Opening: Timba Smits ‘Role Models’ at Lamington Drive – Melbourne

Lamington Drive is pleased to present Role Models by Timba Smits — a series of exquisite portraits.

It’s been 15 years since Timba’s first (and only) solo show but he hasn’t been idle in the intervening years. Since his 2001 debut exhibition, Self Titled, this award-winning illustrator has ventured on to refine and evolve his iconic style while exhibiting in and curating a large number of successful local and international group shows.

‘Role Models’ by Timba Smits
Where: Lamington Drive, Melbourne
Opening: Wednesday 16th May



Opening: ‘Find me a Castle’ by Beci Orpin at Lamington Drive – Melbourne

To celebrate the launch of Beci Orpin’s latest publication, ‘Find me a Castle’ a children’s look-and-find picture book published by Penguin, Beci brings together a look-and-find exhibition to match.

Illustrations from the book are extracted from the pages and transformed into a larger than-life-scale. The gallery walls are divided into giant pages where viewers can search for hidden objects – an elephant stamp, a beetle, even a giant toothbrush.

‘Find me a Castle’ by Beci Orpin
Where: Lamington Drive, Melbourne
Opening: Saturday 15th August

Beci Orpin

Opening: Currency by Kate Banzai at Lamington Drive – Melbourne

Lamington Drive is pleased to present Currency — a solo show by Kate Banazi.

Concerned with the virulent standards by which we judge ourselves (and those around us), Banazi looks to our constant pursuit of perfection and the price we pay for this unattainable goal. A reflection on the fluctuating value of our own self-worth, Currency examines imperfection in a world lost amid the noise of impossible ideals. Ideals imposed by our environment and, more importantly, ourselves.

Currency features a collection of silkscreen prints on Perspex. Refraining from retouching any of the silk screens, Banazi accepts the artworks in their unedited beauty. Celebrating blemishes, praising flaws and enjoying the unpredictable process of creating the work — an experience that was both challenging and liberating.

An exploration of tessellating shapes and curves, each print is layered with a variety of patterns that blend and mesh, coming in and out of focus as the viewer moves throughout the space. The sum of these individual elements elicits a visceral sense of awe and respect for each piece’s uniquely flawed beauty, allowing Banazi to play upon the notion of what our aesthetic ideals are and who gets to decide them.

‘Currency’ by Kate Banzai
Where: Lamington Drive, Melbourne
Opening: Wednesday 8 July

Kate Banzai

Opening: Sean Morris ‘Cosmic Dread’ at Lamington Drive – Melbourne

We’re excited to hear that ex Perth, now Melbourne based Sean Morris will be opening a solo exhibition in the coming weeks with Lamington Drive. No doubt this show will be amazing, so if you’re in Melbourne don’t miss it!

Lamington Drive is pleased to present Cosmic Dread by Sean Morris. Marking his first solo outing since exhibiting in Madrid in 2013, Cosmic Dread features a series of new paintings on wood, print tapestries and painted vases, all adorned with a selection of Sean’s favourite subject matter—freedom vehicles, snakes vs snake-people, and powerful, slightly disgruntled girls with swords.

Morris’ eclectic work flickers between the trashy and the beautiful, manifesting in curious studies of outsider living and colourful homages to low culture. Symbols of evil are given loving twists, and nostalgic tributes are made to things that probably never happened, but which Morris wishes had.

‘Cosmic Drea’ by Sean Morris
Where: Lamington Drive
Opening Hours: Wednesday 13 May, 6 – 9pm

Sean Morris

Sean Morris

Opening: ‘Beyond Beyond’ at Lamington Drive – Melbourne

Together with Lamington Drive, Beci Orpin is curating a great group show at their space in Melbourne this week, called ‘Beyond Beyond’. The show opens this Wednesday night and features a host of local and international artists and designers. More details here.

‘Beyond Beyond’ group show
Where: Lamington Drive, Melbourne
Opening Hours: Wednesday 4 Feb, 6-9pm

Lamington Drive