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The Best Teenage Fashion Tips for Guys

Nothing is more attractive than a guy who puts efforts to look good. Nowadays guys are equally interested as girls to keep their style game strong. Here are some important fashion tips for all you teenage guys out there:

1 Perfect Fit

Anything you wear will look better when it fits your body correctly. Be it your t-shirt, cardigans, pants or formal shirts it should neither be too baggy or too tight. Clothes that have perfect fitting will also add to the comfort factor. You will be able to easily pull off the look.
You can choose the best-sized clothes if you join your parents for shopping. This will save you the time of return and exchange in case of a bad fit.

2 Color Game

Most of the guys limit the colors in their wardrobes to different shades of black and blue. Teenage is the time to experiment and try out various new colors. This will help you understand what suits you better. Pair a dark pant with a light top or vice versa. Keep the prints limited to either the top or the bottom. Choose your footwear wisely depending on your clothes and occasion.

3 Patterns and Floral Prints

Do not shy away from experimenting. Gone are those days when bold prints and florals were limited to feminine wardrobe. Try your hand in some really funk pair of suit. Many well-known brands are bringing out shoes in bold colors and unique prints. A pair of stylish and fun sunglasses will be an add-on. Trousers in red, green, yellow are in trend these days. You can team them with white shirt or t-shirts.

4 Experimenting is Fun

Leave your inhibitions behind and take a step forward to experiment. If you fail, accept the embarrassment with grace. We have all experienced bad looking days in life. After all, it is just another day and definitely not the end of your fashion game. You will be able to style your self better after these incidents.

5 Hairstyle, Beard, and Mustache

It is good to try new hairstyles. Trends change rapidly when it comes hairdos. Keep it as formal as possible because you do not want to take a punishment in school. This is the time when most of you will start having beard and mustache. Maintain a clean-shaven look to keep up the decorum of your school. Don’t be disappointed. There’s plenty of time to embrace different hairstyles and bearded looks.

6 Shoes and Other Accessories

Accessories can make or break a look. Keep them limited to either one or two at a time. They should blend with the theme of your look. A neck chain, bracelets, rings, sunglasses, hats, and shoes are some of the accessories you can add to your collection.

7 Staples in Your Wardrobe

There are some must-haves in your closet. These things will come in hand when you have short of time to attend an event.
● A pair of trousers. Preferably in black or navy blue.
● A plain black shirt.
● A nice watch.
● Sunglasses.
● A pair of stylish sneakers.
● A good perfume.

8 Mix and Match

Pairing up the right set of clothes and accessories is very important in order to appear stylish. You can own a dark-colored trouser as it goes well with an array of shirts. Wear a sporty letterman’s jacket to embrace the high school look.

Formal shirts will make you look more mature and older. A pair of dark-wash jeans is a must own as they go with everything in your closet. A nice watch and a pair of stylish shoes will complete the basics of your wardrobe.

9 Carry it With Confidence

No matter what you wear, if you do not flaunt it with confidence all your effort will go in vain. Looking stylish is more about self-confidence and how you present yourself than anything else. Off late, many leading movie stars have easily pulled off some of the quirkiest looks. All thanks to their confidence. You can also get some grooming tips from online platforms.

Remember, simple never goes out of style. Therefore, keep it simple yet stylish. You can refer to various fashion magazines for more tips on styling and grooming.