Photos: Blackartprojects present Hamisihi ‘Albeit Tho’ – Melbourne

Hamishi recently worked with Blackartprojects to open his solo show titled ‘Ableit Tho’. A great collection of work, and an even greater installation that included an oversized t-shirt which had a long list of customer service Twitter replies from large corporations and brands. Great to see a new body of work from the Melbourne based artist.

“A hard drive fails in an instant and with it goes a collection of memories. The somewhat volatile medium of the digital is expressed as irrecoverable loss and leads to an obvious lack of trust. Without trust one enters into a tenuous relationship. There is an anxiety inherent to the impending possibility of a sudden end. Even now I am scared, the last time I backed up my laptop was months ago.”

More on Hamishi here. More on Blackartprojects here.



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Opening: A group show “Heat” at Backwoods Gallery – Melbourne

For three nights only Backwoods Gallery will be hosting a group show called “Heat”. We don’t know much else about this show apart from it has some of Melbourne’s greatest and long standing street and modern artists.

“HEAT” a Group Show
Opening: Friday, 21st June
Backwoods Gallery

Hey spungoz, Hamishi here. It’s my first day @ #theopeninghours thought I’d celebrate by curating an exciting show in Melbourne on the grey area between high + lowbrow art and the relevance of lowbrow art in a contemporary discussion.

Please join us for opening celebrations on the 27th of September at 6pm.

Curated by Hamishi

Where is the middle ground between high and lowbrow art in Australia’s regressive commercial contemporary art scene? “Sup Brow?” is an exhibition presenting an informed discussion on the relevance of “Juxtapoz Art” in contemporary art and the border between Lowbrow and Mainstream Australian painting through the lens of Australian and international painters, illustrators and mixed practice artists.

Tom O’Hern (TAS)
Hiroyasu Tsuri (TwoOne)
Dylan Martorell
Henry Gunderson (USA)
Lola Dupre (FRA)
Sean Morris (WA)


13 Somerset Place, Melbourne CBD (near little Bourke and Elizabeth)