Opening: Shida ‘Inner myths’ at Backwoods Gallery – Melbourne

‘Inner Myths’ is a collection of new paintings and sculptural works by SHIDA.

The exhibition is a dynamic record of SHIDA’s development as an artist who envisions infinite worlds. Considering an array of approaches, through Inner Myths, he synthesises styles as diverse as Science Fiction Art, French Post-Impressionism and Russian Symbolist Art in his depiction of ethereal realities. Influenced by the work of Frank Frazetta, Paul Gauguin, Mikhail Vrubel and Nikolai Kalmakov, for Inner Myths, as Australia’s most prolific young street artist, SHIDA reinvokes two centuries of art history in his characteristic style.

Inner Myths presents a refined body of works, demonstrating that Shida is an asset to Australian contemporary art, who is constantly challenging himself against the sources of his inspiration.

“Inner Myths” by Shida
Opening: Friday, 4th July
Backwoods Gallery





Photos: Beastman ‘Future Origins’ at Backwoods Gallery

Last month The Hours own Beastman presented his latest solo exhibition ‘Future Origins’ at Backwoods Gallery in Melbourne. The successful exhibition was well received by the Melbourne locals and featured a new series of intricate acrylic paintings on wood, an impressive new large scale vector print, three dimensional wall and sculptural installations, and a blacked out front room with two digitally animated works looping on separate screens. Those who attended the busy opening were also treated to a 3 hour live electronic soundtrack provided by Otis Chamberlain from up in the loft which perfectly complimented the overall vibe of the exhibition and artwork. Check out these pics of the exhibition and opening night thanks to the artist and Backwoods Gallery.

‘Duality’ – 60cm x 60cm

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Opening: Reka ‘Untold’ at Backwoods Gallery – Sydney

A long awaited postcard from James Reka. In his first Australian exhibition since relocating to Europe, Reka explores the changing color palette and textures of his new home in Berlin. UNTOLD is an exhibition comprising large paintings on linen, found objects and sculpture, inspired by his observations of Berlin society as it stirred from its winter hibernation.

Backwoods Gallery is pleased to present UNTOLD, featuring new works by the Australian born, Berlin based artist, James Reka. The opening will be Friday, June 6th, from 6 to 11 pm. The exhibition is free and open to the public for viewing until June 15th, 2014.

“UNTOLD” by Reka
Opening: Friday, 6th June
Backwoods Gallery


Opening: Gold Blood, Magic Weirdos

Launching on March 7 at Backwoods Gallery is “Gold Blood, Magic Weirdos” –  the third and final instalment in Sean Morris‘ series of Magic Weirdos exhibitions. The line-up for this one is wild, featuring an array of first-class painters and illustrators from Australia, England, France, Spain, Singapore and the USA. Check the full list below and get down to Collingwood at 6pm this friday!

Ghostpatrol (Aus), Brendan Monroe (USA), Simon Hanselmann (Aus), kozyndan (USA), Sheryo (Singapore), The Yok (Aus), Jean Jullien (France), James Jirat Patradoon (Aus), Mr. Gauky (UK), Mel Stringer (Aus), Wishcandy (USA), Stevie Gee (UK), Kyle Hughes-Odgers (Aus), Will Laren (USA), HTML Flowers (Aus), Benjamin Sea (Aus), Sean Morris (Aus), Eveline Tarunadjaja (Aus), Bei Badgirl (Aus), Ambird (USA), The Seven Seas (Aus), Manuel Donada (Spain), Maddy Young (Aus), Emma Wiesenekker (Aus) & Bafcat (Aus)

Show runs until March 16!

James Jirat Patradoon “Sacrificer”

Brendan Monroe “Hole”

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Opening: Backwoods Gallery retrospective – Melbourne

Backwoods Gallery is hosting a ‘Retrospective’ this weekend. On show will be works by Shida, James Reka, Jun Inoue, Stabs,Stephen Ives, Miso, Fred Fowler and two new collaborative pieces byTwoOne and Ghostpatrol. For more info, visit their website.

‘Backwoods Gallery Retrospective’ group show
Opening: Saturday 8 February
Backwoods Gallery

Backwoods Gallery

Opening: Jonathon Edward Guthmann ‘The Existential Vacuum’ at Backwoods Gallery – Melbourne

In “The Existential Vacuum”, his debut exhibition, Jonathan Guthmann will draw on his academic studies to present a body of work based on sacred and religious iconography, with a focus on near eastern ancient civilization. Through this language of archaic symbolism, stripped of religious signification and presented in a new context, he will explore the philosophical commonality between ancient and modern man; a bond which he believes has greater relevance than the one formed by the religious interpretation which the same symbols have accumulated since their ancient origins. There will also be cocks.

“The Existential Vacuum” will open on January the 17th 2014 at Backwoods Gallery, featuring a collection of original work in pigment ink, pencil, pen and aerosol, as well as a collection of lithographs and etchings.

The Opening Hours

The Opening Hours

The Opening Hours

The Opening Hours


Was in Melbourne for the opening of the Eyes show and was lucky to spend time hanging out with Miso and GP. Miso has just moved into a new space (once the studio of Vali Myers) and I got a chance to field test Backwoods new lights (which fucking rule).

Shots like this make me think that i’m ready to start calling myself a photographer.

A Study Of Eyes 1 by MISO for A STUDY OF EYES




A Study Of Hands at Backwoods Gallery

“A Study Of” is a decade long project of annual group exhibitions based on subject studies. The goal is to create an archive for future generations, a library of references and also a collection consisting of some of the best artists that I have access to.

It’s an ambitious project, thats growing slowly and I think will result in something unique to give to future generations. We launched the project with A Study Of Hands last year and continued it with A Study Of Eyes this year at Backwoods Gallery. Next years subject is hair which should be cool.

Some photos from A Study Of Eyes at Backwoods Gallery below.

Email sales@backwoods to see the full catalogue.

Backwoods Gallery room 2 at A Study Of Eyes

Wallowing by Anthony Lister

Smug by Anthony Lister

Seeing by Al Stark

Eyes 2 by Dave Kinsey



Eyes 1, 2, 3 by Dave Kinsey

Jedda 2 by Ian Stange (Kid Zoom)

Dark Eyes on Sepia 1 by Miss Van

Dark Eyes On Sepia 2 by Miss Van

Astigmatism by Stephen Ives

Astigmatism by Stephen Ives

Eyes of Runner by Hiroyasu Tsuri (TwoOne)

Eyes of Hunter by Hiroyasu Tsuri (TwoOne)

Eyes of Savior by Hiroyasu Tsuri (TwoOne)

Pearl Eye by USUGROW

Silver Eye by USUGROW

Sight Becomes Perception 1 by Yuske Imai

Sight Becomes Perception 3 by Yuske Imai