughes-odgers watercolour and archival ink on acid free paper 49cm x 25cm
kyle hughes-odgers d
kyle hughes-odgers b

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Opening: Square & Friends Gallery

Square & Friends Gallery is an articulate new space providing creative individuals with a stage to project their voice to deliver unique stories in the form of visual representation. Run and curated by local artist and innovator, Conrad Square, Square & Friends offers an exclusive opportunity for artists to exhibit their works in a unique new location on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

The exhibition space opened it’s doors to the public in September to expose and educated the public to the world of art. Not just the regular gallery standard of fine art, but art of all levels and styles.

The current exhibition on display is ‘Friends’, a group show featuring some of Queensland’s most prominent street/graffiti personalities including Kiss, Ekaer, John Kaye, Reals, Mouf and Buttons. After an amazing response to the gallery’s launch last month, the ‘Friends‘ show has been extended until the end of October. We highly recommend checking it out.

For more information follow Square & Friends Gallery on Instagram or Facebook @squareandfriends


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‘Geppetto’s House’ — a fundraising group exhibition

On the 9th of October kind of — gallery will host a charity fundraising group exhibition titled ‘Geppetto’s House’. 
The concept, simply put, is whales. Artists have been invited to work with the concept however they see fit. The contributing artists have come from a variety of contemporary, traditional and street art backgrounds ranging from painters, illustrators, graphic designers and typographers.

The exhibition opens Thursday 9th of October at 6pm running till Sunday 26th October 6pm.

40% of the proceeds from artwork sales will be going to the Australian Marine Conservation Society, in order to support their campaign against whaling. The AMCS is a key player in protecting and preserving the wildlife and marine parks in Australian waters.
If you would like to donate immediately here is the donation page:

The title of this exhibition is a reference to the giant whale, Monstro, that swallows Pinocchio and Geppetto in the Disney version of The Adventures of Pinocchio.

TJ_640px Continue reading

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Nathan Brindle — ‘Pushing Tide’ Opening Night

We hosted out first opening at the new space in St Leonards recently. The show was ‘Pushing Tide’ new works by Nathan Brindle. It was a great night the Young Henry’s was flowing so we got all the neighbours drunk.

It was a good time!


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INTERVIEW : Melissa Grisancich

Melbourne Based Artist Melissa Grisancich is gearing up for her show ” When you Sleep” which opens this friday at RVCA gallery in Melbourne. We caught up to shoot the breeze real quick.

MD: Hey Melissa, how are you?

MELL G: Exhausted but very well thanks!


MD:Tell me a little bit about what you have been cooking up for your show “ when you sleep”?

MELL G: The show will consist of a body of work that I’ve been working on in the RVCA Gallery since January. I’ve been painting, making sculptures, sewing and pushing myself with my work more than I usually would.

MD:There seems to be a subtle nod to religious iconography within the works, If the characters had a religion what would there guidelines be?

MELL G:That’s something I like to carry throughout the themes of my work, iconography and religious iconography are consistent throughout my work but I like to change the story every time I make a new set of work. It comes from my Italian background and what I grew up with, I’m not religious at all but I have basically created my own interpretation on Saints and what they could stand for in my own world. A lot of my characters symbolise strength, anxiety, life and death, happiness and sadness. The bright colours represent the beauty in all of those aspects. I don’t like to use much black or grey at all for that reason.

MD: Is there a definite vision before starting work on a blank canvas or does it evolve with the stokes?

MELL G:This is when I start to think I’m a bit of a strange human being, I can’t use a sketchbook, I have an idea and I may scribble it on some paper so I don’t forget but in most cases it goes straight onto canvas. I get impatient and I know I’ll come up with ideas along the way as I’m painting. I think of ideas when I’m listening to music or simply walking down the street, it’s all very random.

MD:What is your favourite hour of the day and why?

MELL G:Hmm, I’m going to go with 12pm, it’s halfway through the day, lunchtime is soon and that’s when I’m finally awake and ready to be productive.

MD:What are the essentials you need around while creating works, coffee? music? old movies playing in the background?

MELL G:I definitely need no distractions and some music playing. I’ve settled with podcasts now. Other than that a mug of fresh coffee and a few books to look at for ideas.

MD:If you could curate a group show with anyone you wanted dead or alive, who else would you choose? and what would you call it?

MELL G: If I could have Picasso, Frida, and Charles Schulz all come back from the dead to do a show about their childhood in paintings I’d be happy. I wouldn’t be in the show but I’d love to watch and learn from them. I’d let Charles Schulz draw the flyer and name the show with Frida and Pablo as peanuts characters.

MD:Are any of these characters based on stories or characters you have heard/read about? if so tell me about one.

MELL G: One of the saints that I have painted is a homage to Santa Lucia. Lucia is my “saint name” given to me as a child. She is a form of a protector and has a crown of candles and eyes on a platter. She’s also a card that’s stuck to my Nonna’s front door to protect the house. I find that kind of thing beautiful.

MD:whats next?

MELL G: I want to start working on prints and maybe some zines too.

“When You Sleep” opens on Friday Night 5-8

RVCA GALLERY  82 Stanley Street Collingwood

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