On the outside with @nemans

Here’s the latest round up of recent walls and laneways in Sydney. Today’s gallery of photo’s include Peque vrs, Nico, Sid Tapia, Atome, Beq, Beastman, Skulk, Lister, Spacemonkey, Mulga and more. Click below for more photos. 
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On the outside with @nemans

Today’s gallery of photo’s from @nemans features Dmote, Pudl, Roach, Amuse, Joel Birch and more. Click below to see the full set.

“On The Outside” is a feature from our friend @nemans (www.innerwestlifestyle.com.au). A weekly round up of recent walls and laneways around Sydney.

The Opening Hours

The Opening Hours
Atome & Teazer

The Opening Hours

The Opening Hours

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Wonderwalls Wollongong

We are proud to announce a project we have been working on with Verb Syndicate in Wollongong.

WONDERWALLS is a three day art festival presented by The Hours, Verb Syndicate and Ironlak, featuring some of Australia’s most well known Low Brow artists. The weekend of the 9th – 11th of November we will be hosting an exhibition, an exclusive panel discussion AND a series of small & large scale murals being painted around the Wollongong CBD.

If you’re in Wollongong, come join us on the weekend. If you’re from Sydney, it’s only a short drive down the coast. Come for the day, stay for the weekend. Enjoy three days of Australia’s best street and graffiti art, absolutely free.

Visit the WONDERWALLS website for more info.



Always on Vacation is a group show that seeks to showcase the work of thirteen Sydney-based emerging visual artists and musicians. The exhibition will provide a platform for them explore and articulate their response to the concept of Vacation, and to present their creative practise to a concentrated audience. Some of these artists have interpreted the concept literally, depicting their signature characters in scenes and landscapes derived from destinations associated with travel and adventure. Others have dissected the concept further, treating our capacity for dreaming and imaginative escapism as an opportunity for vacation that never leaves us. However, regardless of their approach, the Vacation artists share in the search for the glimmering moments of reprieve that can be attained simply through creative expression.

For more info visit the Ambush Gallery website.