Opening: Mark Alsweiler ‘Port of Call’ at Koskela – Sydney

Mild Manners are teaming up with the iconic sustainable furniture and design store Koskela to present a special off site exhibition and window installation with NZ born, Sydney based artist Mark Alsweiler. Port of Call features a selection of new hardwood sculptures and paintings.

‘Port of Call’ by Mark Alsweiler
Where: Koskela, Sydney
Opening: Saturday 21st May, 3pm

Mark Alsweiler

Photos: Jae Copp at RVCA Corner Gallery – Melbourne

It has been close to five years between artist Jae Copp‘s last solo exhibition, picking up right where he left he’s exhibiting series of distinctive new works at the RVCA Corner Gallery in Melbourne.

Paralleloland opened early April and runs for just over a month until May 7. The work is described by Copp as a ‘lost collection of cosmic maps and artefacts from the atlas of imagination’. He has long used allegories and abstract twists to take personal and social views out of context, into a surreal, and at times almost semi-nonsensical way using an array of medium including paper treatments, hand stitching, embossing and sculptural elements rendered with meticulous brush-based illustration.

Through the series he clumsily explores and appropriates the theory of parallel universes and time travel by providing his shape-shifting figures with new found maps and artefacts to guide them through the universe as they continue to mimic learnings of a bygone era. With these new found tools they are able to navigate through time and space in a relentless quest for both, social and planetary harmony.








Opening: These Things Take Time by Michael Danischewski and Andrew Johnson at RVCA Gallery – Melbourne

Melbourne artists Michael Danischewski and Andrew Johnson are joining forces to exhibit a new series of photographic works. These Things Take Time concentrates on quiet observations reflecting forged memories within unknown landscapes. These images evoke an understanding of travel and personal growth only encountered with the freedom and inspiration of time on the open road.

Both photographers work primarily with analogue process to enhance their aesthetic, a skill they’ve both refined after countless hours under the haze of darkroom lights where they first met in their youth.

Having spent the years since honing their craft, These Things Take Time is a celebration of free spirit and reflection of youth. It’s a showcase of years well spent taking opportunity with a camera over shoulder and pocket full of film…

‘These Things Take Time’ by Michael Danischewski and Andrew Johnson
Where: RVCA Gallery, Melbourne
Opening: Friday 24th July

Michael Danischewski

Sneak Peek: Remio’s show opens in Melbourne

Remio is a bit of a mystery man and he prefers it that way. A prolific graffiti artist originally from Norway, he has found a way to make his mark in almost every country in the world.

Now an RVCA special edition artist, he was recommended by friends Barry McGee and Os Gemeos. Like many of his peers refining their skills at street level, Remy has already started making a successful entry into the gallery and museum world.

His Melbourne solo exhibition,  Subconscious Rumours opens this Thursday, October 23 from 5-8pm at the RVCA Corner Gallery, 82 Stanley St, Collingwood. Exhibition will continue until Mid November.

Alongside a host of new paintings, there are a handful of editioned prints available on the night. Don’t sleep on getting there early.

Photos: Mike Danischewski

Opening: James Jirat Patradoon – Hydra

Sydney based illustrator James Jirat Patradoon‘s new exhibition opens this week, featuring a series of large scale graphite works on paper aiming to channel the manic energy of the way we experience imagery online. Some incredible images below of these works in progress from the past few weeks. You’ll see these finished and in all their glory at the opening.

‘Hydra’ opens Thursday 28th of August at the RVCA Corner Gallery in Melbourne before moving up to Sydney next month.






Opening: WAYDAT? – Sydney

Opening end of this week in Sydney is a MASSIVE group exhibition featuring sixteen of New York and Los Angeles most talented young artists. What Are You Doing After This? (WAYDAT?) Features work by Alex Olson, Tino Razo, Neckface, Fuck This Life, Christopher Shonting, Curtis Buchanan, Nina Long, Jerry Hsu, Jeffrey Potocar, Kevin Long, Leo Fitzpatrick, Meryl Smith, Bill Strobeck, Lele Saveri, Atiba Jefferson & Todd Jordan.

Opens Friday 2nd of May, 6 – 9pm
Continues until end of the month

RVCA Downstairs Gallery
84 Oxford St, Paddington, NSW Australia.




Sneak peek: ‘Full Serve’ – DMOTE, Will Lynes & Nathan Pickering

It’s been a good while since Australian graffiti icon Dmote has shown a significant body of work in exhibition. The last ten or so years he has been living and working in America, continuing to paint both outdoors and in the studio. These days, Dmote resides in New York, but frequently travels the globe as part of RVCA’s Artist Network Program working to expand the program and source new talent.

With the opening of RVCA’s two new project galleries in Melbourne and Sydney, he is finally keen to exhibit new paintings alongside the insanely talented sign painters Will Lynes & Nathan Pickering of Lynes & Co The exhibition opens March 6th in Melbourne at the Corner Gallery in Collingwood before touring to Sydney to open at the Downstairs Gallery in Paddington on March 27th.

Note: A conversation with Will & Nathan, plus previews of their work will be online in the next few days.

Opening: Keegan Gibbs ‘Zuma’ at the RVCA Gallery in Sydney

Tonight is the second opening at RVCA’s Downstairs Gallery in Paddington. Featuring a photo series by contributing US artist Keegan Gibbs, ‘Zuma’ was shot in one day on two rolls of 35mm colour negative film in Malibu, California.

Simplicity and nostalgia is the key to this series in whole, you’ll start noticing the relationship between the form (umbrella), the people, and the environment itself, the beach. Each frame has its own story. Continuing on the motif of shooting from behind his subjects that is prevalent in much of his other work, Keegan takes out the element of peoples faces, forcing the viewers attention first to the umbrella, then to the small details of the frame: a brand of sunscreen, the array of beach accessories, and the body language of the people, who were shot without knowledge of the photographers presence.

Opening tonight (January 30th) 6-9pm
RVCA Downstairs Gallery
82 Oxford st, Paddington
Exhibition remains open for a month

Sneak peek: Keegan Gibbs – Zuma

Young American photographer and RVCA Advocate Keegan Gibbs has an upcoming photo exhibition in Sydney. The show, titled ‘Zuma’ will feature 40 photographs of beach umbrella’s taken over two days on a busy Californian beach, more news on the show to come, for the moment though, here’s a selection of some recent works.