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Here’s the latest round up of walls and laneways in Sydney. Today’s gallery of photo’s include Birdhat, Retro, Mike Watt, Monstery, Grizzle, Mistery, Nico, Peque vrs, 23rd Key, Pudl, Bones, Phibs, Suchis, Rone, Numskull and more. Click below for more photos.
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Video: Askew, Rone, Adnate, Mayo & Guido Van Helten paint the Collingwood Power Station – Melbourne

On May 6th 2014 Juddy Roller curated 4 world class portrait artists and one of Melbourne’s most respected graffiti writers to collaborate on a wall stretching over the 100 meter boundary of a large power station in Collingwood, Melbourne. The project took about 4 days to complete and has quickly been regarded as one of the most important collaborative murals in Melbourne

Juddy Roller mural Collingwood

Juddy Roller mural Collingwood

Juddy Roller mural Collingwood

Juddy Roller mural Collingwood

Video: Wall to Wall festival, Benalla -Victoria

On Friday the 27th to Sunday the 29th of March, local and international street artists transformed 13 walls in the small town of Benalla into incredible works of art.

Artists including Rone, Adnate, Askew, Ears painted murals up to 3 stories high using scissor lifts, cherry pickers and scaffold to scale the buildings to create their modern masterpieces.

Wall to Wall is the first annual street art festival in Benalla, curated by Juddy Roller with the support of the Benalla Street Art Committee. The festival is a forward thinking approach to rejuvenating the regional town.

TRYP Hotel: Brisbane

Tucked away in Brisbane’s inner creative pocket, sits TRYP Hotel on Constance Street, Fortitude Valley – also known as Australia’s first ever, 65 room, boutique ‘Street Art Hotel’.


The building itself posses an interesting past. Presumably around 150 years ago, the space was once a clubhouse for the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes, the Brisbane chapter of an international and mysterious secret society. An antique plaque from this time was discovered in the development stages of TRYP and is now displayed in the reception area of the hotel. Post clubhouse history, the building was a central backpackers hotel which then became abandoned due to reasons not currently known. It was through this time of abandonment that the space became an inner city hub for local and international artists.


AFTER: An open landscape rooftop bar, ‘UP on Constance’

Previous features of the abandoned backpackers included level upon level of tags, art and scrawlings constantly changing with each visit. A huge staircase leading up to the highest point of the building also boasted rooftop views and a small shelter tower where one could, (surprisingly enough) get free WiFi by connecting wirelessly to nearby business’s access points. Not the ideal holiday destination for most, but it was in this wasteland state that the space truly flourished.

TRYP’s vision and consideration to stay true to the building’s past street style was a respectful and admirable decision by their developers. As old walls got touched up and painted over, new murals appeared to stay from some of Australia’s most prominent street artists, Rone, Numskull, Fintan Magee and Beastman.

“Their vibrant artworks serve as a foundation for the hotel’s distinctive concept, resonating through every aspect of the business, from the eats to the beats, the boys’ effervescent and evocative creations set the tone for Brisbane’s most audacious inner-city haunt.”





Hidden in the stairwell and storage rooms, a few of the buildings original pieces still stand and are now embedded into the iconic history of the TRYP Hotel.

Benjamin Reeve’s original character found on the entry level floor of the abandoned backpackers is now an amicable feature of TRYP hotel thanks to Rone who incorporated the aged work into his commission piece.

This security camera stencil and female character can be found in TRYP’s food storage room, a place you will likely need to seek assistance to find, but is still a preserved artwork.

This Fintan Magee piece painted in the abandoned backpackers many years ago also still remains, though it’s now living inside the confines of a Chur Burger/TRYP storage cupboard.

If you’re yet to check out TRYP hotel, we recommend you do. Looking back at the building’s history and forward with TRYP’s developments arises thoughts of appreciation, acceptance and celebration for graffiti and street art in contemporary society. Trust us, it’s worth the ‘trip’.

Image Credits: TRYP Hotel Brisbane, Abandoned Brisbane, Sarah Hazlehurst

Giveaway: Super Special 10 Tees for 10 Years series featuring Rone, Ghostpatrol, Meggs, Alex Mitchell and Yokii

Super Special has become an institution in Melbourne. We’ve heard their name and seen their work over the years and witnessed them grow into one of the most respected Screen Printers in Australia.

They are turning 10 this year and to celebrate are giving away limited edition t-shirts by some of our favourites. Tees by Rone, Meggs and many more are up for grabs.

We have five t-shirts to give away to five lucky people. See below (from left to right; Rone, Yokii, Ghostpatrol, Meggs and Alex Mitchell).

Email giveaways@theopeninghours.com.au with the subject line “Super Special” THEN in the body of the email, type either Rone, Yokii, Ghostpatrol, Meggs or Alex Mitchell. Winners will be randomly drawn and notified on
Friday 5th December 2014.

NOTE: Only 1 entry per person, so choose your favourite artist.

Super Special tees

Photos: Rone ‘Lumen’ – Melbourne

RONE recently opened his long awaited solo show in his home town of Melbourne, where he took over a soon to be demolished building in the centre of the CBD, which hosted his exhibition to huge crowds and great success.

The show consisted of a large mural on the front of the gallery, a print run by Dangerfork, his new book, a video room which was showing a collection of process films and of course the feature work which were his paintings. Some of his biggest to date, of which some almost towering from floor to ceiling height. Needless to say, it was hard to get front on photos of the work due to the amount of people on both the preview night and the public opening.

See more from RONE here. Click below to see all of the photos.

Rone Melbourne exhibition the opening hours

Rone Melbourne exhibition the opening hours

Rone Melbourne exhibition the opening hours

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Opening: RONE ‘Lumen’ exhibition – Melbourne

If you’re familiar with Australian street art, then no doubt you will be a fan of Melbourne’s RONE. One of the original founders of Everfresh Studio and now celebrated around the world for his bold large scale murals and exhibitions in too many cities to list. A true rising star of the Australian underground art community. If you’re in Melbourne next Friday, don’t miss out on his first Australian solo show in two years.

Opening Friday, October 24 at Level 1, 109 Little Collins Street, Melbourne, Lumen will include eleven large-scale portraits inside and outside of the gallery and a twelve metre high mural on the building’s adjoining ventilation tower.

The space itself – an abandoned office building slated for demolition – has been transformed into a black (and blank) canvas for the artist to takeover. Internally, the artworks will be brought spectacularly to life by lighting designer, John McKissock.

“Lumen explores that pivotal moment in our lives when we realise that we need to believe in what we see [and know to be true] rather than what we’ve been told,” says Rone. “It’s that point in your life when it becomes time to think for yourself, formulate your own opinions and develop a sense of personal identity without consideration to the past or outside influences. That’s why I titled the show Lumen – thematically it’s a series of works about seeing or following the light.”

RONE ‘Lumen’
Where: Level 1, 109 Little Collins Street, Melbourne,
Opening Hours: Friday 24 Oct, 6-9pm

Rone Lumen Exhibition The Opening Hours

Rone Lumen Exhibition The Opening Hours

Rone Lumen Exhibition The Opening Hours

Rone Lumen Exhibition The Opening Hours

Rone Lumen Exhibition The Opening Hours

Rone Lumen Exhibition The Opening Hours

Rone Lumen Exhibition The Opening Hours

Rone Lumen Exhibition The Opening Hours

RONE Teaser from Robot Army on Vimeo.

Opening: The Hours presents ‘Stockroom’ – a group show

We are proud to announce ‘Stockroom’. A group show featuring some of Australia’s finest young artists

Over the years, The Hours (Beastman, Marty Routledge & Numskull) have produced a number of widely acclaimed art events & exhibitions around Australia and have worked with some of the most recognised young artists in a variety of different genres.

To celebrate these ties, The Hours presents ‘Stockroom’. A large group show featuring a host of artists that have either worked with us before, are working with us now, or are someone we’d like to work with in the future. A mix of connections between the artist and us, as purveyors of modern art, we believe this to be a perfect insight into “if we were to own a stockroom, this is who it would be filled with”.


EMAIL bob@theopeninghours.com.au for press info
EMAIL sales@thehours.com.au for a catalogue

“Stockroom” group show
Opening: Wednesday 4th June
The Tate Gallery – Sydney

the hours

Outside: Rone goes big in Melbourne

Being labelled as “Australia’s largest mural”, Rone recently finished this massive wall in the centre of Melbourne city recently, just days before leaving for London where he will open his next solo show at Stolenspace Gallery.

We tried to embed the video here in the post, but it wouldn’t work so visit the link below to watch the full story.