Photos: Horfe and Russell Maurice at China Heights – Sydney

A few of months ago, the east coast of Australia was lucky enough to host two of the world’s most notable french graffiti artists, Horfee and Russell Maurice (of Gasius fame).

The pair painted, tattooed and exhibited in both Melbourne and Sydney with Doomsday Store and China Heights. Bringing their trademark styled work and French attitude of painting to the gallery walls. The work did not disappoint, and a few lucky takers even got the chance to get an original Horfee tattoo in between setup.

Click below for the full set of photos. More on Doomsday here. More on China Heights here.

Horfe Gasius

Horfe Gasius

Horfe Gasius

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Photos: Deeds, Not Words at Doomsday in Melbourne.

Mild Manners latest project show opened over the weekend at the Doomsday Store in Fitzroy, Melbourne. It’s now up until end of November, including works by Peter Sutherland, Mike O’Meally, Ed Templeton, Magdalena Wosinska. Charlie Hillhouse, Deanna Templeton, Will Robson-Scott, Nolan Hall and Zephyr Pavey.
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Opening: Deeds, Not Words

Opening next Friday at the Doomsday Store space in Fitzroy, ‘Deeds, Not Words’ is the latest project by Mild Manners as part of the Semi-Permanent Melbourne program. Featuring a host of photographers from here and abroad, including the likes of Ed Templeton, Mike O’Meally and Peter Sutherland and a host more, it’ll be well worth a look if you are be in town.