Video: Wonderwalls Wollongong 2015 full recap

We are proud to present the finally recap video for Wonderwalls Wollongong 2015. A short video documenting the four day event which brings together artists from all over Australia and the world. Massive thanks to all of our sponsors, supporters and volunteers… and of course Simon from Verb Syndicate. The response we get from both the public and the artists each year is so inspiring. Here’s to many more Wonderwalls to come…

For more info on Wondwerwalls, visit the website here.

WONDERWALLS WOLLONGONG // 2015 from Verb Syndicate on Vimeo.

Video: Wonderwalls Wollongong sneak peek 2015

In between all the photos being published for Wonderwalls, the Wonderwalls Wollongong team have released a teaser video. The full video will be out soon. In the meantime, check out this snapshot into the weekend that was Wonderwalls Wollongong 2015!

WONDERWALLS RECAP 2015 from Verb Syndicate on Vimeo.

Photos: Wonderwalls Wollongong 2015 – The Walls

Now that the dust (and sunburns) have settled from Wonderwalls, we can share some of the action from another amazing weekend. A huge thank you to our major sponsors for all the support and all the paint! Thank you to everyone that helped and also the artists for taking time out of the lives to add more beautiful murals to Wollongong City.

We will be bringing you more posts from the various parts of the weekend, but we thought we’d kick off with all of the finished murals painted for this year’s Wonderwalls in Wollongong, 2015!

All photos by Luke Shirlaw / Ironlak

Click below for the full set of photos…

Wonderwalls Wollongong murals 2015

Wonderwalls Wollongong murals 2015

Wonderwalls Wollongong murals 2015

Wonderwalls Wollongong murals 2015

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Festival: Wonderwalls Wollongong 2015

We are excited to announce the next instalment in the Wonderwalls series…

Together with Verb Syndicate and a host of other sponsors and supporters who made this possible, Wondwerwalls is coming back to Wollongong this October!






For more info and the map visit

Wonderwalls Wollongong 2015

Photos: Wonderwalls Port Adelaide 2015

Firstly, we’d like to thank Joel Moore for directing the biggest Wonderwalls Festival to date, and of course the City of Port Adelaide & Renewal SA for inviting us to bring Wonderwalls to their city, Ironlak, Verb Syndicate and all of our other sponsors, supporters and volunteers. We’d like to also thank the people of Port Adelaide for allowing us into their city to paint both small and (VERY) large murals, which will hopefully stay forever.

Wonderwalls Port Adelaide saw artists from all parts of the world, all over Australia and locally from around the Adelaide region, converge on the Port to decorate and reinvigorate it’s walls. It was an amazing week which hosted an exhibition, an artist panel discussion and of course a series of murals throughout Port Adelaide. Two of which are amongst the biggest murals in the whole country (painted by Etam Cru and Askew One/Elliot Francis Stewart).

Stay tuned for the video recap, however in the meantime click below for the full set of photos. You can also find a great photo recap by photographer Luke Shirlaw, here.

Wonderwalls Port Adelaide

Wonderwalls Port Adelaide

Wonderwalls Port Adelaide

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Wonderwalls Port Adelaide 2015

We are so excited to be presenting the next instalment of WONDERWALLS in 2015! This time, we’re hosting a heap of great local and international artists in Port Adelaide, alongside Renewal SA, together with City of Port Adelaide Enfield and Ironlak.

For more info, please see below or visit the website

Wonderwalls Port Adelaide 2015

International street artists Sainer and Bezt of Etam Cru (Poland), Askew One and Elliot Francis Stewart (NZ) will headline a stellar line-up of local, national and international artists who will transform Port Adelaide into a giant, interactive canvas as part of the Wonderwalls festival in January.

Presented by Renewal SA and The Hours, together with City of Port Adelaide Enfield and Ironlak, Wonderwalls the free three day street art festival will run from January 23rd-25th with large scale murals, artist talks and entertainment.

The festival kicks off on Friday night with an official launch party at the recently upgraded Flour Shed at Hart’s Mill. The free event includes live mural painting, guest DJ’s and food trucks and provides an opportunity for festival-goers to meet the artists and purchase exhibition works.

On Saturday, budding photographers can bring their cameras and join one of the two free Canon photo tours to learn professional tips on how to capture the creation of the large scale murals amongst Port Adelaide’s festival atmosphere, followed by a laneway street party on Saturday night which will feature food and drink offerings from local traders Mayfair Bakery and Red Lime Shack.

Artist talks, an art exhibition in the Flour Shed and a walking tour with Verb Syndicate, are presented across the weekend as the large scale works take shape.

All events are free to attend.

For artist biographies and more visit:

Don’t forget to check in @ourportadl and share your festival photos with us using the official hashtag #wonderwalls.

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Live mural paining and guest DJ’s
Food and drink trucks
Art exhibition with work available for purchase
Meet the artists

WHERE: Flour Shed, Hart’s Mill Mundy Street
When: 6pm – 10pm
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Murals in progress all day.

WHEN: 9am – 11.30am OR 3pm – 5.30pm
WHERE: Leaving from 27 North Parade. Book your free spot through the visitor info centre on 8405 6560.

WHERE: Flour Shed, Hart’s Mill Mundy Street
WHEN: 10AM – 5PM

Panel discussion with selected artists, led by Verb Syndicate
WHERE: Flour Shed, Hart’s Mill Mundy Street
WHEN: 3pm

Food and drink available for purchase from Red Lime Shack and Mayfair Bakery.
WHERE: Rear lane off Robe Street
WHEN: 5pm – 9pm
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Murals in progress all day.

WHERE: Flour Shed, Hart’s Mill Mundy Street
WHEN: 10am – 5pm

WHERE: Mundy Street
WHEN: 9am – 5pm

Take a free tour of the festival sites with Verb Syndicate
WHERE: Leaving from Flour Shed, Hart’s Mill, Mundy Street
WHEN: 11am

Wonderwalls nominated in the 2014 FBI SMAC Awards

Verb Syndicate and The Hours are super excited to announce Wonderwalls 2013 has been nominated in the ‘Remix the City’ category of FBi Radio’s SMAC Awards!

Such a great selection of events and creatives to be amongst.

Take a look and get voting!

(Photo by Chris Phillips / Mural by Askew One)


Video Recap: Wonderwalls Wollongong 2013

Wonderwalls Wollongong happened a few weeks back and ever since we’ve been battling with the rain to get video and photos of all of the walls. The weather was beautiful the first two days, then the clouds rolled in and opened up onto some of the most hard working street and graffiti artists around the world. Needless to say, a little rain didn’t stop anyone and Wollongong was once again blessed with some new murals.

Stay tuned for a full photo recap including finished walls and more.

Once again, thanks to Verb Synicate and Ironlak AND a massive thanks to David Child for the video.

Interview / Studio Visit: Askew One

Askew One TMD MSK (NZ) is one of the world’s most recognised graffiti artists, and we are excited to have him here in Sydney this month. We caught up with him last week in New Zealand at his Auckland studio and again on his arrival in Sydney to talk to him about his involvement in our Wonderwalls Festival and to get more of an insight into his latest body of work created for his first ever Sydney solo show ‘The Evolving Face’ which opens at The Tate next week.

“The Evolving Face” by Askew One
Opening: Wednesday 13th November
The Tate Sydney

Askew - The Opening Hours

The Opening Hours: How have you enjoyed being back in Sydney so far? When was the last time you were here?
Askew: I’ve actually come over to Sydney a bit over the past few years – strangely, never for painting but more so for work. For a few years I was making music videos for a living and I ended up working on a few videos for Sky’high who’s based here. Usually it was a 48 hour stay and would spend most of the time hanging with Sky and her gang of mates who are all real characters. I always like coming to Sydney though, it’s probably my favourite Australian city because it has that tough city vibe.

Askew - The Opening Hours

TOH: This time round you have come here for a few different projects, Wonderwalls Festival this weekend in Wollongong being the first stop. What do you think about the line up? Some new and old faces for you?
A: Great line up! – Heaps of friends I haven’t seen in ages and a few artists I’ve been following but never met. Stoked to be taking part.

TOH: You have a 2 storey high wall to paint at Wonderwalls, any ideas as to what you are going to paint?
A: At this stage I think it’s going to be something in line with the portraits I’ve done for the show in Sydney, that’s where my head is at right now but I will assess when I get there and see what feels right.

Askew - The Opening Hours

TOH: Following the Festival, we are hosting your first ever solo show in Sydney at The Tate in Glebe. Can you tell us about the portrait works you have created for the exhibition, and about the subjects in your paintings and how you select them?
A: My gallery work is where I really get to explore a lot of the concepts I can’t easily communicate through graffiti. I love bridging the gaps between the science and anthropology topics I enjoy reading about in my spare time. I love learning about physics, the origins of life and lately I’ve been fixated with the history of the Pacific region, particularly the migration of people down through the region over the past 4000 years and all the fascinating links in language and art they share. I’m a total student on these topics, not an expert but I process and attempt to understand things more clearly through my art making process. I shoot portraits of people I meet or know well and use the form of their head as a container for the concept I’m thinking about at that time. Right now I’m thinking a lot about the transition of tribal culture from something that is pre-determined to something that is increasingly more self-determined. As the people of the world become more widely distributed across the planet and aren’t necessarily based in their ancestral home, the idea of how you identify yourself is more of a fluid and personal thing.

Askew - The Opening Hours
Askew - The Opening Hours
Askew - The Opening Hours

TOH: The technique you use to make these works is quite unique, can you explain how you technically approach each piece? What materials are you using?
A: Well the obvious thing is all of this work is painted on plexiglass. That has it’s own set of challenges I spent a lot of time perfecting to this point. I work in reverse on the back of the surface and use mostly graffiti mediums and tools with the exception of the white layer which is painted with a very fine brush.

Askew - The Opening Hours
Askew - The Opening Hours
Askew - The Opening Hours

TOH: Being so well known for your graffiti history, is your gallery work a separate outlet for you? Do you feel that your fine art belongs in the gallery and your graffiti work should remain outside?
A: I’m still working that out, but my gut feeling is as far as I try to divide the aesthetic choices of both they tend to come closer together and influence each other. The difference is graffiti at it’s core is still an expressive and impulsive outlet for me, whereas my art is done quite slowly in my studio away from all the excitement of the outside world.

Askew - The Opening Hours
Askew - The Opening Hours

TOH: TMD is New Zealand’s most famous graffiti crew, and MSK is perhaps the worlds most famous crew – Whats your relationships like with both these families?
A: TMD is the group of rag tag teenagers I grew up with and now we are all adults and linked together forever through a really long shared history. I started off like most people as a total fan of so many artists in MSK and eventually became friends with a great number of them. I never thought I’d ever be put down, it actually never crossed my mind. When I was asked it just made total sense though and it felt right.

Askew - The Opening Hours

TOH: What is the current state of the Auckland graffiti climate? And what’s your opinion on Sydney’s current state?
A: Auckland died a little death for a couple of years but it’s starting to creep back. There’s finally a generation emerging that I don’t really know at all which is interesting. Their influences are different too, there’s a real disconnect in aesthetic tradition that has occurred due to the buff being so heavy the past few years. Sydney has changed a lot too I reckon, it’s still a hectic scene but nowhere as violent as it was back in the day. A lot of influence trickled down from here to Auckland back in the 90’s care of writers like Metro, Mayhem, Meson, Tank, Roske and more. 

TOH: What is something you enjoy doing when you are not painting or making artwork? 
A: Eating and talking in depth with good people.

Askew - The Opening Hours

Askew will be painting and doing an artist talk at the Wonderwalls Festival in Wollongong this weekend. Check the festival website for all the program details and to download the map so you can find him down there –

Also join us next Wednesday evening at The Tate, 345 Glebe Pt Rd, Glebe (Sydney) for the opening of Askew’s first ever Sydney solo exhibition ‘The Evolving Face’. The exhibition opens Wednesday 13th November 6-9pm and continues until Sunday 17th November, open daily from 12-5pm. To request an exhibition catalogue please email 

Askew One - The Hours

Event: Wonderwalls Wollongong 2013 – A three day art festival

We are excited to finally announce the details for Wonderwalls Wollongong 2013. Our yearly mural arts festival in Wollongong, presented by The Hours, Verb Syndicate and Ironlak.

With huge thanks to our supporters we have managed to pull together some of the best street and graffiti artists from both Australia and overseas.

The festival will run from November 8 -10, including an art exhibition, artists talks and multiple large-scale murals being painted in the Wollongong CBD from featured artists SMUG (Glasgow), ASKEW (Auckland), ADNATE (Melbourne) WONDERLUST (Melbourne) VANS THE OMEGA (Adelaide), PHIBS (Sydney), SHIDA (Melbourne) FINTAN MAGEE (Brisbane), TWOONE (Melbourne), BEASTMAN (Sydney), NUMSKULL (Sydney), ROACH (Sydney), SCOTT MARSH (Sydney), THOMAS JACKSON (Sydney) PUDL (Sydney), BAFCAT (Wollongong), JAE COPP (Sunshine Coast), IDIOT (Wollongong), SYKE (Wollongong) and TRAIT (Wollongong).

Joining us this year will also be select members of the Ironlak Family, featuring LINZ (Sydney), SOFLES (Brisbane), REALS (Brisbane), SIRUM (Melbourne) and TREAS (Brisbane).

The artists on the Wonderwalls roster will converge on the city for this series of free public events. In Wonderwalls Wollongong’s second year they want to improve on gains made last year to present the city as a viable option for creative endeavours and projects, a place where artists can afford to live at lower cost without sacrificing culture. Increased cultural infrastructure will see the small city as an artistic tour de force in years to come.
Get down to The Gong for Wonderwalls, and the unveiling of their hidden artistic identity. What you see might surprise you.

For more information, mural map and a full program, visit

Wonderwalls Wollongong 2013 - Mural Festival - The Hours