Opening: The Culprit Club ‘Opposing Offenders – Crimes Against Humanity’ launch Brisbane

the culprit club

New kids on the block, The Culprit Club, have teamed up with No Cure magazine and Stupid Krap to host a massive gallery launching exhibition titled – Opposing Offenders, Crimes Against Humanity.

Challenging the ideas of the outspoken majority, this exhibition reacts to the traditional projections of ‘crimes in society’ and responds to the demoralising acts of ‘Crimes Against Humanity’.

This HUGE line up showcases one, exclusive original artwork from 18 artists from around the country including:

Aeon Flys,  Alex Le Hours, Bafcat, Ekaer, Graham Hare, Irok, John Avanti, Kentaro Yoshida, Kiss/Ispy, Lauren Webster, Luke Henery, Lusid Art, Ohnoes, Ox King, Saul Attack, Soda Mouf, Unwell Bunny and 1337.

The Opposing Offenders exhibition will launch the official opening of The Culprit Club, Brisbane’s newest art gallery in Winn Lane, Fortitude Valley this Friday, July 15th at 6pm!

Event sponsors – Balter Brewing / Ironlak 

About The Culprit Club: Born from creative frustration, artistic adoration and a hollaback history of bad decisions, comes The Culprit Club, a pocket-sized gallery and retail store.

the culprit club opposing offenders

Opening: Stupid Krap print house presents “Breaking the seal” – Brisbane

‘Breaking The Seal’ is the first exhibition from Stupid Krap since their rebirth in May 2013. Focused on making limited edition and original artwork available and affordable to collectors the world over, their new vision incorporates limited edition time-released artwork, featuring one new artist every week. ‘Breaking The Seal’ will feature limited edition artwork from their recent stable of artists.

Join us at Kerbside (Constance Street, Fortitude Valley) from 5 to 10pm on Thursday 15 August 2013 to buy a limited edition print and have a drink. The exhibition will run for 1 night only.


Stupid Krap

Stupid Krap relaunches with a whole new roster of artists

Look who just popped back onto our radar without warning!

Stupid Krap has been around for a long time and is the brainchild of Ben Frost. They have released prints for some of Australia’s most recognizable street, graffiti and low brow artists, including Dmote, Kid Zoom, Anthony Lister, Ben Frost, Beastman, Dan Baldwin, Numskull and many, many more.

Well, turns out they’re back, in a very big way, with a whole new stable of artists that will knock your socks off.

Stupid Krap has relaunched and currently has prints available from Fintan Magee, Askew, Beastman, Bec Winnel, Ben Frost, Numskull and Michael Cain (no, not the actor. A better Michael Cain…).

Get in quick, as these prints are limited editions and are very well priced. Don’t miss out!

Visit Stupid Krap here.

Stupid Krap

The Opening Hours Christmas gift guide

We are now half way through December, so it’s about the time when shopping centres start packing full with families, kids, grandma’s, grandpa’s and last minute shoppers. We prefer to stay out of harms way and shop online. Below is a list of goodies to fill either your or someone else’s stocking.

1. We currently have a rare zine/screenprinted bag package from Sydney’s infmaous SLUG.
At only $15 it’s a steal. Click here.
Slug - The Opening Hours

2. Meggs has just released a Boxed Edition T-Shirt which includes a hand screenprinted box, with signed 3 colour A4 screenprint & Meggs stickers. These look really top quality. Get one while you can. Click here.
Meggs - The Opening Hours

3. Another Everfresh member, REKA has a few screenprints for sale at the moment. All are equally as good, this one jumped out at us though. Click here.
Reka - The Opening Hours

4. Numskull has released a brand new edition of one colour stencil prints with Stupid Krap. The edition is only a small 25, so get in quick. Click here.
Numskull - The Opening Hours

5. After seeing her immense floating girl wall at Outpost, we’re sure everyone will be jumping on these limited prints by Vexta. Click here.
Vexta - The Opening Hours

6. Off the back of his Outpost murals and current exhibition ‘Cosmic Nature’, Beastman has also released a limited edition zine documenting ALL of his outdoor walls. Click here.
Beastman - The Opening Hours

7. Dangerfork is one of the newest print stores to appear on the scene, with their release by PRIZM catching our eye. Prizm hardly ever releases new artwork so this is a rare opportunity. Click here.
Prizm - The Opening Hours

8. Finally, Gallery AS (as we have mentioned) have released a print with Mark Whalen (Kill Pixie). We have picked one of these up for ourselves and we reccomend you do the same. The artwork is classic and the print quality is second to none. Click here.
Mark Whalen - The Opening Hours

‘Emerging From Crystal Mountain’ by Beastman

The master of symmetry has been all over the place recently. Shows in Melbourne, massive walls in Brisbane and speaking at the Semi-Permanent conference across Australia. It’s no suprise that he somehow also has the time to release a brand new print. It is called “Emerging from Crystal Mounatin” and is a Beasty classic. Limited to a short run of 25, get in there quick. CLICK HERE.