Photos: ‘The Screaming Hand art show’ at Ambush Gallery – Sydney

The Screaming Hand art show recently opened at Ambush Gallery in Sydney, so we braved the rain and checked out this amazing (and large!) collection of both old and new original art, all based on the famous Jim Phillips icon, The Screaming Hand!

The show, curated by Eddie Zammit and Produced by Santa Cruz AUS, was really well presented and jam packed full of amazing work by both local and international artists. Too many to name… A great opportunity for the local artists to be given free reign over a classic image, plus an honour for most to have their work presented next to some of the world’s most renown (skate related) artists such as Mark Gonzales, Steve Olson, Mike Giant, Thomas Campbell, Andy Jenkins and many many more including original artwork by the creator himself, Jim Phillips.

With multiple rooms (our favourite was the video / process room), this show is definitely one not to miss, and make sure you don’t because it’s only open for a short amount of time!

Find out all the details here. (All photos below by Enzo Amato) Click below for the full set of photos…

Screaming Hand art show Sydney - Jim Phillips

Screaming Hand art show Sydney - Jim Phillips

Screaming Hand art show Sydney - Jim Phillips

Screaming Hand art show Sydney - Jim Phillips

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Opening: Screaming Hand art show at Ambush Gallery – Sydney

In the Sydney leg of the worldwide tour of the Screaming Hand art show, 48 of the world’s most influential artists of the past 30 years and a further exclusive 30+ works of art from some of Australia’s most highly regarded local artists will be exhibiting their take on the iconic Screaming Hand image created by Jim Phillips, at Ambush Gallery.

The Australian artist that have created original pieces are:

Beastman, Dale Bigeni, Ben Brown, Buttons, Otis Carey, Greg Cleveland, Rhys Cooper, Days One, Marcus Dixon, Jack Douglas, Christopher Hancock, Georgia Hill, Idol, Luca Ionescu, Luke Lucas, Marian Machismo, Mayonaize, Meggs, Andy Murphy, Elliott Numskull, Sam Octigan, James Jirat Patradoon, Phibs, Callum Preston, Travis Price, Nicole Reed, George Rose, Glenn ‘Glenno’ Smith, Stay Bold, Ken Taylor, Unwell Bunny, Cat Wall, Mike Watt, Ozzie Wright & 23rd Key.

‘Screaming Hand art show’ group show
Where: Ambush Gallery, Sydney
Opening: Friday 5th November

Jim Phillips screaming hand art show

Opening: New Hunting Ground opening show

Looks like Melbourne will be busy tonight, with another great show on the cards. This one, however, being a group show of both Sydney and Melbourne artists together at Juddy Roller’s brand new gallery space New Hunting Ground.

Opening: Friday, 21st June
New Hunting Ground

New Hunting Ground – Gallery Launch from EdInFocus on Vimeo.

URBAN MYTHS: Tales of Two Cities

Two of our favourite photographers coming together for a dual show is very exciting news. More details below and at the Ambush website.

Urban Myths


URBAN MYTHS: Tales of Two Cities
15 November – 4 January
Level 1, Urban Precinct, Westfield Sydney

The debut public art exhibition of an ongoing partnership between Westfield Sydney and aMBUSH Gallery, URBAN MYTHS: A Tale of Two Cities is a photography exhibition comprising the compelling work of Nicole Reed (Melbourne) and Tristan Stefan-Edouard (Sydney).

Launching this Thursday 15 November and continuing until 4 January at the Urban Precinct of Westfield Sydney, URBAN MYTHS chronicles the moments and motifs that, through the lenses of two influential contemporary photographers, best describe the characters of their respective home cities. From soaring city skylines to the nuances of the cities’ quiet corners, the photographs shed new light on the familiar, and open doors to scenes otherwise unobserved.

Catch Sydney artist SPRINKLES battle it out with Melbourne artist ADNATE on Sat 17 Nov from 12-4pm at Level 1, Urban Precinct, Westfield Sydney (just follow the DJ tunes).

Video: MONO – featuring Rone, Nicole Reed and more

This just dropped into our inbox out of nowhere. What a nice surprise! A video produced by Diamond Dozen and Callum Preston (Everefresh) featuring Rone, Andrew King, Nicole Reed, Adele Winteridge and Steve Gourlay, all about artists working in Mono. A great insight into some of Australia’s most talented/interesting people.

Why Mono? A discussion with creatives. from Callum Preston on Vimeo.

A short interview with Nicole Reed

One of the greatest things about having this website is that I get introduced to alot of amazing artists that i’ve never come across before. Nicole is just that. I knew nothing about her apart from a brief introduction, so I thought we’d ask her a bunch of quick questions to find out more.


First of all, can you tell us where you live? Have you always lived there?
I live in Fitzroy, Victoria. I’ve lived here for nearly 15 years and I can’t see myself living anywhere else in Australia. I am constantly inspired by the mixture of people and street art here. I grew up in the country in not a very creatively inspiring small town.

How long have you been taking photos for?
I’ve always taken photos, but that small town wasn’t a good environment to foster the passion. I started my career as a Graphic Reproducer and then a high end drum scanner operator. That lead on to retouching and finished art. Then about 7 years ago I started working for a magazine called Tattoos Downunder and the publisher asked if I was interested in taking photos for the magazine. That was it for me, I knew definitely that taking photos is what I wanted to do. I’ve been freelancing now for almost 3 years and share an awesome photography studio in Collingwood ( with some very inspiring photographers.


You’ve managed to snap a lot of quite famous creative people. How do you manage to get these people in front of your camera?
It wasn’t until you mentioned it that I looked through my website and released that 80% of my portraits are of artists of one sort or another! A lot of the portraits are commissioned and I think I have a certain empathy towards how artists feel in front of the camera as I hate getting my photo taken!! A lot of people always comment on how “painless” my shoots are, and I guess word gets around! I do a lot of work for a journal called T-world where I get to photograph a lot of street-wear heavy weights.

How does the environment of these photographs differ to your commercial work?
Oh, a lot of my commercial work is pretty “environment-less”!! I still shoot interiors, product and furniture which is great and sometimes therapeutic, but I’d really like to concentrate on portraits, and specifically environmental portraits. Most of my work is done on location and I prefer not to do know where I am doing a portrait until I turn up, it keeps it spontaneous and I love thinking on the fly.


What can we expect to see from this show?
I have over 20 prints of all different tattooers, mainly from Australia that I have shot in the past and specifically for the exhibition. It’s a good mix of group shots and individuals.


“These Artists”, Nicole Reed’s first exhibition in Brisbane captures in perpetuity a group of artists whose work stands the test of time.  Nicole has travelled the world collecting the souls of her favourite Tattoo Artists.  This in itself is a rarity as the most often
photographed aspect of this industry is the end result, not the artists themselves.

“These Artists” Opens Wednesday 6th October at 7pm.
Seventh Circle Studios. 890 Stanley St East, East Brisbane