Opening: ‘Savoir Faire’ by Scott Marsh at Good Space – Sydney

This new colourful series by Scott Marsh looks at exploring the growing cross over between graffiti and high art. Marsh drew inspiration from Manet’s ‘Luncheon on the Grass’ and ‘Olympia’. Presenting 20 new works, Marsh pairs the raw energy, and fluid precision of contemporary street culture with the classical notion of the female nude.

The women depicted in Marsh’s paintings, emulate the gaze of Manet’s Olympia; brazenly staring at the viewer. Marsh utilises this comparison to question the acceptance of graffiti techniques within the fine art world. Marsh layers elements of impressionism and pop art with the palette and uses scale techniques associated with graffiti.

‘Savoir Faire’ by Scott Marsh
Where: Good Space, Chippendale
Opening Hours: Wednesday 17 June, 6pm

Scott Marsh

Scott Marsh

Scott Marsh

Event: Sunday Walls at The Lord Gladstone – Sydney

Once again the team from Good Space and The Lord Gladstone are bringing another rotating arts event for Sydney’s community.

This time, their bringing together some of Sydney’s finest graffiti artists, including Scott Marsh, Sare 2 and more surprise guests. Good food, good music (provided by Nacho Pop, Joyride and more), and of course Sydney’s best graffiti writers painting all afternoon.

Check out the Facebook event for more info.

The Lord Gladstone
115 Regent Street Chippendale, Sydney, Australia 2008

Sunday Walls Chippendale

Opening: ‘Until Next Time…” final show at The Tate Gallery – Sydney

We were deeply saddened by the news of The Tate Gallery’s closing…

It’s been a gallery close to our hearts, and a space that in it’s time, has hosted an incredible mix of both world renown artists, and young emerging artists. All without rent or commission. Something which is so unique in the art world.

We’re excited to be helping The Tate Gallery team with one last show. So we’ve gathered as many available artists on short notice as possible to curate one last group show.

‘Until Next Time…’ group show
Where: The Tate Gallery, Glebe
Opening Hours: Wednesday 4th March, 6pm onwards

Until Next Time

On the outside with @nemans

Here’s the latest round up of recent walls and laneways in Sydney. Today’s gallery of photo’s include Thomas Jackson, Twoone, Numskull, Scott Marsh, Sare2, Tiger, Bafcat, Jumbo, Nico, Phibs, Peque, Will Coles, Fintan Magee and more. Click below for more photos. 
, I Love the Inner West,

the_opening-hours_ (1)

the_opening-hours_ (2) the_opening-hours_ (3) the_opening-hours_ (4)

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Opening: The Hours presents ‘Stockroom’ – a group show

We are proud to announce ‘Stockroom’. A group show featuring some of Australia’s finest young artists

Over the years, The Hours (Beastman, Marty Routledge & Numskull) have produced a number of widely acclaimed art events & exhibitions around Australia and have worked with some of the most recognised young artists in a variety of different genres.

To celebrate these ties, The Hours presents ‘Stockroom’. A large group show featuring a host of artists that have either worked with us before, are working with us now, or are someone we’d like to work with in the future. A mix of connections between the artist and us, as purveyors of modern art, we believe this to be a perfect insight into “if we were to own a stockroom, this is who it would be filled with”.


EMAIL for press info
EMAIL for a catalogue

“Stockroom” group show
Opening: Wednesday 4th June
The Tate Gallery – Sydney

the hours

Photos: Big Wall mural at The Vic Enmore – Sydney

A massive thank you goes to The Vic Hotel in Enmore for hosting some of Sydney’s finest graffiti and street artists at their venue to paint the entire carpark wall. The Big Wall…

We invited a handful of artists, and over the weekend saw some surprise guests rock up including Numskull, Tom Schwigs, Okae, Bafcat, Beastman, Onshow, Roach, Retro, Scott Marsh, Clams, Oniks, Elvis, Eels, Cam Wall, Fintan Magee, Moik, Jumbo, Phibs, Resm, Thomas Jackson, Resan, Oricks, Denes, Renob and 2Wik.

Overall, it was an amazing weekend with plenty of drinks, good music and a great supportive crowd for what will hopefully be an ongoing project.

Click below to see a larger version of the joinup photo and all of the great photos taken
by photographer Billy Zammit.

The Hours Vic Enmore Big Wall

The Hours Big Wall

The Hours Big Wall

The Hours Big Wall

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Art Month Sydney 2014

Art Month Sydney has just announced all the events, exhibitions, and details for this years schedule so we thought we’d recommend a few things that might be of interest.

If you’re into street art, and would like to witness a rather rare sit down with Lister, Askew, Beastman, Scott Marsh and gallerist Tim Olsen talk about it’s progression into galleries click here

For more talks, visit the Collector’s Space to hear ‘The role of the art critic’ OR ‘Trend Watch’. Another noteable talk that would be quite interesting is the ‘Aboriginal public art in context’ including Reko Rennie, Jason Wing and Tony Albert.

If you’re in the Inner West, then check out either the Leichhardt Open Studio Trail or the Marrickville Open Studio Trail.

For those of you interested in Street Art and Graffiti, Scott Marsh will be teaching a masterclass in all things street art. Get together with the artist and create a collaborative mural on a wall in Camperdown.

Last but not least, towards the end of each week the Art at Night programme will be running. View all of the various spots here.

Aside from these events, there are alot more things happening. Just find out for yourself on the Art Month Sydney 2014 website.

Art Month Sydney 2014

Opening: ‘B&W’ group show at The Tate – Sydney

Now that the Tate Gallery in Glebe is back in full swing, the team at the gallery are curating a group show to get the year rolling. The show is small paper works, only using black and white, featuring TOM SCHWAIGER, LUSCHIA PORTER, ROACH, MADELEINE PFULL, OX, THOMAS JACKSON, CHRIS YEE, ANIA GAREEVA, DAVID CRAGG, SCOTT MARSH, CHRIS LOUTFY, CAM WALL, KILLGORE TROUT, TAKIE, MULGA, NUMSKULL, WILL COOKE & DAVID PITT. More details on the facebook event here.

“B&W” Group show
Opening: Wednesday, 22nd January
The Tate

The Opening Hours

Event: Wonderwalls Wollongong 2013 – A three day art festival

We are excited to finally announce the details for Wonderwalls Wollongong 2013. Our yearly mural arts festival in Wollongong, presented by The Hours, Verb Syndicate and Ironlak.

With huge thanks to our supporters we have managed to pull together some of the best street and graffiti artists from both Australia and overseas.

The festival will run from November 8 -10, including an art exhibition, artists talks and multiple large-scale murals being painted in the Wollongong CBD from featured artists SMUG (Glasgow), ASKEW (Auckland), ADNATE (Melbourne) WONDERLUST (Melbourne) VANS THE OMEGA (Adelaide), PHIBS (Sydney), SHIDA (Melbourne) FINTAN MAGEE (Brisbane), TWOONE (Melbourne), BEASTMAN (Sydney), NUMSKULL (Sydney), ROACH (Sydney), SCOTT MARSH (Sydney), THOMAS JACKSON (Sydney) PUDL (Sydney), BAFCAT (Wollongong), JAE COPP (Sunshine Coast), IDIOT (Wollongong), SYKE (Wollongong) and TRAIT (Wollongong).

Joining us this year will also be select members of the Ironlak Family, featuring LINZ (Sydney), SOFLES (Brisbane), REALS (Brisbane), SIRUM (Melbourne) and TREAS (Brisbane).

The artists on the Wonderwalls roster will converge on the city for this series of free public events. In Wonderwalls Wollongong’s second year they want to improve on gains made last year to present the city as a viable option for creative endeavours and projects, a place where artists can afford to live at lower cost without sacrificing culture. Increased cultural infrastructure will see the small city as an artistic tour de force in years to come.
Get down to The Gong for Wonderwalls, and the unveiling of their hidden artistic identity. What you see might surprise you.

For more information, mural map and a full program, visit

Wonderwalls Wollongong 2013 - Mural Festival - The Hours

Feature: On the outside with @nemans

Today’s gallery of photo’s from @nemans features Jumbo, Scott Marsh, Sare2, Jiesk, Linz and more. Click below to see the full set.

“On The Outside” is a feature from our friend @nemans ( A weekly round up of recent walls and laneways around Sydney.




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