Event: Breeder, Frank and Mimi, Stay Bold, Ironlak – Brisbane

In the lead-up to this year’s Analogue Digital, a number of free side-events have been announced to spark your AD anticipation and creative interest.

Boasting a panel of prime creative talent, the first event of the series will be a creative Apple Talk in Brisbane featuring words of wisdom from Joyce Ho (Breeder), Luke Shirlaw (Ironlak), Milan Chagoury (Stay Bold) and Brisbane’s own sign-painting sweethearts, Emily Devers and Rick Hayward (Frank and Mimi) – pictured.

Each creative will discuss their journeys to becoming leaders of the local creative community. An excellent event for anyone looking to again advice and valuable industry insight without fronting the hefty price tag.

When: 24 February, 5:00pm / Where: Apple Store Brisbane (Macarthur Chambers) / RSVP: http://www.apple.com/au/retail/brisbane/

Event: Analogue Digital 2014

Analogue/Digital Creative Conferences are independently curated design events in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide.

Past presenters include: Anthony Lister, Askew, Campbell Milligan: Monster Children, Christopher Doyle, Claudio Kirac, Damien Aistrope, Dare Jennings: Deus Ex Machina, Ill-Studio, Joseph Allen Shea, Ben Johnston: Josephmark, Luke Lucas, Magda Sayeg, Motherbird, Numskull, Parallax, Rone, Sneaker Freaker Magazine, Sofles, Sonia Rentsch, Andy Sargent: SouthSouthWest, Jacky Winter, Kevin Finn, Vice Magazine & Sonny and Biddy: We Buy Your Kids amongst many others.

This year, AD has secured a great mix of designers, creatives and artists. See below for the full lineup or find out more here.

• Barry Patenaude – Fine Artist
• Josh Davey & Harry Bissett – Digital Designers
• Phebe Schmidt – Art director
• Andrew Suggit – Graphic Designer
• Bonnie Abbott: Desktop – Editor
• Dan Natola: Bodega – International Fashion consultant
• Does – International Graffiti Artist
• Ian Cope: Rising Sun Pictures – Producer
• James Jirat Patradoon – Illustrator
• Josh Fanning & Farrin Foster: CityMag – Entrepreneurs
• Julian Meagher – Fine artist
• Philjames – Fine artist
• Sticks & Stones Agency – Creative Directors
Sydney Only
• Gemma O’Brien – Hand-letterer
• Ken Taylor – Illustrator
Adelaide Only
• Kate Pullen – Hand Letterer
• Sam Yong – Illustrator

Analogue Digital

Video: Analogue Digital Brisbane recap

Analogue Digital brought together a motley crew of artists, designers and creatives to Brisbane this year, with names like Meggs, Mr Penfold, We Buy Your Kids, Romance was Born, Stay Bold and many more. Check out this great video capturing exactly what happens when you fill a room full of inspiring creatives.

Analogue/Digital Brisbane 2014 from Camille Santiago on Vimeo.

Opening: Mr Penfold ‘Part Time Technophobe’ at JAA project space – Melbourne

Our good friend and talented artist Mr Penfold is currently in Australia for the Analogue Digital conference tour happening in May, where he will share a talk about his work and process AND be showing a whole new body of work in both Melbourne and Brisbane with Just Another Agency.

Opening from 6-9pm for a one night only show on Thursday May 8 at Blake House – Lvl 2, 35 Adelaide St, Brisbane and Thursday May 15 at the Just Another Project Space – 153 Greville St, Prahran, Melbourne. Melbourne show runs till May 30. For more info, click here.

Mr Penfold

Mr Penfold

Mr Penfold

Mr Penfold

Conference: Ananlogue Digital 2014 – Brisbane & Melbourne

Analogue Digital is hosting a heap of great artists this year over two events in Brisbane and Melbourne.

Brisbane only: Jasmine Dowling, Stay Bold & Aus Infront Guest
Melbourne only: Carla McRae, Loretta Lizzio, Sam Yong

Both Events: WeBuyYourKids, Zann St. Pierre, Supervixen, Rolling Stone, Romance Was Born, Hans Christian Øren, SouthSouthWest, The Company You Keep, Breeder, Cj Hendry, Meggs, Mr Penfold

Each event is broken into five distinct sessions; each discussing topics and case studies relevant to the future and growth of the creative industries within Australia.

Past presenters include; Anthony Lister, Askew, Monster Children Magazine, Christopher Doyle, Claudio Kirac, Damien Aistrope, Dare Jennings, Ill-Studio, Joseph Allen Shea, Josephmark, Luke Lucas, Magda Sayeg, Motherbird, Numskull, Parallax, Rone, Sneaker Freaker Magazine, Sofles, Sonia Rentsch, SouthSouthWest, Jacky Winter, Kevin Finn, Vice Magazine & We Buy Your Kids amongst many others.

For more info and to purchase tickets visit their website.

Analogue Digital

Analogue Digital

Analogue Digital

Event: Analogue Digital – Adelaide 2013

Very exciting news for Adelaide. Straight from the man himself, Matt from AD. More info and ticket buying information here.

“It is with a huge anticipation that I can announce the official dates and line-up of Analogue/Digital Creative Conference in Adelaide.

This debut event boasts a massive line up of nine Australians and one Pom pretending to be an Aussie. Combine these ten presenters with a range of A/D master classes (TBA), an exclusive post event celebration (one to remember might I add) and your talking a high quality inte- state debut for Analogue/Digital Creative Conferences in South Australia!”


ART PARK ARTISTS SESSION — Beastman (SYD) • KAB101 (ADL) • Kyle Hughes-Odgers (PER)

AGDA DESIGN SESSION — Jonathan Wallace / Alter (MELB) • Matthew Remphrey / Parallax (ADL) • Jack Mussett Motherbird (MELB)

A/D NEXT GEN SESSION — Dan Withey (UK/ADL) • Gary Seaman (ADL) • Selina Miles (ADL)


A/D Adelaide is comprised of three sessions; the AGDA design session, the Art Park artists session and the A/D next generation session. Each session features three very different yet equally talented thought leaders; each presenting insights based on their own successes and failures.

It is the events combined goal to provide every attendee an accurate snap shot into the future of the creative industries and point out the opportunities which are a foot for the next generation of art directors and creative leaders.

Joining Adelaide’s native presenters is a fine selection of premium directors, designers and artists, many of which are yet to present in the state of South Australia. And much like yourself, we are truly excited to further our understanding of design through the experiences of this years world class line-up.

To close the event, we invite you to celebrate the #ADADL13 at the official Analogue/Digital after party. This invite only event will re-define the meaning of networking! Phrases like ‘castle of beverages’ ‘breakdancing bonanza’ and ‘spraycation’ come to mind! This central location and address will be announced at the event. We look forward to meeting you there and sharing an ice cold beverage!



Event: Palace Nove. 251 Rundle Street. Eastend of Adelaide City.
Closing Celebration: Central location to be announced at the event.


A/D Adelaide. Friday October 18th
Master Classes (TBA) Thursday October 17th