Photos: ROA at Backwoods Gallery – Melbourne

From the 3rd to the 19th of June, Backwoods Gallery will be presenting ‘Hic Sunt Dracones’, the latest exhibition by Roa. The result of a modern expedition, the show will explore the impact of western civilisation on Australia’s native fauna through illustration, sculpture and installations.

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Opening: Timba Smits ‘Role Models’ at Lamington Drive – Melbourne

Lamington Drive is pleased to present Role Models by Timba Smits — a series of exquisite portraits.

It’s been 15 years since Timba’s first (and only) solo show but he hasn’t been idle in the intervening years. Since his 2001 debut exhibition, Self Titled, this award-winning illustrator has ventured on to refine and evolve his iconic style while exhibiting in and curating a large number of successful local and international group shows.

‘Role Models’ by Timba Smits
Where: Lamington Drive, Melbourne
Opening: Wednesday 16th May



Photos: Jae Copp at RVCA Corner Gallery – Melbourne

It has been close to five years between artist Jae Copp‘s last solo exhibition, picking up right where he left he’s exhibiting series of distinctive new works at the RVCA Corner Gallery in Melbourne.

Paralleloland opened early April and runs for just over a month until May 7. The work is described by Copp as a ‘lost collection of cosmic maps and artefacts from the atlas of imagination’. He has long used allegories and abstract twists to take personal and social views out of context, into a surreal, and at times almost semi-nonsensical way using an array of medium including paper treatments, hand stitching, embossing and sculptural elements rendered with meticulous brush-based illustration.

Through the series he clumsily explores and appropriates the theory of parallel universes and time travel by providing his shape-shifting figures with new found maps and artefacts to guide them through the universe as they continue to mimic learnings of a bygone era. With these new found tools they are able to navigate through time and space in a relentless quest for both, social and planetary harmony.








Photos: Felipe Pantone at Backwoods Gallery – Melbourne

Felipe Pantone was recently in Australia for Wonderwalls Wollongong 2015, where during his stay in the country also opened a solo show at Backwoods Gallery in Melbourne. The neat body of work reflected the unique futuristic visions of this versatile artist from Spain, whose fascination with modern-day technology and its rapid development continues to influence his vibrant artistic style.

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Felipe Pantone

Felipe Pantone

Felipe Pantone

Felipe Pantone

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Opening: Felipe Pantone ‘Stereodynamica’ at Backwoods Gallery – Melbourne

On his ongoing journey to explore the notions of a never-ending development of technology at a stunning speed, Felipe Pantone brings us yet another experiment in multistable perception. For his latest show called Stereodynamica, coming to Backwoods Gallery, this talented artist from Valencia will, for the first time in Australia, exhibit a series of stereoscopic works on canvas and paper. In order to add yet another dimension to his vibrant, kinetic, almost three-dimensional works, Felipe Pantone worked with stereograms, a particular kind of imagery which hides a picture within a picture.

‘Stereodynamica’ by Felipe Pantone
Where: Backwoods Gallery, Melbourne
Opening: Friday 16th October

Felipe Pantone - Backwoods Gallery

Felipe Pantone - Backwoods Gallery

Felipe Pantone - Backwoods Gallery

Photos: ‘Curses’ – Black Canyon, Melbourne

Really nice photo recap of the ‘CURSES’ show which opened in Melbourne a couple of weeks back – presented by Black Canyon and hosted by OKLA, a beautiful warehouse space in Collingwood.  A big crowd came out for the Friday night opening to check out new work by Georgia Hill, Sean Morris, Melissa Grisancich, James McKenna and Nathan Alexis Brown. (Pics by Tom Groves, Sinead Kennedy and Lauren Crockett.) OHCURSES1OHCURSES2OHCURSES20 Continue reading

Opening: ‘Curses’ group show at OKLA – Melbourne

CURSES brings together the work of 5 prolific young graphic artists – Nathan Alexis Brown (Canada) Georgia Hill (Sydney) James McKenna (Perth) Sean Morris (Melbourne) and Melissa Grisancich (Melbourne.) It’s a celebration of both grim and delicate art spanning painting, prints, sculpture, animation and murals. One week only – Opening drinks at 6pm on September 4.

‘Curses’ group show featuring Melissa Grisancich, Georgia Hill, James McKenna, Sean Morris & Nathan Alexis Brown. Curated by Black Canyon
Where: OKLA, Melbourne
Opening: Friday 4th September

Curses group show

Curses group show

Curses group show

Curses group show

Curses group show

Opening: ‘A Parallel Vision’ by Nadia Hernandez & Chrissie Abbott at RVCA Corner Gallery – Sydney

Presented by Mild Manners, A Parallel Vision presents a chaotic celebration of new work by artists
Nadia Hernandez & Chrissie Abbott. Connected through symbols depicting nature, the subconscious and moments in time Abbott and Herna?ndez create individual narratives that harness themes of progress, rebirth and nostalgia.

‘A Parallel Vision’ by Nadia Hernandez & Chrissie Abbott
Where: RVCA Corner Gallery, Melbourne
Opening: Friday 28th August

Nadia Hernandez

Opening: ‘Find me a Castle’ by Beci Orpin at Lamington Drive – Melbourne

To celebrate the launch of Beci Orpin’s latest publication, ‘Find me a Castle’ a children’s look-and-find picture book published by Penguin, Beci brings together a look-and-find exhibition to match.

Illustrations from the book are extracted from the pages and transformed into a larger than-life-scale. The gallery walls are divided into giant pages where viewers can search for hidden objects – an elephant stamp, a beetle, even a giant toothbrush.

‘Find me a Castle’ by Beci Orpin
Where: Lamington Drive, Melbourne
Opening: Saturday 15th August

Beci Orpin