Opening: “Post Code Party” at No Vacancy, Melbourne & Free Range, Perth

Coming up in Melbourne (No Vacancy, Nov 13) and then in Perth (Free Range, Dec 10) – “Post Code Party” investigates the idea of suburbia and how our locale defines our relationships, aesthetics and identity through a connection to a site. This exhibition brings together a group of multi-generational West Australian artists who through the course of their practice have explored the traditions, rituals and icons of suburban life. It is through these shared similarities and through the unique act of collaboration the idea of defining “local” is examined.

Trevor Bly, Chris McBride, Michael Davies, Bevan Honey, James Hattrick,Emma Jolley and Patrick Doherty.

Check out a real nice trailer vid here.



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On the outside with @nemans

Here’s the latest round up of recent walls and laneways in Sydney. Today’s gallery of photo’s include Ox, SMC3, Phibs, Pudl, 23rd Key, Nico, Lister, Spacemonkey, Monsteryandme, Linz, Amok Island, Tiger, Bones, Will Coles, Jumbo, Skulk and more. Click below for more photos.  @nemans, I Love the Inner West, (41)the_opening-hours_ (26) the_opening-hours_ (27)the_opening-hours_ (45) Continue reading

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Opening: Blackartprojects presents ‘Conditioner’ – Melbourne

Once again Blackartprojects presents a great group show of local and international artists, including Mark Whalen, Kelsey Brookes, Cleon Peterson and Jonathan Zawada. All very different at first glance, but each with a similar critical view of social conditioning and human nature.

‘Conditioner’ is a direct analysis of just that. “CONDITIONER is a tongue in cheek metaphor for the protection of
inherited mores that form a social fabric. The exhibiting artists address the complexities of social conditioning
through the subjects of violence, spirituality, sexuality, deviant behaviour and altered or multiple states of reality (chemical, digital, physical). A great deal has been written about psychoanalysis in consideration of the history of art and art criticism. This exhibition is not an attempt to answer any one question, nor is it an attempt to recontextualise this history, rather to demonstrate each artist as a practitioner of documenting the human condition in contemporary society.”

‘Conditioner’ featuring Mark Whalen, Kelsey Brookes, Cleon Peterson & Jonathon Zawada
Where: JCP Studios, 51-57 Cubitt Street, Cremorne, Victoria
Opening Hours: Thursday 13 Nov, 6-9pm






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Opening: Studio 615 ‘Down Time’ at The Tate – Sydney

‘Down Time’ is a group exhibition featuring the work of creative collective, Studio 615.
A follow up to last years successful Melbourne show, “Time Flies”, artists Mike Danischewski, Silk Roy, Sam Octigan, Marcus Dixon and Doug Aldrich have come together once again, this time taking what they do to The Tate in Sydney for one night only.

‘Down Time’ features more works on canvas, paper and wood in a broad range of mediums, highlighting the group’s diverse skill set. As well as a range of printed matter available on the night.

Studio 615 ‘Down Time’
Where: The Tate Gallery, Sydney
Opening Hours: Wednesday 5 Nov, 6-9pm

Down Time

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Outside: The Pillars Project – Brisbane

In the fierce lead up to the ‘cultural celebrations’ of the G20, Brisbane city has seen a number of creative transformations. One we hope can withstand the test of ‘world leader time’ is The Pillars Project.

Thanks to Queensland Rail, Brisbane City Council, the accredited artists and the approaching arrival of some important political visitors, the massive underpass area of South Brisbane railway line is now site to an ‘outdoor art gallery’. This amazing series of enormous pillar murals each stands over seven metres tall.

The Pillars Project encompasses the work of a number of local street and graffiti artists including Gus Eagleton, Guido Van Helton, Gimiks Born, Fintan Magee and Mik Shida.

Though it is questionable why our vastly multicultural, multifaceted and multidisciplinary city council has rejected, covered up and even criminalized such creative projects in the past, any change moving towards artistic appreciation is a success to be acknowledged and commended. It almost feels as though the pillars are a long awaited award for Brisbane’s creative community. Street art you can appreciate without worrying it will be buffed out before your next visit. Hell, it’s been a long time coming. Brisbane’s finally catching up.

Interestingly, Fintan Magee has replicated the original mural that was removed by Brisbane City Council at the Cultural Center earlier this year. Causing quite a controversy at the time, the mural was removed because the buff squad claimed it to be ‘graffiti’ even after Magee had written approval to paint the mural. Created to commemorate the Brisbane floods, the mural has now been revived and is at least five times its original size. An ironic and intelligent move from Magee.

The pillars are located at the corner or Merivale and Montague road, just down from the Gallery of Modern Art in South Brisbane.

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Opening: Tom Ferson ‘Hindsight in Low Light’ at The Tate – Sydney

A mind bending foray into experimental portraiture. Tom Ferson offers a new body of work alongside photographic and video documentation revealing his unique approach to art-making.

“The exhibition is as much an investigation of identity as it is a declaration of his individuality as an art maker.”
Ben Frost

Tom Ferson ‘Hindsight in Low Light’
Where: The Tate Gallery, Sydney
Opening Hours: Wednesday 29 Oct, 6-9pm

Tom Ferson

Hindsight in Low Light from Tom Ferson on Vimeo.

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Shohei Otomo limited edition risographs

Backwoods Gallery and Shohei Otomo have released a collection of limited edition Risographs to coincide with the launch of FLAT BEND on Friday.

  • 29.7 x 24 cm.
  • Risograph print on 250gsm (enviocare) paper.
  • Hand signed and numbered by Shohei Otomo.
  • Limited to edition of 30 world wide.
  • $110 each
  • $450 for collection of 5.

more info here.




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On the outside with @nemans

Here’s the latest round up of recent walls and laneways in Sydney. Today’s gallery of photo’s include Thomas Jackson, Twoone, Numskull, Scott Marsh, Sare2, Tiger, Bafcat, Jumbo, Nico, Phibs, Peque, Will Coles, Fintan Magee and more. Click below for more photos. 
, I Love the Inner West,

the_opening-hours_ (1)

the_opening-hours_ (2) the_opening-hours_ (3) the_opening-hours_ (4)

Continue reading

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(VIDEO) Shohei Otomo at Backwoods Gallery.

Tokyo through the eyes of one of it’s leading young illustrators and artists, Shohei Otomo.

Working mostly in ballpoint pen, Shohei Otomo’s insightful depictions of Japan expose both its commercial facade and deepest underground culture. Delivered with an unmistakable level of biting political analysis and technical perfection, Shohei’s work straddles the worlds of art, graphic design, anime and punk.

Check the Backwoods vimeo channel for more artist profile videos.

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Recap: Remio ‘Subconscious Rumours’

Remio’s first exhibition in Australian kicked off this week at the RVCA Corner Gallery in Melbourne with a great crowd. The rare Colby prints sold out in a matter of minutes… Most of the other work following soon after. The exhibition, Subconscious Rumours remains open until November 9 .

Photos: Michael Danischewski

There are a handful of these limited edition USPS screen prints ($75 each – unframed) remaining, for interest email

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