Opening: Tom O’Hern ‘Flat Earth’ with Black Art Projects – Melbourne

Black Art Projects are presenting their first show of the year with Hobart based artist Tom O’Hern. As always, when we first see tom’s work on our computer it looks small and cramped. It’s only when you see the size of these works that you’re blown away by the detail. Definitely a show to see in the flesh. See more below, or at the Black Art Projects website.

“A big dumb ape with a big dumb brain. Locked in a warehouse and covered in paint. All I need is a cave or a little unabomber shack in the bush with a really good internet connection where I can hide and draw all day with ink made from toad slime and the crushed up bones of road kill.”

‘Flat Earth’ by Tom O’Hern
Opening: Saturday 22 February
Purgatory Artspace
Level 1, 1/170-174 Abbotsford St North Melbourne VIC 3051

Tom O'Hern

Tom O'Hern

Tom O'Hern

Tom O'Hern

Tom O'Hern

Tom O’Hern “Black Sabbath” – Black Art Projects – Sydney

Black Art Projects have been on a roll lately. Recently with Mark Whalen, and now their next Sydney show, with Tom O’Hern. Read more below.

Tom O’Hern is a Hobart based artist. He draws pictures of hairy men and dead animals and cars on fire and skeletons and penises. Slack Babbath is a collection of painting (drawing), animation (drawing) and drawing about devil worship, death and witchcraft.

“Black Sabbath” new work by Tom O’Hern
Opening Night: Wednesday, Apr 24
Chalk Horse Gallery – Sydney

Regret is For Chemists



Tom O’Hern
Jacob Leary

Callum Donoghue

Robert O’Conner
Joel Crosswell

Scot Cotterell

21/9 – 13/10


Little sneak peak of Regret is For Chemists at Paradise Hills. S
Paradise Hills is excited to present six of Tasmania’s awesome emerging talents mixed together to create a solution of pure creative chemistry. Working in painting, drawing, digital collage, sculpture, murals and installation, these six artists will be on show for three weeks in what could be one of the most exciting collaborations we have ever had at the gallery. With Jacob Leary fresh from his win of the John Fries Memorial Prize for emerging artists two weeks ago and Tom O’Hern back from his residency in Paris, all artists are now taking the trip across Bass Strait and bringing there ground breaking work to Melbourne.


1-9 Doonside st, Richmond

Hey spungoz, Hamishi here. It’s my first day @ #theopeninghours thought I’d celebrate by curating an exciting show in Melbourne on the grey area between high + lowbrow art and the relevance of lowbrow art in a contemporary discussion.

Please join us for opening celebrations on the 27th of September at 6pm.

Curated by Hamishi

Where is the middle ground between high and lowbrow art in Australia’s regressive commercial contemporary art scene? “Sup Brow?” is an exhibition presenting an informed discussion on the relevance of “Juxtapoz Art” in contemporary art and the border between Lowbrow and Mainstream Australian painting through the lens of Australian and international painters, illustrators and mixed practice artists.

Tom O’Hern (TAS)
Hiroyasu Tsuri (TwoOne)
Dylan Martorell
Henry Gunderson (USA)
Lola Dupre (FRA)
Sean Morris (WA)


13 Somerset Place, Melbourne CBD (near little Bourke and Elizabeth)