‘Waves’ group exhibition – Manly

Funstudio & North Journal presents Waves

A collection of Australian Artists

Mark Alsweiler / Otis Hope carey / Bart Celestino
Michael Bennett / Nadia Hernandez
Brad Eastman / Edward Woodley / Georgia Hill
Toby Jones / Thomas Jackson / Matt Rabbidge Max Berry / Elliott Routledge / Will Lynes
Nathan Pickering / Sylvès Colless / Paul McNeil

Saturday 20th August, 4 till 7pm

North Head Sanctuary
Building 4 / 33 North head scenic Drive, MANLY
Direction at www.duenorthworkspaces.com

Proudly supported by Funstudio, North Journal, Due North Workspaces, Logan Wines and Stone & Wood Brewery

Waves exhibition

On the outside with @nemans

My first round up of walls and laneways for 2016 and I’m already loving what I’m finding on the streets of Sydney. Today’s gallery of photo’s include Snarl, Sindy Sinn, Mike Watt, Apeseven, Eoin, Nico, Sid Tapia, Bones, Secret, Krispe, Gabriel Mello, Pudl, Phibs, Georgia Hill, Thomas Jackson, Teazer, Skulk, CAMO, Jieskie, Jumbo, Maid, Buttons and more. Click below for more photos.
@nemans, I Love the Inner West, www.innerwestlifestyle.com.au

nemans (32)nemans (4)nemans (9)nemans (10)

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Opening: ‘Ninety Five Percent’ group show at District 01 – Sydney

NinetyFive Percent is a movement and a community concerned about Climate Change; creating awareness through art.

Opening Night – Thursday 5th of November 6 – 9 pm.
Open Daily – Friday 6th – Saturday 7th 10am – 5pm
@ District 01, 7 Randle Lane, Surry Hills Sydney.

“On October 8th 2015 scientists confirmed a Global Coral Bleaching event is underway, only the third of its kind in recorded history.This event is expected to impact 38% of the world’s coral reefs by the end of this year and kill over 12,000 sq km of reefs.” – NOAA.

Bringing together 20 talented artists who will showcase their interpretation of ocean warming and coral bleaching. Curated by Jaimee Paul

Luschia Porter // Thomas Jackson // George “ Apeseven” Hambov // Cat Lee // Annabel Scanlen // Anne Bourne // Courtney Brims // Arquette Cooke // Brent Smith // Carly Casey // Lani Paxton // Caspian de Looze “The Master Blaster ” // Jaimee Paul // Kareena Zerefos // Jonny Steiner // Kirsten Duncombe // Laura Ives // Lyn Hammond // M-Lon

Ninety Five Percent

Ninety Five Percent

Ninety Five Percent

Ninety Five Percent

Ninety Five Percent

Opening: ‘Project Ugly’ Past Present & Future for Leichhardt Fringe – Sydney

A public exhibition displaying a selection of billboards from the Project Ugly collection, and curated by the program founder Tony Kenny. Featuring Ears, Birdhat, Numskull & Beastman (collaboration), Max Berry, Tom Ferson, Mistery, Jamie Preisz and Thomas Jackson.

Exhibition duration: Wednesday 16 – Sunday 27, September, 2015

Two well-known artists, and early Project Ugly pioneers, will be painting live in the Leichhardt Town Hall Civic Precinct. This is a great opportunity for emerging street artists to see established artists at work, and to see how far these artists have developed in style and technique.

Dates: Weekends of 19 + 20, 26 + 27 September

Location: 214 Albion Street, Leichhardt (just off Catherine St)
Two live paintings over two weekends at the Project Ugly Billboard site, focusing on younger artists and the future of street art in Australia. One emerging Street Artist will win the opportunity to paint and their work will become part of the Project Ugly collection. The second live painting will be carried out by the Ted Noffs Street University under the guidance of Mystery.

Dates: Weekends of 5 + 6, 26 + 27 September

Project Ugly

On the outside with @nemans

It’s been far too long since my last post so over the next couple of weeks I’m going to try and play catch-up with a mix of photos of both old and new walls. Today’s gallery of photo’s include Thomas Jackson, Numskull, Fintan Magee, Suchis, Smug, Nico, Phibs, Amuck, Will Coles, Guido van Helten, Kamion, Bafcat, Skulk, Retro, Sofles, Buttons, Maid, Pudl and more. Click below for more photos.
@nemans, I Love the Inner West, www.innerwestlifestyle.com.au

nemans (87)the_opening_hours (3)the_opening_hours (24)nemans (54)the_opening_hours (1)

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Video: Thomas Jackson & Elliott Numskull paint Workshop – Sydney

Gone but not forgotten. Workshop recently invited Thomas Jackson and Elliott Numskull to decorate their new headquarters in Redfern, Sydney. This is the first time the two have collaborated on a piece like this and we’re excited to see more. Check out the process video below.

Thomas Jackson Numskull beetle mural

Opening: Thomas Jackson ‘Entomology’ at China Heights Gallery – Sydney

In this new body of works, ‘Entomology’, Thomas Jackson removes all movement and focuses on the beauty of still, lifeless insects and studies their forms.
The Beauty of these preserved and decoratively posed animals has always interested Thomas and been a long source of inspiration within his works.

‘Entomology’ by Thomas Jackson
Where: China Heights Gallery, Sydney
Opening Hours: Friday 17th April, 6pm

Entomology Flyer - Thomas Jackson

Opening: ‘Until Next Time…” final show at The Tate Gallery – Sydney

We were deeply saddened by the news of The Tate Gallery’s closing…

It’s been a gallery close to our hearts, and a space that in it’s time, has hosted an incredible mix of both world renown artists, and young emerging artists. All without rent or commission. Something which is so unique in the art world.

We’re excited to be helping The Tate Gallery team with one last show. So we’ve gathered as many available artists on short notice as possible to curate one last group show.

‘Until Next Time…’ group show
Where: The Tate Gallery, Glebe
Opening Hours: Wednesday 4th March, 6pm onwards

Until Next Time

‘Geppetto’s House’ — a fundraising group exhibition

On the 9th of October kind of — gallery will host a charity fundraising group exhibition titled ‘Geppetto’s House’. 
The concept, simply put, is whales. Artists have been invited to work with the concept however they see fit. The contributing artists have come from a variety of contemporary, traditional and street art backgrounds ranging from painters, illustrators, graphic designers and typographers.

The exhibition opens Thursday 9th of October at 6pm running till Sunday 26th October 6pm.

40% of the proceeds from artwork sales will be going to the Australian Marine Conservation Society, in order to support their campaign against whaling. The AMCS is a key player in protecting and preserving the wildlife and marine parks in Australian waters.
If you would like to donate immediately here is the donation page:

The title of this exhibition is a reference to the giant whale, Monstro, that swallows Pinocchio and Geppetto in the Disney version of The Adventures of Pinocchio.

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