Photos: ‘The Screaming Hand art show’ at Ambush Gallery – Sydney

The Screaming Hand art show recently opened at Ambush Gallery in Sydney, so we braved the rain and checked out this amazing (and large!) collection of both old and new original art, all based on the famous Jim Phillips icon, The Screaming Hand!

The show, curated by Eddie Zammit and Produced by Santa Cruz AUS, was really well presented and jam packed full of amazing work by both local and international artists. Too many to name… A great opportunity for the local artists to be given free reign over a classic image, plus an honour for most to have their work presented next to some of the world’s most renown (skate related) artists such as Mark Gonzales, Steve Olson, Mike Giant, Thomas Campbell, Andy Jenkins and many many more including original artwork by the creator himself, Jim Phillips.

With multiple rooms (our favourite was the video / process room), this show is definitely one not to miss, and make sure you don’t because it’s only open for a short amount of time!

Find out all the details here. (All photos below by Enzo Amato) Click below for the full set of photos…

Screaming Hand art show Sydney - Jim Phillips

Screaming Hand art show Sydney - Jim Phillips

Screaming Hand art show Sydney - Jim Phillips

Screaming Hand art show Sydney - Jim Phillips

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Opening: Screaming Hand art show at Ambush Gallery – Sydney

In the Sydney leg of the worldwide tour of the Screaming Hand art show, 48 of the world’s most influential artists of the past 30 years and a further exclusive 30+ works of art from some of Australia’s most highly regarded local artists will be exhibiting their take on the iconic Screaming Hand image created by Jim Phillips, at Ambush Gallery.

The Australian artist that have created original pieces are:

Beastman, Dale Bigeni, Ben Brown, Buttons, Otis Carey, Greg Cleveland, Rhys Cooper, Days One, Marcus Dixon, Jack Douglas, Christopher Hancock, Georgia Hill, Idol, Luca Ionescu, Luke Lucas, Marian Machismo, Mayonaize, Meggs, Andy Murphy, Elliott Numskull, Sam Octigan, James Jirat Patradoon, Phibs, Callum Preston, Travis Price, Nicole Reed, George Rose, Glenn ‘Glenno’ Smith, Stay Bold, Ken Taylor, Unwell Bunny, Cat Wall, Mike Watt, Ozzie Wright & 23rd Key.

‘Screaming Hand art show’ group show
Where: Ambush Gallery, Sydney
Opening: Friday 5th November

Jim Phillips screaming hand art show

Photos: No Vacancy 5 year anniversary

In the low brow art world, some galleries stay, some go, some linger and grow old, but there’s one gallery in Melbourne that has stayed true and has always been at the forefront of the Melbourne gallery circuit. That’s No Vacancy.

The gallery, who’s main space is in the heart of the city, and also has two satellite spaces, has recently just celebrated their 5th birthday!

Featuring a stellar line up that was Meggs, Ghostpatrol, Ben Frost, Miso, Two One, Nior, Beastman, Makatron, Tom Vincent, Jasper Wong, Max Berry, Numskull, Adnate, Sheryo, Nails, Stephen Ives, Luke Lucas, and many many more (too many for me to re-type)… the show was packed full of both recent work and un seen old work that the artists contributed to a killer show. For us, we think there needs to be more of these group shows. Big celebrations of what’s happening right now in the young art world.

Thanks to the NV team for sending over the great photos (taken by Caitlin Muscat). Click below for the full set (there are ALOT of photos)…

No Vacancy

No Vacancy

No Vacancy

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Sneak Peek: Alphabetica at He Made She Made

TONIGHT is yet again, filled with a handful of really great exhibition openings.

We really recommend getting around to all of them, as they are ALL equally as worthy as the other.

Second on the hit list tonight is ‘Alphabetica’ at He Made She Made. A show dedicated to type and a great cause (more info on that cause here).

Thursday 6 December from 6-9pm. More info on the Facebook event here.
Featuring the work of Will Lynes, Ben Drury, Luca Ionescu, Numskull, Greedy Hen, Luke Lucas, Paul McNeil, Matthew Tapia, Jeff Rogers and MANY MANY MORE.

70 Oxford St, Darlinghurst
The exhibition continues until Saturday 8 December.