‘Kill Screen’ an art show by Pigeonboy

Forgotten Worlds Arcade presents ‘Kill Screen’ a new art show of original works by Pigeonboy. The show features Pigeonboys interpretation of classic video games.

Prepare to have your childhood ruined.

Don’t miss this.

When: Thursday 11 June 2015

Where: Forgotten Worlds Arcade 113 Johnston Street, Collingwood Victoria
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3.99Hz — Angie Taylor & Chrissie Hall

“3.99Hz” By Angie Kate Taylor and Chrissie Hall is a surreal artistic experiment, with artworks delving into the unmapped subconscious of the mind. This show is an interactive and dream-like environment where the artworks, installations and soundscapes, encourage the viewer to question and explore the depths of their mind and imagination.

Special Performance by Betty Grumble

Soundscape By: Bi0mechanical

Opening night on the evening:
Wednesday 6th May, 6pm.
Running till Saturday 16th May.

Sponsored by:
Young Henrys, i-Glamor, XRay DollKris’s Feathered FriendsMissy Mischief, Pixel Perfect Prolab,

Any media enquires please email:

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‘WE’ by George Hathway opening at kind of —

‘WE’ — George Hathway
Opening Wednesday 8th April, 6pm.
Running till Saturday 18th April.

George exhibits a collection of paintings portraying solitary figures, largely children in urban spaces. The exhibition centres on the innate characters of the persons, coupled with the shared experience they partake in of the city and each other.

George is a Sydney born and trained painter currently residing in London. She is known for her large scale figurative oil paintings. George combines the natural and imagined world to depict internal manifestations and in doing so creates powerful work.

George Hathway_WE_640px

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‘Night Riders’ at kind of — gallery

Next Wednesday we have the pleasure of launching a photographic book and exhibition by Briana Russell  — ‘Night Riders’.

Night Riders is a social photographic project that aims to shed light on this mysterious part of the night.

For several weeks Briana rode with the Night Riders, meeting characters and documenting the journey of the N80 & N90 bus routes, delivering people safely to their destinations between the hours of 12am-5am.

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Once again the nice people at TWT and Brand X have decided to throw a block party for the creative precinct that we’re a part of.
To coincide with his solo show Chris Yee will be live painting a mural on the kind of — balcony.


Following the success of last year’s event which saw over 1000 locals celebrate the official opening of the precinct, join us for the another legendary evening of exploring, interacting, surprise and creativity – with music, live art, food, film and fun that will bring this once sleepy street in St Leonard’s to life as a hub of activity.

8 artist-run initiatives have taken up residence on Atchison Street transforming underutilised buildings into art galleries, creative retail and workspace for artists. On March 20, each venue will be offering their own taste of creative hospitality.

Program includes:

* The unveiling of JODEE KNOWLES’ new mural in Atchison Lane
* RETROSWEAT 80’s aerobic class @ Brand X
* ANITA DOOCHE & BETTY GRUMBLE performance @ our new underground DIVE BAR
* Preview of our new LANEWAY CINEMA
* SHARED BOUNDARIES exhibition by Sofia Lo Bianco
* LETTERPRESS demonstrations
* CAMERA OBSCURA @ contact sheet
* MURAL PAINTING & exhibition @ cre8tive studios
* THE BIKE WHISPERER @ Cicli Spirito
* WATER exhibition @ T1 Art Terminal and me artspace
* PANORAMA exhibition by CHRIS YEE @ kind of – gallery
* Live Loop da Loop @ BSIDESOUND
* Wishing Tree @ PLATFORM72
* LIVE MUSIC @ The Jazz Workshop
* FRENCH CUTS exhibition @ Caffe Nostra

And much much more…

An authentic BLOCK PARTY experience that showcases the creative talents which exist in our new precinct in the Lower North Shore – our new community.


A major new arts undertaking, the TWT Creative Precinct is an exciting, vibrant new initiative which involves the conversion of a number of commercial buildings on Atchison Street into art galleries, creative retail and space for artists. This opportunity has been made possible through our new relationship with Auswin TWT Developments.


We hope you can join us for this exciting cultural celebration, part of The Sydney Morning Herald Spectrum Now, presented by ANZ.



‘PANORAMA’ — Chris Yee

We’re very excited to announce the 2nd solo exhibition by Chris Yee — ‘BETWEEN’.

With PANORAMA, Chris Yee explores power through size and scale – more directly the representation of sport teams, gangs, ancient armies and governments throughout time. 

Through a series of large scale artworks he finally mends the missing links between the social youth of Chinatown, the suburbs of Ryde and the Roman empire.


The Heavy Collective Kick Starter

Our friends over at the Heavy Collective are trying to drum up some dollar bills to keep the good work they’ve been doing moving forward. Jump on board!

The Heavy Collective are extremely excited to announce the launch of our long overdue Kickstarter.  We have been on the hard road with Tumblr for the longest time and are in desperate need of a real deal website. It’s been four years and we would like to say we’ve made a dent; exhibiting, publishing, interviewing and sharing inspiring and important work from photographers both here and abroad, but Tumblr has made it feel like dragging a rock uphill.

This year we are rolling out some pure gems online and off and we need a real website to make it happen. We are proud to make public the release of Heavy Vol. 1. An annual publication featuring some of the big hitters we have had the privilege of showcasing these past four years. Expanding on this, our new digs will allow us to publish a quarterly, assembling all of the submissions that land in our inbox and flickr pool that we think deserves a tasty spotlight. Lastly, Collaborate! We’ve been dying to do this in a strong and meaningful way, a new site finally gives us room do do it. A real collective with real stories, fostering a firm international community, linking you to what’s happening with photography world wide.

Help us move into our new home – Donation and video link here – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/178687563/the-heavy-collective-house-hunting

(image by – Zhang Xiao)

Steve Tierney at kind of — gallery

Opening 6 – 9pm Wednesday 18th February, 2015
Runs 18th February to 28th February, 2015

Sydney artist Steve Tierney creates floating landscapes where figures interact amongst faces and words, dissected by buildings, machinery and everyday objects in a collage of images cut and pasted from magazines and advertising of the 50’s and 60’s.

The use of a distinct cloud shape has become a repetitive feature and appears in most of his work, helping to place the juxtaposed shapes, faces and figures into a world they can live.

Most of the works featured in his up-coming solo exhibition ‘Between’ were created while Tierney was living in Oaxaca, southern Mexico during 2014 and continue from a small series he produced for exhibition there titled ‘Máscaras’. A personal look at identity and self, presented through mixed media collages of abstract faces and scenes of distorted profiles and people.

This new body of work takes the theme of identity further, focusing on examples of human behaviour and social interactions around gender roles and stereotypes of the past and of today. Always keeping an ironic and tongue-in-cheek view of the world in front of him.

Steve Tierney is an Australian mixed media artist working primarily in the technique of collage. He has held solo and group exhibitions of his art and paintings in Australia, Tokyo, Cambodia and México.

For more information on the artist and to see his previous work please visit: www.teaguesart.com

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