‘Waves’ group exhibition – Manly

Funstudio & North Journal presents Waves

A collection of Australian Artists

Mark Alsweiler / Otis Hope carey / Bart Celestino
Michael Bennett / Nadia Hernandez
Brad Eastman / Edward Woodley / Georgia Hill
Toby Jones / Thomas Jackson / Matt Rabbidge Max Berry / Elliott Routledge / Will Lynes
Nathan Pickering / Sylvès Colless / Paul McNeil

Saturday 20th August, 4 till 7pm

North Head Sanctuary
Building 4 / 33 North head scenic Drive, MANLY
Direction at www.duenorthworkspaces.com

Proudly supported by Funstudio, North Journal, Due North Workspaces, Logan Wines and Stone & Wood Brewery

Waves exhibition

Video: City Walls Sydney featuring Nadia Hernandez

‘To be free is to have no fear’ is a mural by Nadia Hernandez, commissioned by The City of Sydney for the City Walls Sydney project, an ongoing outdoor mural project for the city’s Art & About program. Nadia’s mural is located behind Customs House in Sydney, Australia.

City Walls Sydney featuring Nadia Hernandez from funstudio on Vimeo.

Opening: ‘A Parallel Vision’ by Nadia Hernandez & Chrissie Abbott at RVCA Corner Gallery – Sydney

Presented by Mild Manners, A Parallel Vision presents a chaotic celebration of new work by artists
Nadia Hernandez & Chrissie Abbott. Connected through symbols depicting nature, the subconscious and moments in time Abbott and Herna?ndez create individual narratives that harness themes of progress, rebirth and nostalgia.

‘A Parallel Vision’ by Nadia Hernandez & Chrissie Abbott
Where: RVCA Corner Gallery, Melbourne
Opening: Friday 28th August

Nadia Hernandez