‘Waves’ group exhibition – Manly

Funstudio & North Journal presents Waves

A collection of Australian Artists

Mark Alsweiler / Otis Hope carey / Bart Celestino
Michael Bennett / Nadia Hernandez
Brad Eastman / Edward Woodley / Georgia Hill
Toby Jones / Thomas Jackson / Matt Rabbidge Max Berry / Elliott Routledge / Will Lynes
Nathan Pickering / Sylvès Colless / Paul McNeil

Saturday 20th August, 4 till 7pm

North Head Sanctuary
Building 4 / 33 North head scenic Drive, MANLY
Direction at www.duenorthworkspaces.com

Proudly supported by Funstudio, North Journal, Due North Workspaces, Logan Wines and Stone & Wood Brewery

Waves exhibition

Opening: Mark Alsweiler ‘The Sun and The Season’ at MMPG – Sydney

It’s a busy year ahead for NZ born, Sydney based artist Mark Alsweiler. The next few months he’s preparing for a debut solo exhibition in the United States and month long artist residency in Ireland.

In the lead up to these milestones, Mild Manners is proud to present an exhibition of studio drawings, in essence they’re the working ideas for paintings and sculptures Alsweiler will then start making later in the year.

‘The Sun and The Season’ by Mark Alsweiler
Where: MMPG, Sydney
Opening Hours: Thursday 2nd April, 6 – 8pm

Mark Alsweiler

Sneak Peek: Mark Alsweiler ‘Gold Moth’ – RVCA Sydney

Mark Alsweiler is opening his next solo show titled ‘Gold Moth’ at the RVCA Gallery space in Paddington this week. A much anticipated collection of work from the New Zealand born artist, which will see a heap of new work including paintings on paper and hand caved sculptures.

Full of duality, Mark Alsweiler’s acrylic paintings and wooden sculptures are both rudimentary and developed, blending raw painted areas with minuscule details.

Born in the mountainous South Island of New Zealand, Alsweiler now resides in Sydney, Australia. This locational shift is evident in his work where imagery of the countryside is contrasted with metropolitan scenes, his always evident characters keeping unity.

‘Gold Moth’ displays a mix of his hand carved figurative sculptures, made from salvaged hardwood and acrylic on paper paintings.

Click below for the full set of photos.

“Gold Moth” by Mark Alsweiler
Opening: Thursday 19th June
RVCA Gallery – 84 Oxford Street, Paddington

Mark Alsweiler

Mark Alsweiler

Mark Alsweiler

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Opening: The Hours presents ‘Stockroom’ – a group show

We are proud to announce ‘Stockroom’. A group show featuring some of Australia’s finest young artists

Over the years, The Hours (Beastman, Marty Routledge & Numskull) have produced a number of widely acclaimed art events & exhibitions around Australia and have worked with some of the most recognised young artists in a variety of different genres.

To celebrate these ties, The Hours presents ‘Stockroom’. A large group show featuring a host of artists that have either worked with us before, are working with us now, or are someone we’d like to work with in the future. A mix of connections between the artist and us, as purveyors of modern art, we believe this to be a perfect insight into “if we were to own a stockroom, this is who it would be filled with”.


EMAIL bob@theopeninghours.com.au for press info
EMAIL sales@thehours.com.au for a catalogue

“Stockroom” group show
Opening: Wednesday 4th June
The Tate Gallery – Sydney

the hours

The Opening Hours 2013 year in review

2013 was a big year for us, and an even bigger one for Australian art. Alot happened both inside Australia and by Australian artists overseas, something that has slowly but surely put Australia on the map for low brow, street art and graffiti art on the world stage.

We would like to thank every single person that has visited the website over the course of the year. We sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed the content we’ve been publishing and endeavor to continue updating as much as possible. Amongst the many Hours projects we create, we strive to get as much unique coverage out to you as possible, so you guys are inspired and informed. To finish off the year, below is a list of the various projects we’ve either covered, curated, or our contributors have posted.

The Opening Hours

– We started the year by releasing a rare limited t-shirt with local graffiti writers Roach TGS and Retro KGB
– Sydney street art photographer @nemans came on board as a frequent photo contributor, keeping us up to date with what’s happening outside. See her posts here.
– The first installment of The Hours Tower Mural Project was painted by Beastman, Jae Copp and Marty Routledge on the Gold Coast. See photos here.
Carbon festival happened again down in Melbourne, which saw talents like Barry McGee, Shawn Stussy, Dabs & Myla and many more speak, exhibit and paint throughout the week. We traveled down to interview some of the key speakers and create a short video.
– Throughout the year Australia welcomed a handful of visitors including Vhils, Ian Strange, June Inoe, Insa, Roa and more.
– Project Ugly hosted Thomas Jackson, Will Cooke, Skount, Bennett, Bafcat and more…
– After a long time in the making, we finally released Issue 9 of Kingbrown Magazine which we curated for the KB guys including artists we’ve worked with, met with, or were just plain hyped on. The issue featured Unga, Ed Templeton, Trent Whitehead, Dabs & Myla, Vans the Omega, Nychos, Ozzie Wright, Huskmitnavn, Shida, Drypnz, Ghostpatrol, Roach, Numskull and Jordan Walkzak.
– Throughout the year we curated solo exhibitions for Skount, Joel Birch, Askew, Beastman & Phibs, and Shida.
– The Sydney Contemporary Art Fair opened at Carriageworks and witnessed the largest crowd of art enthusiasts the city has ever seen. See our coverage here and more info here.
– In September we traveled over to Hong Kong and in cooperation with Above Second Gallery and the generous support of Ironlak, hosted some of the countries most notable street and graffiti artists in the city for an exhibition and art tour called Neon Golden. Check out the photos and video here.
– After the success of Wonderwalls 2012, together with Verb Syndicate and Ironlak, we brought back Wonderwalls for 2013 which saw some of the world’s most recognized street and graffiti artists travel to Wollongong and paint over 10 small to large scale murals. More info here and the recap video here.
– It seemed like 2013 was the year of mural festivals, as we saw the opening of Hit the Bricks in Newcastle and Rise in Christchurch (see our coverage here).
– A late, but very welcome addition to the Sydney art scene was the new RVCA gallery in Paddington. Curated by Mild Manners, the new gallery opened with a great group show including Mark Alsweiler, Dmote, Kelsey Brookes and many more, AND promises to be a great venue for future exhibitions. See photos from the opening here.
– Last but not least, the most memorable moment of 2013 for us would have to be the release of ‘Limitless‘. A short film made by Selina Miles featuring Sofles, Quench, Treas and Fintan Magee. Currently standing at over 7 million hits, if you haven’t seen this yet, go do so right now.

Thanks again to our supporters, contributors, friends and all of the artists that made 2013 memorable.

Opening: ‘Housewarming’ RVCA’s new Gallery in Sydney

This week sees the opening of RVCA’s new Downstairs Gallery in a space on Oxford St in Paddington. The space will provide a permanent refuge to local and international artists alike giving them the platform and framework to showcase their latest creative endeavours.

The first exhibition,’Housewarming’ includes a healthy list of local and well known global ANP Artists this show show sets a precedent for what is to come in 2014. Starting at 6pm, Friday 13th. Thanks to Kirin Cider and San Pellingro, there is more reason to celebrate.

ANP Artist – Jim Houser

ANP Artist – Andrew Pommier

Exhibition: Higher Ground Studio group show at Kinokunya – Sydney

Higher Ground Studio is hosting a group show at Kinokunya from this Thursday onwards, until the 5th of January. A treat for Sydney siders, as most shows normally only last for a week these days.

The group exhibition features Beastman, Bennett, Ears, Mark Alsweiler, Max Berry, Neil Tomkins, Numskull, Phibs, Tom Ferson and photographer Tony Kenny (who has, over time, shot in and around the artists in their studios).

Get down and see some of Sydney’s best show off an eclectic mix of their latest work. More details here.

Higher Ground Studio

Opening: Kingbrown Issue 9 Sydney Launch

To celebrate the release of Kingbrown issue 9, The Hours and The Tate are hosting the Kingbrown official launch party featuring an array of work by good mates of Kingbrown and The Hours.

Friday Aug 16th / The Tate Gallery / 345 Glebe Pt Rd, Glebe Sydney / 6pm

Vans the Omega + Roach + Drypnz + Numskull + Beastman + Ian Mutch + Takie + Bridge Stehli + Gimiks Born + Will Lynes + Joel Birch + Ozzie Wright + Jae Copp + Mark Alsweiler + Dabs & Myla + Shida + Ghostpatrol + Two One + Phibs + Max Berry + Fuzeillear + Thomas Jackson + Loretta Lizzio + Nior + Will Cooke + Bec Winnel + Jumbo

Works by the above, Kingbrown Issue 9, and assorted merch will be sold on the night – For one night only.
connect: @kingbrown / @theopeninghours / @thetategallery
Fb: www.facebook.com/events/592020647509795/

Kingbrown Issue 9

What is a Kingbrown?

Kingbrown is West Australian slang for a longneck beer – a 40oz. Wrapped in a brown bag, just like a good 40 should.

Sitting somewhere between a book, a magazine and an art zine, Kingbrown is a super limited edition periodical. Each issue is handcrafted, delivered inside a silk screened brown bag which is designed and curated by some of the world’s leading innovators of photography, illustration and urban and skateboard art and design.

Inside Kingbrown you will find profiles and interviews that take you on a twisted journey inside the studios and minds of some of our very talented friends, with the aim of keeping you inspired and connected to the subcultures we love most. Printed with quality in mind, each page is a collectable item, individually sealed and packaged. Now in its 8th edition, Kingbrown has achieved worldwide success and is now launching for the first time in the US.

In this issue

Wrapped in a double sided brown bag with artwork by Ed Templeton & UNGA (Broken Fingaz), together with a cool outdoor vinyl sticker by Dabs Myla, and a Kingbrown x Ironlak stubby holder, featuring great interviews and studio insights with Nychos, Dabs Myla, Huskmitnavn, Ghostpatrol, Vans the Omega, Ed Templeton, Unga, Numskull, Roach, Ozzie Wright, and heaps more. Yep, told you it’s rad.

Kingbrown Issue 9

Kingbrown Issue 9

Kingbrown Issue 9

Kingbrown Issue 9

Kingbrown Issue 9

Kingbrown Issue 9

Kingbrown Issue 9

Kingbrown Issue 9

Kingbrown Issue 9

Higher Ground – Open Studio Weekend

Higher Ground Studio is home to some of Sydney’s most notable street, graffiti and fine artists. BEASTMAN, BENNETT, EARS, MARK ALSWEILER, MAX BERRY, NEIL THOMKINS, NUMSKULL, PHIBS, TOM FERSON.

Every year Higher Ground participates in Leichhardt councils open studio tour. Which will, this year, be a two day event. The public will get to look inside the the studios and even purchase unseen and rare work, directly from the artists.

Open 23rd & 24th March 2013
10am to 4pm both days
251 Parramatta Road, Annandale (Sydney)

More information here. For more information and images, download the press release here.


Higher Ground Studio

Higher Ground Studio

Higher Ground Studio

‘Cardboard City’ Group show at Soldiers Rd Gallery

This Thursday, Soldier’s Rd Gallery brings you ‘Cardboard City’ a giant group show featuring a collection of 25 Aussie artists working across a multitude of genres.

With each of the artists contributing 10 pieces priced at $100 a pop, Soldiers Rd will be awash with cardboard (and talent) so head in early and scoop up a piece by your favourite artist before the crowds get going. Doors open at 6.

WHO: Ears, Bennett, Mark Alsweiler, Max Berry, Numskull, Phibs, Jumbo, Bridge Stehli, Tom Ferson, SMC, Houl, Bafcat, Birdhat, Joe Wilson, Chanelle Collier, Ella Condon, Syke, Benjamin Reeve, Claire Nakazawa, Choq, Tim Andrew, Kaffeine, Michael Hazel, Mih Fluhrer and Sid Tapia

More info here.

Cardboard City

Cardboard City

Cardboard City

Cardboard City

Cardboard City